Custom Wine Cellars: 3 Basic Types

Although there are various approaches to storing wine, custom wine cellars in Orange County, California are the most ideal. There are 3 basic types of wine cellars, and they are:

1. Above Ground Wine Cellars

Among the different type of wine cellars, above ground cellars are the most difficult to construct. This type of residential wine cellar requires a lot of insulation. The walls of above ground wine storage rooms should have insulation with a rating of at least R-13, while their floors and ceilings should have insulation of at least R-19. Moreover, the wine cellar walls should have a vapor barrier, so that the necessary moisture in the storage room is kept inside.

A good wine cellar door should also be installed. Some cellar owners use a wooden door, but this alone is very poor insulation. Wooden wine cellar doors may be used, but R-30 insulation should be tacked at the back of door.

Any kind of wine racks in California may be used for above ground wine cellars, as long as they keep the wine bottles in a position wherein the corks are in constant contact with the wine. Wine corks shrink when they are not kept moist, and when they do so, air might get inside the bottle and ruin the wine.

Ideally, above ground home wine cellars in California need to be built in a shady area, in order to assist in cooling. The wine cellar cooling unit for these kinds of wine storage rooms should be able to keep the temperature between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity at an average of 75%.

2. Underground Wine Cellars

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