Small Wine Cellar Installed in a Narrow Hallway in a Modern Home in Newport Beach, Orange County

Small Wine Cellar Installed in a Narrow Hallway in a Modern Home in Newport Beach, Orange County

Small wine cellars in a modern home hold significant value for wine enthusiasts and homeowners.

It provides a controlled environment for storing wines at optimal temperatures, safeguarding their quality and taste.

Moreover, it grants easy access to a curated wine collection, enhancing entertainment experiences and impressing guests.

The cellar also acts as an investment, as wine tends to appreciate with age. Organizing and displaying the bottles can add a touch of sophistication to the home’s decor.

Overall, this compact addition elevates the lifestyle of wine lovers, fostering a sense of pride in their passion and enhancing the overall appeal of the dwelling.

Recently, a client in Newport Beach, Orange County, reached out to our wine cellar specialists, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Bella Vita Wine Cellars, to design a modern wine wall in the limited space at their home.

Let’s read along and get enticed by this stylish wine cellar project!

Modern Wine Wall Styles and Placed in a Narrow Hallway in Orange County

Metal Wine Racks with Modern Display Box at the Center Gving More Aesthetic Appeal to the Home Wine Cellar

Metal Wine Racks with Modern Display Box at the Center Gving More Aesthetic Appeal to the Home Wine Cellar

Our expert wine cellar builders in Orange County strive to install wine cellars with the overall house design and architecture.

In this particular house, the exterior boasted a classic off-white look with rough cladding and glass block windows, reminiscent of colonial homes.

However, stepping inside revealed a contemporary and luxurious interior, complementing the breathtaking area views.

This small wine cellars in a glass bring a vibrant and refreshing ambiance to the home interior. With this project, it features black and white tones on the floor, ceiling, and walls, with some rooms adorned with Wainscot paneling.

The touch of metal elements in the furniture and large glass windows adds to the modern feel. These windows provide a view of the house’s backside, which includes an infinity pool and an outdoor lounging area secured by a glass railing.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Since many rooms already boasted striking designs, the team decided to place the cellar in an empty white hallway, offering uninterrupted views of the owner’s wine collection. They opted for a modern yet minimalist design, blending seamlessly with the hallway’s simplistic look. A glass wine cellar door, metal peg wine racking system, and modern LED lighting completed the desired style.

A Wine Cooling System Chosen for Small Wine Cellars

Small wine cellars have control panels for digital cooling systems outside and it is easy to operate

Small wine cellars have control panels for digital cooling systems outside and they are quick to operate

Given the limited space, a split-type cooling system proved ideal for the small glass wine cellar, holding approximately 160 wine bottles.

To ensure sufficient cooling for each bottle and uninterrupted operation, a ducted, commercial-grade air conditioning unit was chosen. The added benefit of humidity controls negated the need for a separate humidifier, streamlining the setup.

The cooling system boasted a control panel for temperature and humidity regulation, conveniently placed outside the cellar.

This way, adjustments and monitoring could occur without disrupting the cellar’s environment. The user-friendly control panel featured tactile sensors for easy operation.

To optimize air distribution, the air duct was discreetly positioned on the wine cellar’s ceiling. Aesthetically, it blended seamlessly by concealing beneath a black-painted, union jack metal grille, maintaining the cellar’s visual harmony.

Metal Wine Racks for Space-Savvy Wine Lovers

Metal racking systems outshine wood in durability, making them ideal for tight spaces while exuding style and elegance. Metals resist rotting, ensuring a long-lasting solution.

The designers for this project fixed metal wine racks to a dark wall, illuminated with soft, modern LED backlighting, creating a striking modern understairs wine cellar visible to guests in the hallway, enhancing the luxurious ambiance of the house.

The hallway’s narrow width allowed racks on one side, optimized to hold three wine bottles for every two pegs, providing space efficiency. Customizable peg arrangements suit various small modern wine cellars.

The metal pegs alone held an impressive 159 bottles. A chic metal display box at the rack’s center highlighted the owner’s favorite wines, accommodating three large bottles. For added flair, a small mirror wall reflected light within the enclosure.

Take a closer look at this simple, sophisticated set of images:


Racking systems serve both functional and design purposes, elevating any wine cellar’s aesthetics. With Bella Vita Wine Cellars and partners, expect meticulous planning and the perfect wine racks for every home cellar.

How Our Experts Design Minimalist, Small Wine Cellars Like This One in Newport Beach

Modern Wine Wall with LED Lighting Gives a Sophisticated Glow

Modern Wine Wall with LED Lighting Gives a Sophisticated Glow in Orange County

The architecture of this lovely California home embraces a classic colonial wine cellar design, symbolizing the essence of a timeless American abode. Our expert team aimed to infuse this elegant modern glass wine cellar with enduring charm, ensuring it remains beautiful, alluring, and sophisticated for years to come.

A timeless design transcends ever-changing trends, promising lasting appeal. To achieve this, the design consultants skillfully blended traditional and modern elements, harmonizing with the hallway’s minimalistic theme.

They maintained the corridor’s flooring and walls visible inside the cellar, preserving the minimalist ambiance. A frameless glass door allowed unobstructed views, showcasing the enchanting blend of wood, metal, cement, and glass elements.

This project exemplifies a flawless, modern, and simple yet sophisticated wine cellar destined to withstand the test of time.

Transform Your Extra Home Space Into A Small Wine Cellar with Bella Vita Wine Cellars!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

For years, Bella Vita Wine Cellars has been passionately crafting extraordinary wine cellars across Orange County, California. As avid wine enthusiasts, we possess extensive knowledge of wines and the ideal conditions for their preservation.

Let our expertise guide you in creating your own custom modern wine cellar, regardless of size. We’ll recommend the most suitable cooling, lighting, and insulation solutions to complement your design.

Aside from Newport Beach, if you’re located in Costa Mesa, Irvine, San Juan Capistrano, Surfside, Corona del Mar, Dana Point, Rossmoor, San Clemente or in a nearby city in Orange County, our team can assist you in modern wine wall for your home.

Reach out to our wine cellar designers today at +1 (714) 798-9858 and embark on an exceptional wine cellar journey!