This12-foot-high traditional home wine cellar boasts a 2100-bottle capacity and classic redwood wine racking

This 12-foot-high traditional home wine cellar boasts a 2100-bottle capacity and classic redwood wine-racking

As a wine lover and homeowner in California, you understand the necessity of a functional and stylish wine cellar to store your valuable collection. There’s something special about having traditional home wine cellars that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

Ted Beltran, the lead designer at Bella Vita Wine Cellars, and his skilled designers meticulously crafted this 12-foot-high custom wine cellar in Orange County. It has a 2100-bottle capacity and classic redwood wine racking. This story will explore the timeless appeal of traditional home wine cellars built in Orange County, California. Continue reading to learn more!

A Captivating Story Behind This Traditional Home Wine Cellar

Our client is a wine lover and collector based in Orange County, California. When he decided to remodel his home, he knew he wanted to incorporate a traditional home wine cellar into his design to store and showcase his collection.

He contacted Bella Vita Wine Cellars, which worked closely together to understand his vision and requirements. They created a 12-foot-high refrigerated wine room with a 2100-bottle capacity and classic redwood wine racking to store and display his prized collection.

This traditional residential wine room has become the focal point of his home. The cellar’s elegant design and timeless appeal have elevated the aesthetic of his home while providing him with a safe and functional space to store his collection.

Wow-worthy Wooden Wine Racking Features of Traditional Home Wine Cellars

Showcasing Orange County’s Traditional Home Wine Cellars with Timeless Appeal

This wooden wine rack’s horizontal display makes it easy to view and aesthetically pleasing to showcase your collection. The large-capacity stemware also allows storing your wine glasses safely and easily.

The X-bins and case storage provide ample space to store your wine bottles, allowing you to keep your collection organized and easily accessible. The adjustable shelf and door make it easy to customize your wine cellar to your needs, ensuring your collection is stored optimally.

Our team installed a center island to store bottles horizontally or in magnum style. This allows you to store different types of wine bottles and ensures that your collection is easily accessible.

The center island in this home wine cellar serves as the room’s focal point, providing a convenient space to store and display your wine glasses, decanters, and other wine accessories. The island can also be used as a tasting table, allowing you to enjoy your wine collection with friends and family in a stylish and comfortable setting.

Our wooden wine racking system can display up to 2100 bottle capacity and has a range of unique racking design

Our wooden wine racking system installed in this Orange County home has a range of unique racking designs such as case storage, horizontal display and x-bins

Premium Redwood for Durable and Lasting Wine Racks

At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we’re experts in designing and building traditional, functional, and beautiful wine cellars. Our use of natural redwood for the wine racks adds warmth and charm to the space, but it’s also a durable and lasting material that will protect your wine collection for years to come.

The black wall in this wine cellar serves as a bold backdrop for the wine racks and adds a sleek and modern touch to the overall design. The chevron display is a unique and eye-catching feature that adds visual interest and depth to the space.

Sliding Ladder to Cater to More of Your Wine Needs

One of the standout features of this traditional wine cellar is the sliding ladder. This ladder is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design of the wine cellar.

The sliding ladder is designed to be up to 10 feet tall, making it convenient for guests to reach the bottles stored on the higher shelves. The ladder is attached to a hook that can be lifted, allowing the ladder to slide horizontally along the wine racks. This sliding ladder is a practical addition to any traditional home wine cellar, making it easy to access and retrieve your wine bottles.

Ducted Cooling System Installed in this Refrigerated Wine Room

Our experts installed a reliable cooling system in this custom residential wine cellar that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity level for your wine collection. This system consists of a refrigerated wine room with a ducted wine cellar cooling system, where the condenser is located outside and the coil is above. This system is ideal for those who want a quiet and efficient cooling solution for their wine cellar.

The ducted cooling unit is designed to be discreet and hidden, allowing you to focus on the beauty and elegance of your wine cellar. The unit is installed in the ceiling of the wine cellar, with the ductwork running to an external location. This setup allows for the quiet and efficient operation of the cooling system without any noise or vibrations.
At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we also insulate the walls of your wine cellar to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels remain constant.

Consult our Orange County experts today to get started with your lovely traditional home wine cellars!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

This traditional wine cellar made of natural redwood with a black wall and chevron display is a stunning example of what Bella Vita Wine Cellars can do. It’s a beautiful and functional space that will elevate the aesthetic of any home while providing a safe and secure place to store and showcase your wine collection.

With the increasing demand for home wine cellars, talented builders have transformed clients’ ideas into practical and stunning works of art. Thanks to professionals like Bella Vita Wine Cellars, unlimited variations in wine cellar design have become achievable. As a trusted contractor, we bring these visions to life.

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