Residential and Commercial Contemporary Wine Cellars

Residential and Commercial Contemporary Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County California specializes in designing and building contemporary wine cellars that complement modern homes, restaurants, hotels, bars, and wine stores. We help clients who want to achieve a minimalist look in their wine display and storage room while creating an impression that lasts.  

Contemporary Wine Cellars: Advantages, Styles, and Options 

Contemporary wine cellars are increasing in popularity among homeowners and entrepreneurs in California. For many years, our team has been providing innovative wine storage solutions to those who desire a minimalist and elegant look for their wine room.  

Your wines deserve to be stored and displayed in a safe and beautiful wine cellar space. If you love to entertain friends or host wine-tasting parties, a contemporary wine cellar will provide a comfortable environment and an elegant place for you and your guests. If you own a business that sells wine, a well-designed contemporary wine cellar will attract potential clients to buy your wines and help generate wine sales.   

Designing contemporary wine cellars involves considering the requirements of the client and choosing the most suitable material and components to achieve the visual appeal desired by the client. We consider several factors to ensure that everything is in place.  

The shape of your wine cellar has a significant impact on the design of your wine room. For example, when building contemporary wine cellars under the stairs, we must custom design the wine storage system to fit the sloping ceiling of the room.   

There are key elements that have to be considered and designed carefully. The wine racks, lighting, doors, flooring, and cooling unit play a crucial role in creating the look that the client wants. The design and material used must be well thought out to ensure that the desired appearance of your wine cellar will be achieved.  

Contemporary design is often associated with clean lines. A fusion of metal and glass elements will create a minimalist wine cellar design.  

Metal Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Cellars 

Wine racks should be designed to display one’s collection attractively and store it for better wine management. When building contemporary wine cellars, metal wine racks are the best option. Metal racking looks sleek and elegant, making it in demand among interior designers, contractors, architects, homeowners, and entrepreneurs.