Elegant Restaurant Wine Cellars with Glass Wine Cellar Door

This 13-foot-high commercial wine cellar in Orange County is accessible and has a vast collection of wines that customers can enjoy.

If you want to elevate your restaurant’s ambiance by installing gorgeous commercial wine cellars, Bella Vita Wine Cellars can help.

Our experts specialize in designing and building captivating commercial wine cellars that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

With our expertise, you can boost your wine sales, enhance your restaurant’s appeal, and create an unforgettable customer experience.

Recently, we collaborated with Wine Cellar Specialists to design and install one of our commercial custom wine cellars for a restaurant.

The owner was delighted with the modern custom wine racks built at the back of their establishment, and we’re confident we can deliver the same results for you.

Choose us to unlock your wine collection’s full potential and leave a lasting impression on your customers!

What Makes Our Commercial Wine Cellars Exceptional

The trend of installing commercial wine cellars in restaurants is increasing rapidly. Bella Vita Wine Cellars are known for enhancing the appearance of restaurants and boosting wine sales by creating a warm and welcoming environment for customers. However, with several service providers claiming to be the best, conducting thorough research is essential in choosing the right contractor for your project.

Modern Wine Racks for a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar

Modern Wine Racks for a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar

At Bella Vita Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar Specialists, we have years of experience in the construction industry and pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. We recently completed a project for a stylish Orange County, California restaurant where we installed a glass wine cellar with an exclusive ambiance like a hidden speakeasy.

This 13-foot-high wine cellar is accessible through a kitchen office and houses a vast collection of wines that customers can enjoy. Since its installation, the wine cellar has become incredibly popular, with bookings three out of four nights a week.

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars and Modern Wine Racks that Captivate Your Customers

To fulfill the client’s modern and functional requirements, we opted for VintageView Evolution Series metal wine racks that prioritize the visibility of wine labels and boast a sleek design. These racks feature acrylic support panels and steel wine rods that keep the wine bottles securely in place while creating a minimalist look that complements the wine cellar’s aesthetics.

The client also needed a storage system to accommodate various bottle sizes, including regular 750 ml bottles, large format bottles like Cabernet and Pinot, and even 3-liter bottles. With the multiple shelves, customers can quickly identify their preferred wines with the bottle labels facing outward.

Additionally, we added case storage bins at the bottom section to provide space for wooden cases. As expected, the VintageView metal wine racks are a top choice for high-end custom restaurant wine cellars.

Sleek Glass Wine Cellar Door Features

Glass doors are an excellent choice for modern restaurant wine cellars, offering a stylish and sophisticated look that allows patrons to admire the wine collection. In this project, our team installed four sleek, metal-framed glass doors to make accessing the wines effortless.

We also took great care to maintain optimal conditions inside the wine cellar by using dual-paned, thermally insulated glass panels that prevent heat transfer and condensation. These high-quality doors were sourced from a reputable Solar company to ensure the best results.

The Perfect  Wine Cellar Cooling Units for this Commercial Wine Cellar

To maintain the high quality of wines stored in your custom restaurant wine cellar, it’s crucial to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity levels. This is why having a reliable wine cooling system is essential. At Bella Vita Wine Cellars, we use fully ducted Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems that are appropriately sized to remove the required heat based on factors like the wine room’s size, location, and amount of glass. This ensures optimal performance and flexibility during installation.

Commercial Wine Cellars Built in Orange County

Our HVAC experts positioned the supply and return vents of this wine cellar cooling unit at the top corners of the wine room. LED lights also help illuminate the beauty of this wine display

Installing the ductwork for the wine cellar cooling unit can be challenging, especially if there is limited space between the building’s ceiling and the wine cellar’s ceiling. In such cases, we position the supply and return vents at the top corners of the wine room. The intake vent draws air from the restaurant while the heat is expelled through the roof, with any excess heat released into the ceiling.

Our wine cooling system operates quietly, even with open doors, and requires less maintenance than split systems. However, we still recommend annual check-ups to ensure it’s in good condition and can create the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for wine storage.

During the check-up, our HVAC technicians inspect the ducting for leaks or issues to identify and resolve problems early on, safeguarding the quality of the wines stored in the refrigerated wine cellars.

Let Our Bella Vita Experts Help You Build Gorgeous Commercial Wine Cellars in Orange County!

We aim to create a commercial Bella Vita Wine Cellars that exudes luxury and elegance while preserving and showcasing the finest selection of wines. Trust our experts at Bella Vita Wine Cellars! Our wine cellar designers and professionals can craft a cellar to impress wine enthusiasts and boost wine sales.

Our wine cellar designers and experts are always ready to help! Whether you’re in Costa Mesa, Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach, Yorba Linda, Rossmoor, Irvine, Surfside, or anywhere near Orange County, you can trust that Bella Vita Wine Cellars will help you achieve your dream wine cellar at your convenience!

Check out our work in a fine restaurant in Orange County, California, and let us help you get started today. Contact us at +1 (714) 798-9858 to talk to one of our experts!