Bella Vita Wine Cellars is a solutions-based wine cellar expert with years of invaluable experience designing and building residential wine rooms from top to bottom. We handle everything from planning the insulation to selecting the right lighting ambiance, installing a good air conditioning system, and fabricating excellent metal and wooden wine racks in Orange County, California. Check out this contemporary wine cellar we recently built with our Coastal Custom Wine Cellars partners. Our experts did a splendid job incorporating the home’s style into the wine cellar, and you’ll surely reap amazing ideas even from this simple, traditional-looking space.   

Effective Space-Saving Ideas for Building Wooden Wine Racks!

Creating a New Wine Cellar with that Tuscan-Orange County Flair 

Whether you’re building a new wine cellar or renovating an old one, planning for it takes more than knowing where to place the cooling system or measuring how many shelves could fit the room. You’d want to think about how the cellar will look as it coexists with other design elements inside your home, no matter how simple you like the design to be.    

Our neutral-themed Orange County California wine cellar came to life with full wooden wine cellars that looked striking and captivating.

For this project, the team worked in a home built in a vintage, Tuscan style. The old European vibe of this home is very apparent with all the terracotta tiles, natural stone-washed walls, rectangular windows, and other traditional design elements. Inside the house, the owner modified the style a little bit, giving it some modern touches here and there, such as glass windows, vinyl floors, and minimalist, off-white interior walls.  It gives out traditional home wine cellar approach with a touch of sophistication and modern ideas.

Their team made sure to weave traditional and modern styles into the wine cellar so it looks absolutely part of the home.   At first glance, it feels like you’re in the countryside with all the dominant hues of brown and wooden textures.   

Your Wooden Wine Racks in Orange County, California Can Be Designed to Have Everything You Need 

As you step into the Orange County, California cellar, one of the first things you’ll notice is the wooden wine racks. These types of racks are what define traditional wine cellar styles. The Coastal team customized all the wooden wine racks inside this cellar so the owner could have everything he needs and wants for the storage, showcasing, and protection of his most cherished wine collection.    

Our designers are here to help you conceptualize your unique wine racks, so every space is guaranteed to be useful and valuable.  

Showcase Your Precious Wine Bottles in Various Ways  

Every wine collection is one-of-a-kind. Some wine collectors prefer specific types of wines, while others enjoy collecting wines and other liquors that randomly spark their interest. If you’re passionate about exploring different kinds of wines from everywhere, bring them home, and add them to your collection as a keepsake, then you’ll need a wine rack that is ready to hold different types of bottles — an advantage of getting your Orange County, California wooden wine racking system customized.    

Our Orange County Fl wooden wine racks are always designed to be an eye-catcher inside Orange County Fl homes.

In this project, you can see that the entire rack allows the bottles to be displayed either horizontally (cork forward and label forward) or vertically, a functional design feature that makes it convenient for the owners to recognize every wine while looking stylishly neat.   

The team opted to install cubbies, and diamond bins at the bottom, followed by high reveal shelves on the center, 3 ¾ cubicles for standard 750s, and horizontal shelves for magnums on the uppermost deck. They also placed horizontal shelves on the corners near the glass enclosure where the owner could display his favorite wines a lot closer to the viewers outside.   

A Wine Cellar That’s Not Only for the Bottles 

When we say “everything you need in a wine cellar,” we also mean spaces that aren’t only intended for bottle storage. The team added a custom arch on the center of one rack and a custom stemware storage area on another, with counters where the owners could decant their drinks and prep the bottles for storage. You can also find drawers with sub-closing hinges and cabinets at the bottom to keep other tools and materials. This is the beauty of customizing wooden wine racks — the possibilities are just endless!  

Bring Out the Best in Your Orange County, California  Wooden Wine Racks with A Slick Finish 

Wooden wine racks are made from various types of hardwood — alder, oak, cedar, mahogany, and more. For this home, we chose white oak, which is quite famous for outdoor furniture because of its moisture and decay-resistant properties. Like other wooden furniture, we typically polish our wine shelves with stained lacquer. However, to preserve the elegant look of white oak, we applied wax instead, which the owners loved because they didn’t want the smell of lacquer.    

Be Completely Enthralled with Your Collection Through Specialized Glass Wine Cellar Doors 

Do you want to check up on your collection without the need to open the door constantly? Your guests will surely love a glass door that gives them that full, majestic view of your wine cellar.   

Even with the steel frame, you can see the entirety of this Orange County home’s wooden wine racking without opening the single-entry door.

Wine cellar glass doors aren’t only for modern aesthetics, but they’re specially designed for lesser heat conduction. When the Orange County heat rises, you want your cellar to remain cool without overworking your cooling system, and using thermally-paned glass will ensure this.   

The double-paned glass panels used in this single-door wine cellar are tempered and installed with a stainless-steel frame that finally seals the entire cellar. 

Perfecting that Classic Look by Installing Charming Wine Cellar Lights 

Last but not least, choosing the right lighting system and arrangement for your wine cellar is essential. Since the racks here were custom-built, the team also invested in a customized lighting system that brought out the dramatic nature of this wine cellar. They ran LED ribbon lights on the center of the racks to enhance the visibility of the bottles within the reveal racks and puk lights on the ceiling and other areas for safety and convenience.   

Compare the photos with the lights off versus pictures with the lights on, and you’ll see how metamorphic wine cellar lights can be even when they’re only a few! 

We retrofitted some parts of our Orange County Fl wooden wine racks with LED channel lights to create that dramatic appeal.

Discover More Ways to Design Your Orange County, California Wine Cellar Racks with Our Design Pros! 

Make your wine cellar more magical with cleverly-styled wooden wine racks in Orange County. California. Tell us what you think about this contemporary wine cellar, and let’s see how we can create something more unique in your home or business! The Bella Vita Wine Cellars is always delighted to work with homeowners, and you can count on us to transform your space into a breathtaking wine storage room.   

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