Some wine cellar doors do more than bring a wine room to life – they invite life into the room; and that’s exactly what our custom wine cellar doors do. Here at Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we let you choose the style and size you want to create a wine room that resonates with an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere while you and your friends delight yourselves with the taste and smell of your ageless wines.

Barolo Wine Cellar Door Chianti Wine Cellar Door Tuscan Wine Cellar Door Coto Wine Cellar Door

Our custom wine cellar doors are just as essential a factor as any handcrafted element within the wine cellar. Not only are they designed to keep a wine cellar well-sealed and insulated, the doors also project the ambiance and nature of surprise that awaits a visitor. Enhance your taste and needs with these characteristic custom wine cellar door specifications:

  • automatic door bottom
  • casement moldings
  • door jamb
  • door swing
  • door hinges
  • size (standard or custom sized)
  • stain
  • threshold

Wood type also plays a vital role in making any room warm and comfortable. So choose from our varieties of wood products that match the look, feel, and beauty of your wine racks, wine cabinets, and other fixtures inside your wine cellar and guarantee absolute strength and perfect execution. Beautifully patterned selections include Alder, Pine, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany.

Our wine cellar door designs can be made out of different stylish materials like solid wood, etched glass, painted glass, wrought iron, or a combination of these materials. Scan through the different styles and designs we offer and pick the one which relates with your type of aesthetic appeal.

Don’t see anything you like? Talk to our designer today to get the door you are dreaming of made just for you.