Commercial Wine Cellar Displays

Stunning Commercial Wine Cellar Displays

One of the many ways to generate wine sales is by creating a stunning display of your wines. Be inspired by the California commercial wine displays built by experts. Wine Cellar International, a well-known team of designers and builders of refrigerated wine rooms, has completed several projects. We work with them in providing efficient and practical wine storage solutions for wine businesses.    

California Commercial Wine Displays: What are the Benefits They Offer for Businesses?  

Driving wine sales in a restaurant, retail store, or hotel requires time and effort. With many marketing strategies available, it is easy to fall into ineffective practices. It is best to consult a specialist who can help determine the most effective strategy to increase your wine sales.  Creating a visually appealing and organized presentation of your wines is one proven way to help attract potential customers.  

Let us say you are a customer deciding where to go for dinner and are passing by two different restaurants, one of which features a beautiful and luxurious wine display. Which would you choose, especially if you’re looking to impress your date?

To an establishment with a mediocre wine display or one that has wine bottles displayed with style? Of course, to the establishment that catches your attention. Unique California commercial wine displays will entice customers to stop and check what the establishments have to offer, resulting in more sales.   

When customers see different options of wines displayed beautifully in the wine racks in your restaurant, they will be enticed to take a closer look at your offerings and make a purchase. Aesthetically pleasing wine displays will draw the attention of the diners and contribute to their dining experience.

Customers who had a relaxing experience brought about by luxurious-looking commercial wine displays are more likely to come back to your restaurant. Positive feedback will become word-of-mouth, resulting in more customers and more wine sales.    

Wine Cellar International, a top-notch wine room builder in Orange County, California, has proven its expertise and creativity in designing sale-boosting commercial wine cellars.  

Stylish Wine Racks Options for Stunning California Commercial Wine Displays    

Wine Cellar International offers innovative wine storage solutions to help entrepreneurs and restaurateurs in sales generation. They utilize wood and metal wine racks designed to create organized and enticing California commercial wine displays.  

Wood Wine Racks  

The warmth and elegance of wood make it a sought-after material in manufacturing wine racks. Wood is workable and costs less than metal. Wine Cellar International uses Redwood, Mahogany, Knotty Alder, and Pine for their wine racks. These wood species are highly resistant to mold and warping and can withstand the highly humid conditions inside refrigerated commercial wine rooms.   

You may opt for modular or kit wine racks if you are not willing to spend much. These ready-made wine racks are an alternative to custom racking, ideal for budget-savvy wine sellers. They are available in various sizes and styles to suit the needs of the clients. You may go for single deep, double deep, or combine different depths depending on your requirements.  

The most common styles of modular commercial wine racks are diamond bins, column wine racks, rectangular bins, and an arch display with a tabletop. For high-density wine storage, we recommend retail wine racks to offer many choices to the customers. Wine Cellar International offers stackable wine racks to provide room for additional bottles in the future. These wine racks will also allow modifying commercial racking without bringing down the existing wine rack system.  

Custom-Built Wooden Wine Racks  

Although a bit more costly than ready-made wine racks, there are more advantages offered by custom wine racks. Custom wine racks for California commercial wine displays are perfect for creating a wine storage system manufactured to fit the size and shape of your wine room. You may incorporate design features you want and add a personal touch to them.  

Metal Wine Racks for a Modern Commercial Wine Displays  

Commercial-Wine-Displays Hotel Restaurant

Commercial-Wine Displays Designed for a Hotel Restaurant

Modern design has been a consistent trend in wine cellar construction. Most owners of high-end dining establishments choose to go with modern California commercial wine displays to complement the theme of their hotel, restaurant, bar, or retail store.  

The most popular metal wine racks are from VintageView. Available in a wide array of choices, there is a perfect wine storage solution for you. Their products are designed with a label-forward orientation, allowing your guests to see the wine labels and read the description easily. Stains and finish options are available.  

Wine Cellar International offers the following VintageView wine rack styles: 

  1. Freestanding wine racks 
    • Evolution Series  
    • Island Display Series 
    • W Series  
  2. Wall-Mounted Wine Racks  
    • Column Series 
    • Vino Pin Series  

California Commercial Wine Displays  

Wine Cellar International is a well-known builder of California commercial wine displays. With many years of experience in the construction industry, they have proven their reliability and expertise in creating innovative designs. Below are some of their projects.   

Exquisite Modern Commercial Wine Cellar  

Wine Cellar International designed a wine cellar for a high-end restaurant with an elegant interior. The establishment offers both Italian and Tuscan cuisines. The luxurious California commercial wine displays are set in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by tables and chairs to attract diners. The glass wall allows the guests to see the different wines while eating their favorite meal.  

Floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks from VintageView were utilized to create an illusion of bottles floating in the air and maximize the storage capacity of the wine cellar. The wine racks promote a label-forward bottle configuration, allowing for easy perusal of the wines.     

Modern Wine Display Built in a Clubhouse  

Modern Commercial Wine Cellar

Modern Commercial Wine Cellar

The Grande Clubhouse at the Frenchman’s Reserve has dining rooms where fine wines and delectable meals are served. The owners decided to add a modern commercial wine cellar in one of the dining rooms.  

Wine Cellar International incorporated horizontal display wine racks that hold the bottles with the labels facing out. The framed glass walls facing the dining and bar area provide a clear view of the bottles on display. The wine display is a feature that enhances the experience of the diners and adds a luxurious touch to the place, helping boost wine sales.  

Work with Builders of Sale-Boosting California Commercial Wine Displays 

We create California commercial wine displays that help generate wine sales. We collaborate with top-notch builders like Wine Cellar International. If you need help building a wine room for your business, please call us at +1 (714) 863 3634!