Maintaining Refrigerated Wine Cellars Using Wine Cellar Refrigeration

  • Ducted Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units
HS Series - Ducted Wine Cellar Air Conditioning Unit

HS Series – Ducted Wine Cellar Air Conditioning Unit

Another alternative is a ducted climate control system, that makes use of ducting kits to introduce cold air into and exhaust warm air away from a wine cellar.  One of the benefits of this cooling unit is the complete absence of physical equipment in the room, contributing to the aesthetic quality of the wine cellar.  It also allows the wine collector to maximize storage space.

Maintenance for Wine Cellar Air Conditioning or Refrigeration Units

Much like any other equipment, cooling systems in refrigerated wine cellars will most likely break or wear out over time.  It is important for wine collectors to check on their cooling equipment on a regular basis to ensure that it is in excellent working condition.  One does not need to be an HVAC expert to determine if there is something wrong with their refrigeration unit.

Some telltale signs that can indicate it’s time to replace a wine cellar air conditioning system are a broken door gasket and unusual noises.  A broken door gasket can provide an erroneous temperature measurement, which can lead to premature aging of wines.  Every distinct and unusual sound given off by wine cooling equipment can point to a certain problem.

For instance, a hissing sound can indicate leakage of refrigerant, while a high pitched noise can signify a worn out fan belt.  Conducting regular check-ups of a wine cellar cooling system is one way to make sure that it is functioning accordingly, and thus maintaining the ideal climate conditions for aging wines.

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