You can save your wine collection from damage by storing it in a wine storage room equipped with an efficient wine cooling system. At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we offer US Cellar Systems wine refrigeration units. Their products are known for their reliability, quality, and features that ensure proper wine storage. 

Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Plays a Crucial Role in Creating a Stable Environment for Your Collection 

When building climate-controlled wine rooms, we always make sure that your wine cellar is not only prepared for construction. It should also be installed with the right wine cellar refrigeration system. At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we will carefully determine the size, capacity, brand, and the model of wine cooling unit that suits your requirements.  

Keep in mind that failure to choose the correct type of cooling equipment will result in wine storage problems in the future, including mold growth and wine damage. To prevent these problems from happening, our HVAC specialist will make sure that a high-grade wine refrigeration system is installed in your Orange County wine cellar.  

US Cellar Systems: Why Master Builders Use and Recommend Them in Building Functional Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars   

As one of the top-notch wine room builders in the United States, Custom Wine Cellars Orange County uses its knowledge and expertise in choosing and installing refrigeration equipment for wine cellars.  

For many years, we have been providing efficient and reliable wine cooling solutions for residential and commercial applications. We offer wine cellar refrigeration systems from trusted manufacturers, including US Cellar Systems. Let us find out why their products are widely used in wine room construction. 

Wine Refrigeration Units by US Cellar Systems are Highly Effective and Efficient 

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit by US Cellar Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit by US Cellar Systems

With many wine cooling systems available in the market, it is easy to get attracted to low prices. Never fall into the trap of buying a wine cellar refrigeration system because it costs less than the other brands. Therefore, you must consult with an expert.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we offer products from US Cellar Systems because they are proven to be highly effective and provide maximum cooling efficiency to wine cellars. They are designed to achieve the ideal temperature (55 to 65degrees Fahrenheit) and relative humidity level (60 to 70 percent).  

Additionally, US Cellar Systems wine cooling products are designed with features that make them operate more efficiently and effectively, and make wine collecting more enjoyable.  

US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Offer Installation Flexibility  

Flexible installation is another quality offered by US Cellar Systems wine cellar refrigeration units for Orange County homeowners and business owners. Their ducted and ductless wine cooling systems can be installed with an array of options.  

Choose a ducted system if you want the condenser and evaporator to be placed outside your wine room. Otherwise, you can go for a ductless system if visible equipment does not matter to you.      

High-Static (HS) Series Wine Refrigeration Systems: Ideal for Small Wine Cellars in Orange County 

HS Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

HS Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

The High-Static (HS) Series wine cooling systems are compact, which makes them widely used in residential and commercial wine cellars built in small spaces. Moreover, no equipment will occupy any space in your racking.  

The HS Series wine cellar refrigeration unit system is placed outdoors, 25-ducted feet away from your wine room. Because of this, you will not hear any noise coming from your wine cellar cooling unit. The HS Series wine cellar refrigeration systems are available in capacities of 1,800 to 20,000 BTU.    

WM Series Wine Cellar Cooling Systems  

US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Wall Mounted Wall Cooler WM Series

US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Wall Mounted Wall Cooler WM Series

We had projects where we had to utilize a narrow and irregular-shaped area. We recommend the Wall Mount (WM) Series for building custom wine cellars in walk-in closets and spaces under the stairs in a Orange County home or commercial establishment.   

At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we install the evaporator in between wall studs. An exhaust room is not needed in this type of installation. The built-in thermostat and temperature sensor are some features of the Wall Mount Series wine cellar refrigeration systems, which provide convenience in monitoring the conditions inside your wine room.     

Dual-Air Quiet (DQ) Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems 

Low Profile Quiet (LPQ) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

Dual-Air Quiet (DQ) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

In building wine cabinets and large wine cellars, we highly recommend US Cellar Systems’ Dual-Air Quiet (DQ) Series wine cooling unit. As the name implies, the fan blades are quiet and provide medium velocity airflow. If you are looking for a wine cooling unit that produces minimal to no noise, this is the right option for you.  

We use an R134 refrigerant for the evaporator. One feature of the Dual-Air (DQ) Series is its defrosting coil that acts as the heater. 

Low Profile Quiet (PQ) Series Wine Cooling Systems 

Low Profile Quiet (LPQ) Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Low Profile Quiet (LPQ) Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

In wine cellar construction where there is a challenge in the room’s height, we use the Low Profile quiet wine cellar refrigeration systems. Proper circulation of the air inside your wine room can be achieved by mounting the wine cooling unit on the ceiling. With molded fan guards and blades, the LPQ Series offers quiet operation.  

Other Features of US Cellar Systems’ Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units 

  • Automatic expansion valves (factory-installedto ensure a constant temperature of the coil and promote humidity balance.   
  • Rust-proof and insulated aluminum housing   
  • Staggered high-performance coils with copper tubing expanded mechanically into aluminum fins  
  • US Cellar Systems are pressure tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality   
  • Textured heavy-gauge aluminum cabinet   
  • Thermally protected permanently lubricated motor   
  • Pump-down solenoid valve to protect the compressor in the event of leaks   
  • Factory-wired for simple field installation   
  • Removable drain pan   
  • The valves are pre-installed to eliminate additional wiring to the thermostat   

Care for Your Wines by Choosing a Reliable Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit from US Cellar  

Safeguard your wine collection by storing them in a wine room equipped with a reliable and efficient wine cellar cooling unit. Custom Wine Cellars Orange County will help determine the right size and model that will suit your needs.    

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