Interior or Exterior Walls

The StoneCoat process creates truly realistic stone wall finishes, ideal for both inside and outside walls. Residential homeowners find that updating their homes with a real stone finish adds a special and unique visual appeal. The solution is an innovative method for applying “Blown Stone” to any wall or ceiling.  The product can also be carved to create a desired look and feel.  The result is a realistic stone wall finish.

Colors and Textures are Highly Customizable

Whether you have a contemporary style in mind or want to go for something with a traditional rubble stone finish. The StoneCoat solution makes it easy to add this to your wine cellar with a minimum of fuss.  StoneCoat is a revolutionary process, it applies a durable stone veneer that is eco-friendly, lightweight, and a perfect alternative for expensive yet faux or stone block walls. Blown Stone, as we like to call it, is a creative long-term solution to re-facing the exterior or interior of a home or other structure with a natural stone finish.