Custom Wine Rack Ideas

Elegant Custom Wine Rack Ideas using Wooden and Metal Elements

There are lots of custom wine rack ideas for organizing and displaying your wine collection. They store wine bottles safely in one location.

Therefore, custom wine racks are one of the main priorities to consider before starting your whole wine cellar project. Aside from storage value, wine racks also beautify your wine collections.

At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we are pleased to assist you in deciding the ideal choice for your custom wine racks. We have traditional wooden wine racks to match your classic preferences.

Also, we have the available metal wine racks manufactured by VintageView, our trusted partner for commercial and residential metal wine rack supplies.  Get to know more about the custom wine racks best for your bottles.

Wooden Wine Racking System Made for A Versatile Wine Display

Wooden racks typically accommodate more significant quantities of wine and are designed to fit in almost any location.

There are plenty of capacities and styles of  custom wooden wine racks. Some are made from redwood naturally suited to a cellar’s humid, cool conditions.

At the same time, mahogany has a beautiful reddish grain with excellent durability and resistance. These are the available wooden custom wine rack ideas by our master artisans:

  • Individual wine racks with display rows. Every bottle has its location making it ideal for varied wine collections with many single bottles. The display row showcases your wine and makes organizing your choice of wine simple.
  • Arches with a tabletop. Arches give elegance and classic style to a wine cellar. There’s something so timeless about it. Arches with a tabletop are the prime add-ons for an elegant showpiece of bottles.
  • Tasting tables. This style of wooden wine rack is a nice way to create discrete wine storage in shallow areas. Includes a finished solid, which provides ambiance for intimate tasting tables.
  • X-cube Bins. The X” cube design bins by VintageView are perfect for bulk storage and odd-shaped bottles. Most of them arebuilt from high-quality redwood.
  • Diamond bins. A diamond bin frame and horizontal
    Traditional wine cellars using wooden wine racks

    Traditional wine cellars using wooden wine racks

    shelves for holding wine in case boxes are beautiful and functional. It can carry bottles with a horizontal orientation which is perfect for storing large capacities of wines.

  • Rectangular bins. This wooden wine storage is highly versatile and adaptable, as it can store wooden and cardboard cases and loose bottles. It offers plenty of space for shelf tags and extra storage on the top.
  • Waterfall display. With an innovative take on the label-forward look, the waterfall wooden wine rack kit provides a distinctive backdrop that doubles as significant wine storage. Each showpiece of the bottle is reversible (it can cascade to the left or the right) and comes in single and double bottle depths. Our cascading racks have a refined appearance that best fits your wine display.
  • Curved corner. If you are looking for a wine rack that effectively maximizes your storage space, prominently displays your favorite brands of wine, and creates a smooth transition, then the curved corner wooden wine rack is highly recommended. This double-depth wooden wine rack maximizes storage space by stacking two wine bottles from front to back. It also creates a smooth 90-degree transition to your wine rack systems due to its curve shape.
  • Quarter-round display. These are the perfect solution to racking around corners. Designed with a priority on functionality, these wine storage units are excellent as end caps to walls of wine racking or as standalone shelving.
  • Magnum and Champagne racks. You can easily organize your odd-sized wine bottles with the custom-built Champagne and Magnum racks. They are sturdy and designed to hold bottles of Champagne that are 1.5 liters and larger.
  • Custom wooden wine racks

    Custom Wooden Wine Kits Oferred by Our Expert Designers at Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Modernize Your Wine Storage with Custom Wine Rack Ideas – Metal Racking System

Custom Wine Racks for your Prized Wine Storage and Display

Custom Wine Racks for your Prized Wine Storage and Display

Metal wine racks feature the enticing showpiece of wine bottles in your space in a modern approach. Metal wine racks from VintageView guarantee their superior strength and resilience. These are the series of metal racking solutions:

  • VintageView Standard Series. VintageView Metal Wine Racks can be wall-mounted or free-standing floor racking. There is also floor-to-ceiling mounted metal racking. Metal racking can be used to create the racking for an entire cellar or combined with wooden racking.

    metal wine racks

    Metal wine kits for impressive wine displays

  • Vintage View Evolution Series. It is a label-forward wine storage system incorporating acrylic panels and chrome-plated metal rods to display your wine with a modern flair. They are customizable and can be integrated with wood wine racks for residential and commercial applications. Since less movement is better for long-term storage, the Evolution series is excellent for storing wine that will only be consumed for a few years. This series can take your wine storage to the next level.
  • VintageView Wall Series Single. Wall Series Singles let the inner designer run wild. This single-bottle cradle borrows from VintageView’s popular Wall Series design, adding the versatility of anchoring each bottle independently. This product allows you to configure a contemporary, label-forward wine display in any shape imaginable.
  • VintageView Vino Pins. The first peg system mounts directly to any wall, including drywall. Vino Pins come in one-bottle sets, allowing the flexibility to create storage for any size wine collection. They attach to drywall, concrete, and wood and can efficiently design into walls/cellars/rooms with our existing Wall Series. They can hold 750mL and 1.5L bottles.
  • VintageView Vino Rails. Create the effect of wine bottles floating in the air with the vino rails. This contemporary design option will no doubt take the breath away of guests in your wine-tasting room. These displays use ultra-slim rods jetting out of the wall, giving the illusion of bottles hovering in the air. They allow your wine to be stored in the classic cork-forward fashion.

Custom Wine Rack Ideas Are Perfect Choices for Your Wine Collections

Economically speaking, a wine cellar makes a good investment in your wine collections. A carefully preserved bottle of age-worthy wine not only keeps its quality for a more extended time, but it is also better with age in terms of aroma, flavor, and complexity. Custom wine racks play a vital role in this sense. Aside from that, these are some of the benefits of having precisely-built wine racks:

  • Easy access to the bottle of your choice. When you place your bottle in the custom wine racks, you can easily trace the bottle and save time. You can add tags, too, to find out which one you want to pour and when.
  • Freedom to choose based on your preference. Most top wine rack providers and designers will be able to give you more options in this field. If you are driven by the need to get a unique installation in your home or commercial area, choosing custom wine racks with the help of professional designers is the best course of action for you.
  • Save space for more extensive wine collections. Having customized wine racks can be space-efficient. You can store larger capacities of wine bottles depending on your preferred design. The extra space is helpful for your future collections.

Collaborate with Our Bella Vita Design Specialists to Materialize Your Custom Wine Rack Ideas!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars has aimed to give quality services for over a decade. We provide custom-built wine cellars for various types of homes.

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

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