Custom Wine Racks Manufactured by Orange County Designers and Installers

Custom Wine Racks Manufactured by Orange County Designers and Installers

A well-designed wine storage system is essential in building functional and stylish custom wine cellars in Orange County and in other California areas. With various types and designs of racking, it is not easy to choose one that suits your needs. Make sure to work with a professional wine cellar designer and installer to ensure that your wine racks meet your requirements.        

Planning Your Custom Wine Rack Design with a Trusted Installers in Orange County  

Planning your wine cellar project with the help of a professional designer and installer in Orange County will ensure that all your requirements are met. Wine racks do not just hold and display your bottles. They also complete the look and functionality of your wine cellar. Moreover, they also make wine management and inventory easy and convenient.  

Bella Vita Wine Cellars offers a wide variety of custom wine racks. We will incorporate the design that you want in building the wine cellar of your dreams. With our creativity and passion, we will bring your vision to reality. We provide a wide selection of high-quality wood and metal wine storage systems. 

Wooden Wine Racks are Used in Building Traditional Custom Wine Cellars in Orange County 

Kit Wooden Wine Racks Offered by Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Kit Wooden Wine Racks Offered by Bella Vita Wine Cellars

The classic appeal of wood is what makes it a favorite material for manufacturing wine racks. It adds warmth and an earthy look to your custom Orange County wine cellar. Moreover, wood is also easy to work with, offers design flexibility, and can blend well with any décor.  

We manufacture wine racks using these wood varieties including Premium Redwood, Mahogany Wood, All Heart Redwood, Sapele Mahogany, and Knotty Alder. These materials are durable, beautiful, and widely used in the construction industry. Our team will assess your aesthetic and functional requirements. We will discuss with you the characteristics of each type of wood to help you choose the best option for your needs.  

Learn more about the different types of wooden wine racks.

Metal Wine Racks for Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars 

VintageView Metal Custom Wine Racks Installed by Bella Vita Wine Cellars

VintageView Metal Custom Wine Racks Installed by Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Metal is no doubt increasing in popularity in designing and building wine cellars in Orange County. Its sleek appeal adds sophistication to any space. We had clients (residential and commercial wine cellar owners) who chose metal wine racks because they wanted a minimalist design for their wine cellar. 

Our metal wine rack systems come in a variety of finishes including brushed aluminum, chrome, and black. We carry wall mount systems and floor-to-ceiling mount systems.

Let us know how you would like to view your wine, labels forward or neck out and we will find a wine racking system that will work for your specific needs.

VintageView Metal Wine Racks 

VintageView has been providing modern wine storage systems to Orange County residential and commercial wine cellar designers, builders, and contractors. Their products are designed for installation flexibility and maximizing storage capacities. 

VintageView metal custom wine racks are beautiful and durable. When designed by a creative and professional builder, your modern custom wine racks will make your residential or commercial wine cellar look elegant and inviting. 

Learn more about the styles of VintageView wine racks

Highly-Effective and Stylish Lines of VintageView Wine Racks Recommended by Orange County Builders   

At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we offer different styles of VintageView wine racks. Most of them are designed with a label forward bottle orientation. 

  • Freestanding Wine Racks (Evolution Series) – The wine racks are available at 4-, 6-, and 8-foot heights. The bottles are cradled in steel and acrylic rods, which can be in chrome or black. The label forward orientation allows the owner and guests to read the wine labels with ease.  The Evolution Series can be used both for residential and commercial applications.
  • Wall Mount Wine Racks (Vino Series) – For small and narrow spaces, Bella Vita Wine Cellars designers recommend the Wall Mount wine racks because they do not take up floor space. Moreover, they are a good option for those who want to perk up a dull wall. We have Wall wine racks for standard and large format bottles. For the depth, you may go for single, double, or triple deep racking. You can choose chrome, satin black, brushed nickel, or black for the finish of your wine racks.
  • Floor to Ceiling Frame Series Wine Racks – In Orange County wine cellar installation projects, where space is not an issue, these wine racks will fit the needs of a modern wine collector. They are made up of durable steel frames, which can serve as room dividers.
  • WS Stemware Racks – If you want wine racks that provide storage for your wine glasses, we offer the VintageView Stemware wine racks. In these wall-mounted wine racks, the wine glasses are placed just below the steel wine racks.
  • WS Presentation Wine Racks – These VintageView wine racks hold the bottles at an angle. They are perfect for creating a compelling presentation of your wines, making them in demand in hotels, restaurants, wine stores, and clubs where wines are sold.

Cable Wine System  

VintageView Cable Wine System Allows You to Display Your Collection in a Modern Way

VintageView Cable Wine System Allows You to Display Your Collection in a Modern Way

Cable Wine System Custom Wine Racks with Display Shelf Orange County

Cable Wine System Custom Wine Racks with Display Shelf Created by Orange County Master Builders

Create an illusion that your bottles are floating in midair with the Cable Wine System. It makes use of double cable wires for each bottle. You may opt for clamps finished in Chrome or Silver Pearl (similar to the Nickel finish)Depending on your personal preference, you can include an angled display in your custom wine cellar design in Orange County, as well as floating shelves and accent lighting. Your Wine Cable System must be installed by certified installers to prevent damages due to incorrect installation. 

Aside from the label forward display orientation, another advantage of the Cable Wine System is the reduction of vibration. Traffic and movements in your wine cellar will not disturb the sediments in your wines. Keep in mind that vibration can alter the texture and flavor of your wines.  

Install the Wine Racks of Your Choice with Bella Vita Wine Cellars!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars team offers free CAD service on most of our metal and wood racking systems. We do charge for the Cable Wine System drawing. However, we can figure out all the parts you will need without the 3-dimensional images. Just provide us with your room’s dimensions (height and width)It is that simple! 

Explore your design option by viewing our gallery of wine cellars in Orange County installed with beautiful custom wine racks. Call us today at +1 (714) 798-9858!