Wine enthusiasts who want to age and preserve their wine collection should consider a custom wine cellar. A well-designed cellar creates an ideal environment to protect and showcase your wines by shielding them from heat, light, and humidity. However, creating a personalized wine cellar requires careful planning and expertise, thus making expert wine cellar designers in demand in the industry.

Wine Cellar Designs: Projects with Timeless Craftmanship

If you are looking for a wine cellar that meets your needs and preferences, our experts at Bella Vita Wine Cellars can help you out! We understand the importance of temperature control, humidity regulation, and proper insulation to ensure optimal wine storage conditions.

With our guidance, you can have a custom wine cellar that protects and displays your wine collection and becomes a captivating space to appreciate and enjoy your wines.

You can access our main gallery to see some of our exceptional residential and commercial wine cellar projects across California.

Please look at our stunning wine cellars by clicking on the images below. If you find a style you like, let us know the image number and project title through our contact form. We will be delighted to create a wine cellar design that complements your preferences!

1. Dazzling Modern Glass Wine Cellar – A Wine Cellar Project in Irvine, Orange County

Impress yourself with this giant modern glass wine cellar built in a modern home in Irvine. We built the residential wine room in between the dining area and the kitchen. With expertise and creativity, our wine cellar experts came up with a custom wine cellar design intended for storing 616 bottles. Read more about this!

2. Sleek Contemporary Wine Cellars – A Wine Cellar Project in Corona Del Mar, Orange County

This article will explore the design elements to create an apartment’s stunning modern glass wine display. We designed sleek brushed metal wine pegs, sophisticated lighting fixtures, and a stunning iron-framed glass enclosure. To delve deeper into the details of this contemporary wine cellar, click here!

3. Marvelous Modern Wine Rooms – A Wine Cellar Project in Rossmoor, Orange County

Fusing both metal and wooden racking elements, we’ve conceptualized a stunning residential wine cellar project that perfectly reflects the client’s style and preference. See full content about this residential modern wine cellar by clicking here!

4. Gorgeous Glass Wine Wall – A Wine Cellar Project in Yorba Linda, Orange County:

Let’s take a quick tour of this lovely home and be impressed with the beauty of this home wine cellar in a glass display with an impressive mini cocktail bar at the back. Click here to read the full story about this glass wine wall!

5. Stylish Small Wine Cellar – A Wine Cellar Project in Newport Beach Orange County:

Our expert designers opted for a modern yet minimalist wine cellar design, blending seamlessly with the hallway’s simplistic look. A glass wine cellar door, metal peg wine racking system, and modern LED lighting completed the desired style. Continue reading this story about small wine cellars!


6. Rustic Wine Cellar Design – A Wine Cellar Project in Orange County:

Our wine cellar team designed and built a home wine cellar using wooden wine racks, LED lighting panels, and a wooden Barolo door.  Read along about this rustic wine cellar design project!

7. Amazing Wine Cellar Lighting – A Wine Cellar Project

This wine closet’s modern wine cellar lighting combines alabaster panels and LED lighting.  Learn more about the essence of having modern wine cellar lighting for your custom wine cellar!


8. Incredible Wooden Wine Racks – Custom Wooden Wine Racks in Orange County:

For this project, our team worked in a home built in a vintage, Tuscan style. The old European vibe of this home is very apparent with all the terracotta tiles, natural stone-washed walls, rectangular windows, and other traditional design elements. Take a look at these custom wooden wine racks designed by our experts!


As experts in the wine cellar construction industry for over two decades, Bella Vita Wine Cellars is dedicated to crafting exceptional wine storage projects across Orange County, California, that stand the test of time.

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Our knowledge extends to designing wine cellars that seamlessly blend with traditional and modern elements, whether for residential or commercial purposes. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and innovative approaches. We design custom wine cellars and custom wine racks and repair your valuable wine cellar components at your convenience.

If this set of galleries of our exceptional wine cellar designs caught your vibe and interest, you can also fulfill your dream wine cellar with us by contacting the Bella Vita Wine Cellars team.

If you reside near Corona Del Mar, Yorba Linda, Rossmoor, San Juan Capistrano, Surfside, Dana Point, San Clemente, Costa Mesa, or a nearby city in Orange County, our team can help you achieve a showpiece of the wine cellar for your home or business!

Request a custom 3D wine cellar design or call us at +1 (714) 798-9858 and let’s achieve your plan!