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Wine Cellars Santa Monica California Pacific Palisades

Hi my name is Jerry Wilson. I’m the founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders Los Angeles California and thanks for stopping by. I’m going to take you on a tour of a wine cellar design and the actual installation of a project in Los Angeles County at Pacific Palisades.

But before we take a look at the design, let’s look at the basement before we actually begun the wine cellars Santa Monica California construction. I met with the clients and took a lot of pictures and as you can see in this room, this is the stairway here coming down from the kitchen area to the basement.

Before Photos - Custom Wine Cellars Santa Monica California Project

Before Photos – Custom Wine Cellars Santa Monica California Project

As you can see there are a lot of obstacles that we’ve got to overcome. The electrical panel is exposed, there is an exposed ducting to deal with and conceal, and the mechanical room is here so we needed to create a wall to conceal that as well.

A lot of work was ahead of us. But after the conversation about the wine collection and all the particulars and the needs that the Cooks were very interested in to include in their wine room, we came out with a 3-dimentional design package that would really suit their needs.

The total bottle capacity of the cellar was 1,328 bottles. As you can see this is the overhead view.  Everybody who comes to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars with a wine cellars Santa Monica California project, we create a 3-dimentional design package so that all the components, all of the displays, all the management tools are available for you to visualize or share with your family and others.

The Entrance - Wine Cellars Santa Monica California

The Entrance – Wine Cellars Santa Monica California

So you’ll get multiple pages, we’ll have elevations of each wall and of course we will share with you some 3-dimentional visuals so that you can see how the total project ties together.

In this particular case the entry or the stair is just above the wall F here. Walk down the steps and you take a left and you’re into the wine room. One of the first things you’ll see is wall B as you are walking down the room.

This is your visual when walking down the steps. Single bottle storage redwood wine racks with a high reveal display and the finishing touches of this room was just extraordinary!

Wall A is the wall where we actually house the wine cellar refrigeration units on. We provided split wine cellar refrigeration units by US Cellars. It’s model RM6600 and it is concealed in this louvered grill box. Let us if I can see a picture of that to share with you so you can get an idea.

Behind this louvered grill box here that you are seeing is the mechanical fan coil that supplies the cold air for the wine room. Just below that are the horizontal display custom wine racks for magnums and large format bottles.

If you remember the electrical panel that we had to deal with, we concealed that actually with cabinet doors. So there is the end result of that concealing/hiding of the not so beautiful look of the electrical panels.

Just underneath the stairwell, we created a case storage for not only the cardboard cases on the left but also for wooden cases here on the right and that turned out very nicely. As you can see in this picture, see here the stairwell and just parallel or adjacent with the stairwell, as you can see here in the design we created a tasting area.

Premium Redwood Wine Racks

Premium Redwood Wine Racks

In this tasting area, you will be able to hang some stemware glass above the tasting table area. Additional storage and display below the table top and that is quite beautiful as well.

Note the Premium Redwood wine racks, the color and the grain variations. By adding the clear lacquer finish, the color of the redwood wine racks really pop and bring a lot of character in the wine room.

This was a fun project; there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. All in all at the end of the day though, everyone was happy with this project – the clients, myself, the installers, everything worked perfectly.

If you have a project that you’d like to need some assistance with, please reach out to us and we at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Builders Los Angeles California will be glad to help.

3D Wine Cellar Design - Custom Wine Cellars Santa Monica CA

3D Wine Cellar Design – Custom Wine Cellars Santa Monica CA