Wine Storage – Go for Modern Wine Racks with Label Ladder Wine Racks

Proper wine storage is never complete without the presence of wine racking systems that promote the ideal bottle placement and presentation of wine bottles during storage.  Modern wine racks in wood and metal come in different styles and bottle capacities, that can be customized to accommodate a range of storage needs and aesthetic choices of clients.

Label Ladder Wine Racks

Label Ladder Wine Racks

For wine collectors who want to maximize wine storage capacity without sacrificing style, Wine Cellar SPecialist’s Label Ladder wine racks are the best wine storage option.  This modern racking system is constructed from metal components that are built to last.  Label Ladder wine racking solutions provide a floor to ceiling steel frame that can be configured to single, double, or triple-bottle depths.

As with all metal wine racks, Label Ladder creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance, befitting contemporary themed wine cellars.  Metal based wine racks offer infinite design possibilities that allow for optimal use of storage space.  They are the ideal storage option for wine geeks who have limited room for expanding their collection.

Label Ladder wine racks provide flexibility in installation options, because they are affixed to the floor and ceiling using high quality steel support beams.  This set up allows the Label Ladder to be versatile in terms of its location.  The position of this racking solution is not confined within a specific wall space, as it can be positioned in front of glass walls or in the middle of the room.

Each of the stainless steel support beams that hold up the Label Ladder wine racking solution consist of precision cut wooden blocks that can be made out of the best wood material, such as maple, walnut, zebrawood, padouk, silver oak, wenge, and ebony.  The steel rods are placed between the blocks of wood.

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