Reliable Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Orange County

Reliable Wine Guardian Cooling Systems for Orange County Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars

Problems will arise if your wine cooling unit is not installed correctly, or if its capacity is not enough to create the perfect conditions for long-term storage. If you do not want to experience any issues, you must work with a reliable wine cooling expert to ensure that your wine collection is safe. Custom Wine Cellars Orange County offers Wine Guardian refrigeration systems to meet your needs.      

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems: Why They are Popular and In-Demand in Orange County 

Poor conditions cause wine storage problems and wine faults. Therefore, it is crucial that you work with a master builder who understands the significance of installing the right refrigeration system in your wine cellar.  

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, one of the top-notch wine room builders, supplies and installs commercial-grade wine refrigeration units for residential and commercial applications. We have been utilizing Wine Guardian’s wine cooling products. This brand of the climate control system is well known for the many benefits it offers.  

The team-up of experts Larry Wetzel (father) and Mike Wetzel (son) lead to the discovery of innovations in wine cellar refrigeration systems. They also founded Air Innovations. In 1998, they introduced their Wine Guardian cooling products.   

With various types and options of wine cooling units, we have the perfect Wine Guardian equipment for your Orange County project.     

The Superior Performance of Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems Help Orange County Builders in Creating a Safe Wine Storage Environment  

Wine Guardian cooling units are designed to achieve the ideal temperature (55 to 65 percent) and humidity levels (60 to 70 percent). Their superior performance makes wine collecting easy and worry-free for homeowners and wine sellers.    

Additionally, Wine Guardian refrigeration systems are equipped with high-grade components. They are suitable for installations outdoors or in humid conditions because they are highly resistant to corrosion.  

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems Offer Flexible Options 

The Wetzels designed various types and models of the famous Wine Guardian cooling systems to cater to the unique needs of every client. These include: 

  • Ducted Self-Contained wine cellar refrigeration systems 
  • Ducted Split wine cooling systems  
  • Ductless Split wine cellar refrigeration units  
  • Through the Wall Wine cooling systems 

Ducted Self-Contained Wine Refrigeration Systems: Wine Guardian Products Ideal for Large Wine Cellars in Orange County   

Orange County Wine Guardian ducted wine cellar cooling system

Wine Guardian Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are Widely Used by Orange County Builders

Wine Guardian’s ducted self-contained cooling units are best for large wine cellars, although they can also be utilized in small wine rooms. Aside from design flexibility, and ease of installation, this type of wine refrigeration system operates quietly.  

In a self-contained refrigeration system, the condenser, evaporator, and condenser are contained in one unit, which is located outdoorsThe ducts, including the exhaust duct, are required to push the cold air into the wine cellar and send the warm air outdoors. Since ductwork is needed, you will need the help of an HVAC specialist like Custom Wine Cellars Orange County.    

Another good thing about choosing this type of wine cooling unit is that there will be no visible equipment inside your wine room.  

Models of Wine Guardian Ducted Self-Contained Refrigeration Systems Offered by Custom Wine Cellars Orange County 
  • D025   
  • D050 & D050V   
  • D088 & D088V 
  • D200  

Keep in mind that if you do not have an exhaust room or a ventilated area for proper heat dissipation, you will be advised to choose from Wine Guardian’s water-cooled cooling systems.  

  • Water-Cooled D025  
  • Water-Cooled D050  
  • Water-Cooled D088  
  • Water-Cooled D200 

Ducted Split Systems 

Ducted Split Refrigeration System Wine Guardian Orange County

Ducted Split Refrigeration System by Wine Guardian are Widely Used in Building Wine Cellars in Orange County

With many years of experience in building wine rooms, we have encountered several challenges, including space constraints. When constructing a wine cellar in a tiny space, we usually install the ducted split system by Wine Guardian. Moreover, it is also the ideal choice for this project, where heat dissipation is difficult.  

When installing Wine Guardian ducted split wine refrigeration system, the evaporator and condenser are positioned separately. The evaporator is inside the wine room while the condenser is placed outdoors or in a ventilated area in your home or commercial establishment.  

Models of Wine Guardian’s Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System  
  • D050 & D050V   
  • D025   
  • D088 & D088V   
  • D200   

Ductless Split Wine Cooling Systems  

Ductless Split Cooling System Wine Guardian Orange County

Ductless Split Cooling System Wine Guardian Orange County

An exhaust room can be your garage or mechanical room. If you do not have an extra room available, we suggest that you opt for a ductless split wine refrigeration system for your Orange County project. It is designed for easy installation.  

The unit can be placed within your racking and concealed in a wooden grill cover or above your wine cellar door. Moreover, your space will be maximized because no flooring space is occupied. The only model for this Wine Guardian refrigeration system is SS018.    

Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

Through the Wall Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Orange County

Through the Wall Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Offered by Orange County Builders

Wine Guardian’s through-the-wall wine cooling systems are designed for wall mount installations. There are only two models for the TTW wine cooling units:

  • TTW009 (for rooms up to 850 cubic ft.)  
  • TTW018 (for rooms up to 1500 cubic ft.) 

These two models are available with and without a heater.  If you have a small wine cellar that is located in a colder climate in Orange County, a heater is necessary.

Features That Make Wine Guardian One of the Most Sought-After Refrigeration Systems in Orange County 

When building custom wine cellars, our team looks for a refrigeration system equipped with features that will make your cooling unit durable, functional, and more efficient.    

  • Resistant to corrosion  
  • A remote user interface control system    
  • High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork    
  • Multiple supply air openings for installation flexibility    
  • One supply and one return duct collar    
  • Factory tested before shipment   
  • All aluminum evaporator and condenser coils for superior corrosion resistance  
  • Removable control panel for easy access   
  • Completely self-contained design  

Work with a Wine Guardian Refrigeration System Provider in Orange County 

Wine cellar cooling units play a crucial role in preserving the desirable characteristics of the wine. If you are in Orange County and want to install a Wine Guardian refrigeration system in your wine cellar, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our HVAC specialists at +1 (714) 798-9858