Wine Cellar Cooling unit Problems and Solutions by Orange County Expert Installers

Wine Cellar Cooling unit Problems and Solutions by Orange County Expert Installers

Problems related to your wine cellar cooling unit can be costly if not fixed immediately. If it is too late before the issue is resolved, your wine investment will go to waste. At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we work with top-notch HVAC specialists and provide repair services to clients who are experiencing problems with their wine cooling units  

Problems with Wine Cellar Cooling Systems and How HVAC Experts in Orange County Can Help 

The primary goal of building climate-controlled wine cellars is to keep the wines safe for many years to come. If your wine cellar cooling unit is not functioning correctly, a serious problem will occur. We, at Bella Vita Wine Cellars, and with our partners in wine cellar refrigeration, we have helped many wine collectors in fixing a malfunctioning wine cooling unit.  

Before it is too late to save your investment and prevent costly damages, it is best to consult an HVAC expert as soon as you observed any problems with your refrigeration system.  

What are the Common Problems in Wine Cellar Cooling Units? 

Some of the most common signs that you have to contact a wine cellar refrigeration expert include: 

  • Freon leak 
  • Water leak  
  • Your wine cellar cooling unit is unable to cool your wine cellar    
  • Excessively noisy equipment 
  • There is mold growth inside your wine cellar 
  • There are spoiled wines in your collection 

How Freon Leak is Diagnosed: 3 Popular Methods  

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Leak Repair Orange County

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Leak Repair by Orange County Experts

Freon is a name for a group of chemicals used to produce the cold air coming from wine cellar cooling units. Placing Freon at room temperature will turn it into gas, which will return to its liquid form when compressed or cooled. If your wine refrigeration unit has a refrigerant leak, it will not function correctly and gradually stop working.  

The first step in fixing a wine cooling unit with leaking Freon is to locate the leak. We use different methods in finding the leak, which is all effective if done by a professional. These include Freon Electronic Leak, UV Light Method, and Bubble Leak methods. 

Freon Electronic Leak Detection Method 

The Electronic Leak Detection method is recommended and widely used by wine cellar cooling unit experts in detecting Freon leaks. It is the easiest and fastest method, which utilizes an electronic sniffer. This tool will lead the technician to the location of the leak. Suspected areas are ideally wrapped in plastic to capture the fumes, allowing the electronic detector to locate leaks quickly and accurately.    

Ultraviolet Light Method for Leak Detection: Widely Used by Wine Cooling Systems Specialists   

Our HVAC technicians use Ultraviolet Light Leak Detection Method, which is also called the Spectronic MethodIt is considered the most accurate method of locating Freon leaks in a wine cooling unit.  

In this process, a UV detectable dye, which is the liquid tracer, is injected into the wine cellar refrigeration system. We will allow the dye to circulate within the wine cooling system for about 30 days. It will exit the equipment with the refrigerant where there are leaks. We use a UV inspection lamp to scan for the area where the liquid tracer comes out. The dye will glow when exposed to UV light.           

Bubble Leak Method 

The Bubble Leak method is recommended to verify the location of the leak detected by using other options for detecting Freon leaks in wine cooling units. In this method, we use liquid solutions for areas with suspected leaks. When the solution produces bubbles when placed in one areait is a positive sign of a Freon leak.  

Keep in mind that this method can be time-consuming, messy, and more difficult compared to other options.    

Water Leak in Wine Refrigeration Systems  

Hiring a Specialist in Your Wine Cellar Cooling Project Will Prevent Problems in the Future

Hiring a Specialist in Your Wine Cellar Cooling Project Will Prevent Problems in the Future

The production of condensation on the evaporator coils is another common problem in wine cooling systems. It usually occurs when your wine cellar is not sealed correctly if the refrigeration system is working too hard, or during high-humidity climates.