Modern Wine Closets

Glass Wine Cellar that Complements A Home’s Aesthetics in Orange County

Get inspired by these modern wine closets created by design experts from Bella Vita Wine Cellars in Orange County. Our team has extensive experience in transforming spaces into exceptional wine showpieces and is recognized as one of the most renowned builders and designers in California.

We provide inventive wine storage options that feature simple yet refined elements. Continue reading to discover additional information about contemporary home wine cellars and a few of the designs gallery we have accomplished.

Eye-Catching Modern Wine Closets That Maximize Your Home’s Aesthetics in Orange County

Designing a wine cellar can be a challenging endeavor. It’s important to select a professional who understands your preferences and can incorporate features to achieve your desired wine room look. At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we can design modern wine closets that aee tailored to your specific needs.

Nowadays, minimalist interiors have gained popularity. Our company’s glass wine cellars and storage solutions can add a touch of luxury to your space with a cost-efficient budget. Our team has extensive expertise and experience in constructing both functional and visually appealing custom home wine cellars. We strive to achieve both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Our recent projects demonstrate the tasteful use of metal and glass elements.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and convenient, modern wine closets can preserve and store valuable wines in controlled conditions while maintaining others at ideal serving temperatures for immediate enjoyment.

Metal Wine Racks and Glass Wine Cellars That Complement Your Style

The team’s notable innovation is the adjustable modern LED lighting, which adds to the home wine cellar’s overall appeal and makes it a captivating feature in the room. The ¾ acrylic light panels, located at the top and bottom sections, provide continuous visibility of the entire wine collection. The soft white lighting is gentle on the eyes, not overly bright, and can be adjusted to create the desired ambiance.

Metal Wine Racks Designed for Modern Wine Closets

Metal Wine Racks Designed for Modern Wine Closets

Metal racking looks more sophisticated when installed in modern wine closets. You may opt for a full glass enclosure, seamless glass doors, or framed glass doors and walls. Imagine your prized wines displayed in floor-to-ceiling or wall-mounted modern wine racks, visible from your dining or living area. We also have other variations of our custom wine racks that will suit your taste and preferences as wine enthusiasts.

Elegant Modern Wine Closets Designed by Orange County’s Expert Designers

Glass-enclosed Modern Wine Closet Designed by Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Glass-enclosed Wine Display Designed by Bella Vita Wine Cellars

In a recent project, we constructed a modern wine display in the dining area of a home with full glass enclosure paired with LED lights and horizontal wine racking solutions.

To maximize the room’s bottle capacity, we installed triple-deep metal wine racks on both the left and right sections of the wall. The label-forward orientation of the bottles allows for easy perusal of the wines, eliminating the need to flip the bottle to read the brand or other wine information.

The glass wine cellar is elegant and unobstructed, with a seamless glass front and a center door, allowing the owner’s wine collection to be viewed from the dining area. From afar, the bottles appear to be floating in mid-air.

To add character to the modern wine closets, we installed a luminous panel in the center of the wall consisting of mirror tiles. Additionally, we incorporated wine shelves to highlight the owner’s favorite wines, providing an excellent glass wine cellars display area.

Glass-Enclosed Modern Wine Display Under the Stairs

Modern Wine Room Under the Stairs

Impressive Modern Wine Room Under the Stairs

Bella Vita Wine Cellars recently finished a project for a homeowner who had just constructed his home and wanted to build a contemporary glass-enclosed wine display under the stairs.

We used a robust, chrome-finished, stainless steel wine peg system for our metal wine racking system, with each peg capable of holding three standard bottles horizontally, and it is three bottles deep to maximize bottle capacity. The spacing of the wine pegs is adjustable according to your preferences. In addition, we incorporated an open-metal box at the center of the rack that can fit a 6-liter wine bottle.

Work with Our Bella Vita Designers for Your Desired Modern Wine Closets in Orange County

For more than a decade, Bella Vita Wine Cellars has been committed to providing exceptional services. We specialize in creating customized wine cellars for a wide range of homes.

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

We understand that each business and brand have its unique identity, and that’s why we ensure that the wine cellars we build are tailored to match the brand’s personality.

Whether you’re located in Corona Del Mar, San Juan Capistrano, Surfside, Dana Point, Rossmoor, San Clemente, Costa Mesa or in a nearby city in Orange County, our team can assist you in planning your custom wine rack ideas for your wine storage. Get in touch with any of our specialists today and let us help you turn your dream wine cellar into a reality!

To turn your modern wine closet dream into life, contact us at Bella Vita Wine Cellars by calling +1 (714) 798 9858!

Building a Trendy Modern Wine Closets in Orange County!