Ideal Wine Storage Solution Essentials: A Wine Cellar and a Cooling Unit

California Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar built in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA

Included in the design of this modern wine cellar was a reveal row, where the wine bottles are placed at an angle, so that the guests can view the labels without the need to tilt the bottles upright. LED lights were installed above the display rows, so that the wine bottle labels could be highlighted. LED lights were also used inside the top of the Arch, so the wine tasting table could be highlighted too.

Another beautiful feature in this residential custom wine cellar was the seamless fixed glass wall and entry wine cellar door. You can see and enjoy the beauty of the wine storage room and the wine collection without the need to open the wine cellar too often.

This beautiful modern home custom wine cellar was built in 3 months. The clients were well-pleased with the overall outcome of the wine cellar project.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems Installed

The design consultants of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars understand the storage needs of wines, and that is why they don’t settle for a good design. They make sure that their custom wine cellars are capable of providing wines the ideal conditions for storage and aging. Consequently, they partner up with qualified wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers so that this goal can be achieved.

For this wine cellar project in Santa Ana, California, Coastal paired with US Cellar Systems and had a ductless split type wine cellar cooling unit installed. The refrigeration unit was concealed, so that the mechanical component of the cooling system would not be seen. The system’s evaporator coil was placed in the soffit in the ceiling and covered by a louvered grill, which was also made from Malaysian Mahogany, to complement the overall design of the wine cellar.

Have a Professional design Your Dream Custom Wine Cellar

Your wine collection deserves the best. Its storage place should not only keep it safe and allow it to age properly, but also be beautifully designed so that you can flaunt it to your guests. Have your dream residential custom wine cellar designed by the best – Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has a reputation for designing and constructing effective wine storage solutions in Orange County, California. They can create a design that suits your personal style, and fits your budget. They offer wine design consultations for free, too! For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and their products and services, call them now at +1 (888) 735-8889.

 Santa Ana, Orange County, Residential Custom Wine Cellar

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