The look and arrangement of your commercial wine racks can influence the overall vibe of your wine store and, eventually, your customers’ buying decisions.  At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, CA, we design commercial wine racks and wine cellars based on your style preference and consider how the design impacts how your customers see your products.  

We’ve got a ton of commercial wine rack styles inside this wine store you can get ideas from.

Today, we’re here to show you one of our projects with Wine Cellar Specialists.  City Vineyard, Montana’s premier wine and craft beer shop, requested Wine Cellar Specialists to design the entire layout of their new store in Montana. 

The facility was a warehouse-type building, with high ceilings and large glass windows, and we’re here to show you some of the essential features that make this wine store ultra-special.  

Important Considerations When Building Commercial Wine Racks 

Have you ever walked into a department store or grocery and instantly gravitated towards a product you weren’t planning to buy?  That’s the magic of “displaying with a purpose  .”Products are typically strategically placed throughout the store so buyers can see every product despite many other products. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, CA, we help store owners create a unique customer experience.  We help create emotional experiences because buying decisions are often influenced by how people feel when they encounter your product.  

To create the experience, these are the factors we initially take into account: 

    1. Store dimensions 
    2. Aesthetic of the space 
    3. Types of wines you sell 
    4. Number of bottles you plan to sell  
  1. Size of the bottles 
  2. Location of the stock room, lounge area, cashier, package counters, etc. 

Only then will we start planning the type of commercial wine-racking styles we will bring in.  When planning the racks, we have to decide how tall the racks will be, how wide the racks will be, the type of racks, and even how far away the racks will be from each other.  

Let’s dive deeper into what we installed in City Vineyard’s specialty wine store.  

These are the round-aisle wine racks we custom-built for this commercial wine cellar.

Wine Rack Density 

In this project, we custom-built high-density wooden wine racks so customers can have plenty of choices.  We recommend displaying more bottles in the store rather than in the stock room.  The more wine people see, the more they’ll think your store is complete and will want to look through their options more. 

We installed round-aisle wine racks on both sides of the store, with the top rows showcasing the bottles at angled positions.  This way, people can read the labels right away without lifting the bottles.  In the middle, we also installed a few rectangular wooden wine racks that feature three rows of high-reveals and eight rows of standard 750 compartments.   

We grouped the bottles according to the type of wine and placed large labels on top of the racks so people could quickly locate the wine they were looking for.  In some sections, we grouped the wines according to their origin, like South Africa and New Zealand.  

Wine Rack Height 

Wine rack heights should be able to cater to people’s field of vision.  You don’t want racks that are too high or too short in the middle of the store.  For this project, we kept our free-standing wine racks at breast-to-shoulder height, so people could easily reach the bottles.   

Keeping the middle wine racks below eye level also makes the space feel more open.  Imagine having ceiling-high wine racks like what you see in groceries; that would limit people’s vision and elicit a cramped and unwelcoming feeling.  Keeping the racks at that height allows their buyers to see the entire store from any point inside.  

Wine Rack Placement

We can work on the entire layout of your store with custom-made commercial wine cellar racks.

We did install really tall wine racking.  But we placed it against the wall beside the entrance to the wine lounge.  We call them retail stackers with protruding ledges where the owner can display bottles vertically.  This wall-mounted rack was so tall that we needed to attach a stylish rolling ladder so that people could grab a top bottle.   

When installing different sizes and heights of wine racking (whether it’s made from metal, wood, or other materials), it’s best to arrange them correctly.  Create clean and clear pathways for people and avoid creating a maze inside your store.  This way, your buyers can conveniently walk around, explore your collection, and not worry about accidentally bumping into the racks.  

Overall Vibe of Your Wine Store  

Wine stores can come in different themes.  You can have a rustic wine store, a modern wine store, or a style in between.  For this Montana project, we thought rustic wine racks were a better option given the aesthetic of the building and the weather in Montana, which was cool and cozy.  We also brought in different types of wine cellar lighting, like pendant lights, track lights, recessed lights, and more, to dramatically illuminate specific areas of the store.   

Overall, you’d want your store to be inviting and pleasing as much as possible to the extent that people would want to spend more time inside and not scurry ?  

On the far left, you can see the custom elephant ladder we installed to pair with this wall-mounted commercial wine rack.

Work Only with Experienced Commercial Wine Rack Specialists in Orange County — Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA! 

If you’re opening a brand new wine store in Orange County, Fl,  we can help you through the entire process and handle all the nitty-gritty of conceptualizing and building the entire layout.  We always love collaborating with our clients because we know you have many fantastic ideas for your store!  Tell us what you want to see and feel with your commercial wine cellar, and we’ll be happy to start drawing up plans!  

Whether you need commercial wine racks, need to redo your insulation, install more efficient wine cooling systems, or build a fully-functional commercial wine cellar from scratch, Custom Wine Cellars Orange County Fl is here for you!  

Apart from commercial wine racks and cellars, we specialize in private home wine cellars.  So, whether your home is in Star Island, Indian Creek Island, Gables Estates, Tahiti Beach, La Gorce, Journey’s End, Palm and Hibiscus, South of Fifth, Fisher Island, or other zip codes in Orange County, you can count on Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, CA to responsive to all your wine cellar needs. 

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