Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Orange County

Lovely Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Orange County

Wine enthusiasts often dream of owning a wine collection because it represents the stories of passion and pride. If you invest in a well-designed and closet wine cellar, it will be worth every penny, just like a valuable family heirloom. At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we are here to make your vision a reality and ensure your wine is preserved in the best possible way.

Take a look at this impressive closet wine cellar conversion in a climate-controlled small room located in an Orange County home. These pictures showcase a residential wine cellar created by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our industry partners. They have expertly combined style and technology to build walk-in, innovative wine cellars.

If you’re considering building a wine cellar in your home, this story might inspire you. You can convert your space into a closet wine cellar where you can store and display your wine collections!

How Bella Vita Wine Cellars Built this Lovely Home Wine Cellar

Small Wine Cellar in an Orange County Home

Small Wine Cellar in an Orange County Home

Our team at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars aims to design a modern, small wine cellar with a traditional wooden wine racks. The client had a vision of converting an empty area in her living room into a storage for her existing wine collection. Her home in Orange County has a contemporary and sophisticated style.

The client’s living area had a beautiful Nordic theme, suggesting a modern design with minimalist features. To showcase the elegance of the wine bottles, our team skillfully created attractive glass doors and windows that allow the view from the outside.

Our team of professionals in Orange County has extensive expertise in crafting unique and compact custom home wine cellar designs. These small wine cellars were designed specifically by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Bella Vita Wine Cellars for easy viewing of the wine collection within the living room. Considering the overall design of the house, we incorporated the modern wine room into the final plan.

To achieve a modern and minimalist style that complements the white-painted walls of the hallway, our team utilized wooden wine racks, a glass wine cellar door, and LED wine cellar lighting fixtures.

Custom Wine Racks with Traditional Approach

Wine cellar racks are important because they hold your wine bottles and add character to your wine cellar. In this

Wooden Wine Racks Completed the Traditional Look of This Closet Wine Cellar

Wooden Wine Racks Completed the Traditional Look of This Closet Wine Cellar

particular wine room, light-colored wood was used to create a gentle and bright atmosphere. Since the wine room doesn’t receive natural light, except through the glass door, opting for light-colored custom wine racks was a great idea to avoid a dark and gloomy feel.

Aside from the regular 750ml and magnum-sized bottles, there are also brandies, whiskies, vodkas, and other alcoholic beverages that come in stout, square-shaped bottles. If your collection includes different bottle styles, it’s important to have wine storage that can accommodate them all.

The Coastal Custom Wine Cellars team designed a unique wooden wine rack for this home wine cellar that can accommodate a variety of wines and spirits. The customer’s favorites were Cabernets, Pinots, Sangrias, and some Don Perignon, both in standard and magnum sizes, which paired well with their elaborate meals.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Upon entering the wine room through the glass door, you will notice the central shelf with a large, arched decanting table integrated into the rack. The upper half of the main shelf features slots for individual 750ml bottles and two vertical shelves for large wine bottles. Below that, there are two rows of high-reveal display racks with a light valance, followed by x-bins and horizontal shelves at the bottom.

On the left and right sides of the wine cellar, we built double-deep horizontal wine shelves and deep cubbies for wine crates and decanting toolboxes. Additionally, there are flat shelves next to the door and glass windows for extra storage space.

The Creation of Wooden Wine Racks from Maple Wood

Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Was Installed in This Orange County Modern Home

Closet Wine Cellar Conversion Was Installed in This Orange County Modern Home

Residential wooden wine racks are constructed from various types of wood, such as mahogany, alder, oak, pine, walnut, and redwood. The selection of wood for our shelves is done carefully because it needs to withstand the cool and humid environment inside the wine cellar. Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems is one of the trusted partner of Bella Vita Wine Cellars in giving wine cooling services for our clients.

When it comes to creating beautiful wooden wine racks, you have the option to use different hardwood species. The choice of wood is important because it can impact the overall ambiance of your wine cellar, including its tone and texture.

For this particular wine room in Orange County, they decided to go with a natural light brown variety of wood that has a nearly cream-colored appearance. Maple wood was chosen because it has a smooth grain pattern and a naturally off-white tone with light brown shades.

Depending on the desired final look of your customized wine cellar, some wine racks are finished with lacquer and stained to achieve a specific color, as was done in this case. This helps enhance the longevity of the wine rack as wood inherently possesses the ability to resist degradation.

Even though the wine cellar was a walk-in space, it had some limitations in terms of size. Therefore, opting for light brown custom wine racks was a suitable choice as they created a sense of openness and prevented the room from feeling cramped due to their gentle hues.

Advanced Security Features Incorporated in This Wine Cellar Door

To maintain a consistent aesthetic, the team opted for a simple wine cellar glass door with a wooden frame, as it matched the neutral and minimalist tones of the adjacent room. The door was attached to a wooden jamb using ball-bearing hinges. The glass allowed a glimpse of the wine display without any additional etching.

The security system installed on this glass wine cellar door was particularly impressive. Since the customer had a valuable wine collection, they desired a more advanced digital door lock. They specifically chose a keyless lock system in the form of a keypad, although some homeowners prefer traditional knob or deadbolt locks.

Glass WIne Cellar Doors with Premium Security Locks

Glass WIne Cellar Door with Premium Security Locks

Aside from the convenience of not needing a physical key, the customer no longer had to worry about misplacing it. This feature not only provides peace of mind but also adds a contemporary touch to the overall design, in addition to the glass paneling.

If you deal with limited-edition wines and spirits, upgrading your security system would be beneficial. Our team would be happy to provide more information about various door lock solutions, especially more advanced ones like digital smart locks.

Need Help in Closet Wine Cellar Conversion? Bella Vita Wine Cellars Experts Are Here!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, our main focus is on creating wine storage rooms and innovative wine cellars that are both safe and visually appealing. Our aim is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations by designing home wine cellars that combine form and function seamlessly.

Our team of experts possesses extensive experience in designing and constructing stunning closet wine cellars for clients in California. We have successfully created custom wine room designs, including a commercial wine storage or modern wine room with wooden wine racks integrated into a compact space within a living room.

Get in touch with Bella Vita Wine Cellars by calling +1 (714) 798-9858 and let’s make your dream residential wine cellar possible!