Glass Wine Cellar in a Modern Home in Corona Del Mar

Jaw-dropping Contemporary Wine Cellars with a Glass Front Are Popular Demand of Wine Lovers in Orange County Nowadays

Explore the latest trend in home design with contemporary wine cellars that have gained popularity in high-end hotels. This article presents modern wine cellar ideas perfect for a chic and minimalist apartment in Corona Del Mar, Orange County.

Be inspired by the sleek brushed metal wine pegs, sophisticated lighting fixtures, and stunning iron-framed glass enclosure. Wine Cellar Specialists and the Bella Vita Wine Cellars team undertook this incredible project.

These innovative wine cellars will surely take your condominiums, residential spaces, and apartments to the next level!

Beautifying Custom Wine Cellars by Fusing Modern and Traditional Approach

When it comes to wine cellars, standing out is vital. Whether you prefer a classic, old-world style or a sleek, futuristic look, our wine cellar experts create the unique approaches you prefer.

Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists

While traditional wine cellars often feature wooden wine racks and contemporary ones typically hold metal ones, achieving a specific wine room aesthetic involves more than selecting the proper racks.

From lighting to flooring to cooling units, every detail counts. This article will explore the design elements to create an apartment’s stunning modern wine closet.

Steel Panel Wine Peg Racking

This wine cellar racking was crafted with precision and practicality at the forefront of the team’s mind. The Aluma steel panel and aluminum pegs were seamlessly integrated to create a functional and impressive display.

The pegs were thoughtfully designed with optimal bottle capacity in mind, using 3-deep pegs to provide ample space. This configuration allows two pegs to accommodate three bottles, arranged horizontally and safeguarded.

Sturdy and Sleek Metal Wine Racks: Ideal Choice for Modern Wine Displays

Sturdy and Sleek Metal Wine Racks: Ideal Choice for Modern Wine Displays

One of the most notable features of this wine cellar racking is its label-forward design. The bottles are tastefully showcased, with their labels prominently displayed, facing outwards.

Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

This thoughtful arrangement ensures that selecting the desired wine is easy and convenient without the hassle of flipping the bottles to view the wine descriptions.

The chosen panel and pegs are resilient and feature an added security measure. Rubber O-rings have been incorporated into the pegs to minimize the risk of bottle slippage and potential accidents.

This precautionary feature provides peace of mind to wine connoisseurs, assuring them that their cherished collection remains safely ensconced within the wine cellar racking system. Overall, this wine cellar racking system is a wise and safe investment for any wine enthusiast.

Beauty and Illumination Exhibited Through Wine Cellar Lighting

Our team was truly equipped with their exceptional wine cellar lighting solution. The team’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect, resulting in an elevated ambiance that truly captivates.

The ribbon LED lights installed with precision behind the Aluma steel panel create a mesmerizing wash effect that highlights the metal pegs and enhances the visual appeal of the wine cellar. The expert craftsmanship is on full display, as the play of light and shadows creates a sophisticated display that is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Contemporary Wine Cellars Installed in Corona Del Mar, Orange County

Contemporary Wine Cellars Installed in Corona Del Mar, Orange County

Moreover, the team has seamlessly integrated recessed lights into the ceiling, ensuring optimal wine selection visibility.

The position of these lights has been calculated with the utmost care, allowing for a browsing experience that is both seamless and effortless.

The lighting solution perfectly blends functionality and aesthetics, making it an actual work of art.

Satin Black Glass Wine Cellar Doors

The integration of glass as a central feature in this contemporary wine cellar offers a dynamic and versatile design.

A dual glass door has been implemented within this wine storage space in the condominium, showcasing the seamless blend of practicality and modern visual appeal. Constructed with an iron frame and coordinating handles, this door perfectly complements the unit’s minimalist style, resulting in a unified and cohesive look.

Cooling Unit for Modern Home Wine Cellars

Consider this innovative concept for your refrigeration system: How about concealing it to maximize the available rack space?

Thermally insulated glass panels have been ingeniously integrated to guarantee peak performance and avert condensation on the doors and within the wine cellar. This advanced feature is a formidable barrier, reducing the likelihood of moisture accumulation and preserving the perfect storage environment for your precious wine collection.

A timely reminder: Remember to pay attention to the fundamental purpose of wine cellars when exploring contemporary wine cellar ideas.

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Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for Custom Wine Cellars

WhisperKOOL Spli-type Cooling System

WhisperKOOL’s Wine Storage Solution for Orange County Homes!

To uphold ideal conditions within the glass wine closet, we’ve introduced a WhisperKOOL split wine refrigeration system. This thoughtfully chosen system delivers precise temperature management, specifically designed to accommodate the confined space available.

Air is delivered through a ceiling-mounted register, a strategic choice that eliminates the need for equipment occupying valuable racking or wall space. Instead, the evaporator is discreetly positioned on the ceiling, with the condenser outdoors.

When you open this wine closet, you’ll experience absolute silence, devoid of any hum or noise from the cooling unit, almost as if it doesn’t exist!

Tips to Achieve These High-Quality Modern Wine Cellars

Top View: A Closer and Detailed Look of This Contemporary Wine Cellar in Corona Del Mar

Top View: A Closer and Detailed Look of This Contemporary Wine Cellar in Corona Del Mar

When creating a contemporary wine cellar, it’s crucial to prioritize durability and stability to ensure your commitment to quality craftsmanship.

If you’re aiming for a similar look and feel, there are some key elements that you need to keep in mind.

First, choose a sleek and minimalistic design that uses glass, metal, and wood with clean lines and smooth finishes. Avoid adding excessive ornamentation or intricate details.

Second, invest in modern wine room racking systems that prioritize functionality and visual appeal.

Look for modular designs that allow for customization and versatility in storing different bottle sizes, such as label-forward displays or peg systems.

Third, have a dependable and efficient wine cooling system to control the ideal temperature and humidity levels for wine storage.

Fourth, adding contemporary lighting solutions and glass elements like doors, walls, or windows can add elegance and transparency to your cellar.

Furthermore, consider integrating modern technology, such as a digital inventory management system or wine cellar app, and implementing appropriate security measures such as a locked door, security cameras, and alarms.

Collaborate with Bella Vita Wine Cellars for your Next Wine Cellar Project in Orange County!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Suppose you’re seeking assistance in consolidating your contemporary wine cellar concepts, transforming them into a well-defined plan, and executing them flawlessly in your own space. In that case, Bella Vita Wine Cellars is here and prepared to assist!

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