If you’re into wine, you know how important it is to have proper wine storage. You can always check out Houzz and Pinterest for ideas, but nothing beats the expertise of wine cellar installers. We are skilled in creating custom wine cellars perfect for your collection.

One of the Eye-popping Modern Wine Rooms Fulfilled by our Orange County Experts

One of the Eye-popping Modern Wine Rooms Fulfilled by our Orange County Experts

What if you plan for modern wine rooms combining various wood and metal designs? Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas and Bella Vita Wine Cellars in Orange County are experts in this industry!

Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas

Fusing different inspirations, we’ve conceptualized a stunning residential wine cellar project that perfectly reflects the client’s style and preference.

Take a walk with us through this private wine room in Rossmoor, Orange County, and admire its unique metal wine racks and wine cellar doors. After seeing this gorgeous wine cellar, consider having one for your home!

A Closer Look on Modern Wine Rooms Built in a Home in Rossmoor

Our team worked with a homeowner in Rossmoor to transform an unused room into a home wine cellar. After analyzing the space, we presented several design concepts that fused modern and traditional elements.

The homeowner approved the blueprint, and our skilled contractors worked tirelessly to build a 264” x 79” wine cellar space. The final product is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with attention to design elements and expert craftsmanship.

Check out our 3-dimensional design for a closer look.

Innovative Wine Cellar: A Home Showpiece with Unique Features

Our client’s modern home wine cellar for our residence was constructed with a capacity of up to 1,680 bottles.

One of the Astonishing Features of this Modern Wine Cellar is its Beautiful Fusion of Wood and Metal Elements

This Modern Wine Cellar Has a Beautiful Fusion of Wood and Metal Elements

At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we recognize the importance of ensuring that your wine cellar is sealed correctly and built using top-notch materials for optimal longevity.

Our team of designers takes great pride in crafting wine rooms that showcase your prized collection elegantly and personalized.

Here are some of the standout features of this sophisticated wine room that our designers customized for our valued client in Rossmoor, Orange County.

VintageView’s Metal Wine Racks and IronWine Cellar’s Wooden Wine Racks

The design was a rustic concept that combined metal and wood wine racks and could hold up to 1680 bottles.

We used custom-made wooden wine racks with single-bottle storage racks and a high-reveal display row that IronWine Cellars made. The elegant arched tabletop with hidden LED lighting was perfect for showcasing crystal wine glasses on stemware racks.

The tabletop of the arched display was designed for decanting, serving, and tasting wines, making it the perfect centerpiece. The label forward displays using metal wine racks made the cellar look interesting. We used VintageView’s three-deep metal storage racks on the left and right sections to optimize the number of bottles that might fit in the wine wall, making it easy to browse the wines without turning the bottle over. The assortment of racking styles gave the cellar a matching elegance and rustic vibe that was truly impressive.

This door was designed by IronWine Cellars with a Coto-style and rustic look, making it a sophisticated and vintage entryway.

This door was designed by IronWine Cellars with a Coto-style and rustic look, making it a sophisticated and vintage entryway

Rustic Wine Cellar Door Made of Alder Wood by IronWine Cellars

The wine cellar doors serve as the entrance to your wine haven, offering a glimpse into your elegant private collection. These doors, expertly crafted by IronWine Cellars, boast a rustic charm that exudes sophistication and vintage appeal.

We opted for a wrought iron door in this wine room, skillfully blending intricate design with a contemporary touch. The door is constructed from clear Alder wood and features double-pane insulated glass with outer metal protection. This design mirrors the arch and tabletops visible from within the cellar.

Beyond its visual allure, this door is equipped with advanced technology. It incorporates a pre-fabricated channel and a keypad locking system. A sealing button ensures a secured closure, preserving the optimal climate-controlled environment for your precious wine collections in modern wine rooms.

Stylish Wine Cellar Flooring and Lighting in Rossmoor Worth Your Choice

The flooring consists of porcelain tiles creatively arranged in diagonal alternating patterns, creating a pleasing visual effect. Adding to the charm, the side walls feature elegant metal wine racks that offer a captivating display. The wrought iron door and wooden shelves placed at the center enhances the rustic feel.

A stunning LED wine cellar lighting system was meticulously installed along the display row of metal wine racks to elevate the aesthetic, casting a dramatic glow on the prized wine collection. Further enhancing the ambiance, lights have been strategically positioned along the wooden wine racks, highlighting the exquisite tabletops and arches with their warm illumination.

The Stylish Wine Cellar Flooring and Lighting in Rossmoor

The Stylish Wine Cellar Flooring and Lighting in Rossmoor

WhisperKOOL’s Wine Cellar Cooling Units for Modern Wine Rooms

A key challenge when setting up the cooling system was selecting the proper refrigeration setup to ensure the wines stayed at the ideal temperature. Our team collaborated with WhisperKOOL to design a tailored cooling system that seamlessly fits modern wine cellars.

Choosing the appropriate cooling system depends on the specific project details. In the case of this wine room, our skilled HVAC technician recommended the WhisperKOOL Series 8000. This choice was based on its suitability for the cellar’s needs, allowing it to accommodate a more significant number of bottles. This split-type unit keeps the evaporator and condensing components separate from each other.

The installed wine cooling unit offers both practicality and efficiency. Only the evaporator is visible inside the wine cellar, while the condenser is positioned outside the house. This setup contributes to the overall insulation of the home wine cellar. Since the contemporary wine room is centrally located and shielded from direct sunlight, we discreetly installed a ductless ceiling mount cooling unit within the ceiling, ensuring both concealment and ease of maintenance.

Collaborate with Bella Vita Wine Cellars Experts and Build Your Dream Wine Cellar!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

With the rising popularity of modern wine cellars, talented builders have transformed clients’ ideas into practical and stunning works of art. Thanks to professionals like Bella Vita Wine Cellars, unlimited variations in wine cellar design have become achievable. As a trusted contractor, we bring these visions to life.

Suppose you’re located near Rossmoor, Corona Del Mar, Yorba Linda, San Juan Capistrano, Surfside, Dana Point, San Clemente, Irvine, Costa Mesa, or any neighboring city in Orange County. In that case, our team is here to help you create a remarkable modern wine room for your beautiful home.

Contact us at +1 (714) 798-9858 to connect with our wine cellar specialists today. Your dream wine cellar is just a call away!

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