Commercial Wine Cellar Built Designed and Installed by Orange County Experts

Commercial Wine Cellar Built Designed and Installed by Orange County Experts

When building commercial custom wine cellars, it is of utmost importance to consider the factors that will affect the visual appeal and functionality of your wine room. At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, our goal is to create a sale-boosting wine display area in your restaurant, bar, hotel, or wine store while making sure that your wines are safe from the harmful effects of environmental elements.  

How a Knowledgeable Builder in Orange County Constructs Functional Commercial Custom Wine Cellars That Can Drive More Sales 

A poorly installed wine storage room in your commercial establishment will result in a waste of investment instead of driving more sales to your business. To prevent this from happening, you must hire an expert in wine cellar design and installation. 

As one of the top-notch commercial wine cellar installers in Orange County, our team builds climate-controlled wine rooms with the correct insulation, wine racks, refrigeration system, and door.  

Why is it Necessary to Keep Your Wines in an Ideal Environment? 

Wine Racks Installed in a Climate-Controlled Commercial Wine Cellar

Metal Wine Racks Installed in a Climate-Controlled Commercial Wine Cellar

The quality of the products you sell plays a significant role in generating sales for your business. It is the main reason why a refrigerated commercial wine cellar is needed to improve profit. Keeping your wines in the optimum conditions will prevent your wines from spoilage.  

Always make sure that there is no “bad” wine in your retail store or dining establishment, or else, you will not be able to build a good reputation for your customers. It can affect lead generation. 

Keep in mind that building commercial wine cellars requires the help of trained and experienced designers and installers. At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we want to help restaurateurs and hoteliers increase their wine sales.

To achieve this, we will make a thorough assessment of your needs and requirements. Then, we will create a plan and submit the 3-dimensional design for your approval. Once approved, we will start with the construction of your commercial wine cellar. 

Insulating and Installing a Vapor Barrier in Your Commercial Wine Cellar Will Create the Optimum Conditions Needed by Wine to Age Gracefully 

One of the steps in preparing your wine room for construction is by insulating the walls and ceiling. Why is it so important? Correct room insulation of refrigerated commercial wine cellars will prevent temperature and humidity fluctuations. 

Wine Cellar Insulation

Wine Cellar Insulation is a Crucial Element in Wine Room Construction

There are different types of insulation. At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we use and recommend closed-cell spray foam insulation because of its proven reliability and efficiency. It has higher insulating properties that will protect your commercial wine cellar from condensation. Moreover, closed-cell spray foam insulation will save you money because it acts as both an insulator and a vapor barrier.