Transitional Custom Wine Cellar by Orange County Builders

Transitional Custom Wine Cellar by Orange County Builders

One of the most enjoyable parts of building and designing residential custom wine cellars is using different stylish pieces to add aesthetic and resale value to our client’s home.

Bella Vita Wine Cellars has installed custom wine rooms with unique features. Learn some tips from our design experts on how to build a transitional wine cellar using the perfect mix of modern and traditional elements.    

Mixing Modern and Traditional Design for Residential Wine Cellars in Orange County 

When designing custom wine cellars, we often match the finishes of the existing cabinetry or furniture of a home. While others go for a traditional or modern style, others decide to have a transitional wine cellar design.   

A transitional-style wine cellar is a mix of modern and traditional features, which is a popular choice for creating striking wine displays. To make your residential custom wine cellar stand out using this combination, consider the following tips from a top-notch builder like Bella Vita Wine CellarsOur team is an expert when it comes to blending the old-world style with sleek design.        

Choose a Style That You Want to Dominate in Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design 

One crucial question to ask yourself when going for a transitional style custom wine cellar for your home is to decide whether you want traditional or modern elements to dominate. Mixing both styles evenly can work, but experts recommend choosing a primary focus. 

Keep in mind that a classic wine cellar consists of curves and ornate details. In contrast, modern wine cellar design is characterized by sophistication and simplicity using sleek lines, geometric shapes, bare windows, blocks with bold colors, and minimal curves. It has less ornate details and is less stuffy.  

Add the Right Accents to Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County 

Beautiful Modern Custom Wine Cellar with Traditional Accents Orange County

Beautiful Modern Custom Wine Cellar with Traditional Accents Built by Master Builders in Orange County

Accents have a significant impact on the overall appeal of the custom wine cellar built in your home. For example, you want traditional features to stand out in your wine room. Most of your wine racks should be made of wood, and you can add modern wine racks made of metal in a few areas of your wine cellar and opt for vinyl or tile flooring.  

On the other hand, if you want a contemporary wine room, it is ideal to install more metal racks than wooden ones. Just add a chandelier and different vintage accents and voila! You have a unique custom wine cellar that you can show off to your guests.  

Other accents that can help incorporate traditional features into your wine cellar design include wine barrel flooring and art pieces. Contemporary accents include silver or bronze furniture or accessories.  

Incorporate Glass and Iron Components Into Your Wine Cellar Door

Adding glass elements helps to add a modern feel to your traditional space. At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we suggest glass doors mixed with wooden wine racks for transitional-style wine roomsSeamless glass wine cellar doors allow your wine collection to be viewed from the outside without obstructionGlass wine cellar doors with wrought iron also go well with a modern wine cellar design.       

Barolo Style Glass Wine Cellar Door: Why it is a Favorite Choice of Homeowners in Orange County  
Square Top Barolo Custom Wine Cellar Door in Mahogany Designed by Experts in Orange County

Square Top Barolo Custom Wine Cellar Door in Mahogany Designed by Experts in Orange County

Our Barolo door contains a beveled glass inset. You can choose between the arched or rectangular top. Some of our clients preferred custom etchings on the glass to add character to their door.  

Tuscan Square Top Wine Cellar Door    

Bella Vita Wine Cellars recommends the Tuscan-style wine cellar door for wine collectors who want a vintage appeal. It consists of wrought iron details, which are hinged for easy cleaning.   

Catalina Style Glass Door for Transitional Style Residential Custom Wine Cellars in Orange County 

Our Catalina-style wine cellar door is an arched door with a wooden frame, glass panels, and wrought iron details. We have installed this door style, adding elegance to residential wine rooms located under the stairs, in the entertainment area, and dining room.   

Double Glass Wine Cellar Door 

Double-entry glass wine cellar doors are commonly found in large wine rooms. They provide guests with more visibility of our client’s wine collection stored in the wine room. For the frame material, you may choose a wooden or steel frame. In most of our projects, a wooden frame was used because it goes well with glass.     

Set the Tone of Your Residential Custom Wine Cellar  

The tone of your home wine cellar plays a primary role in setting the mood of your home wine cellar. Almost all colors work well in traditional interior design. However, neutral tones are prevalent in designing residential custom wine cellars. These include tan, cream, gray, ivory, and taupe. This soft palette of colors helps create a quiet and calm ambiance.

When you choose neutral colors for your accents, your wine racks should have a dark stain to make them pop or vice versa. Light to dark brown tones is also prevalent in traditional designs. 

Bella Vita Wine Cellars also recommends organic colors for achieving traditional appeal in your wine room. These colors, which you can derive from nature, include green, yellow, light blue, and shades of red. For designing modern custom wine cellars in Orange County, black, white, and dark brown are the primary colors.      

Orange County Transitional custom wine cellar with Metal and Wooden Wine Racks

Transitional Custom Wine cellar with Metal and Wooden Wine Racks Add Aesthetic Value to a Home in Orange County,

Transform your Space Into a Transitional Style Custom Wine Cellar With Our Team of Experts!

Working with an expert in the design and installation of wine rooms in Orange County will help transform your space into a transitional residential custom wine cellar. Our team has been providing solutions to homeowners who want to have a unique and functional wine display and storage area for their collection.  

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