Ideal Wine Storage Solution Essentials: A Wine Cellar and a Cooling Unit

To create an ideal wine storage solution, you need to have a good wine cellar, paired with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and US Cellar Systems combine forces to create an effective wine storage solution in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.

The Ideal Partnership: Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and US Cellar Systems

In order to build an effective wine storage solution, you need to have a well-built custom wine cellar with an efficient wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. For your custom wine cellar, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is the company to trust, and for the wine cellar refrigeration unit, US Cellar Systems is the place to turn to.

US Cellar Systems and Coastal

US Cellar Systems + Coastal Custom Wine Cellar = Ideal Wine Storage Solution

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Wine Cellar Designer and Builder in California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most reliable wine cellar designers and builders in Orange County, California. They are known for their beautiful, durable and functional residential and commercial custom wine cellars. Coastal offers their clients consultations and creates 3D drawings of their personalized wine cellar designs.

US Cellar Systems – Manufacturer of Quality Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems in California

US Cellar Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of wine cellar cooling systems in California. Their services include installation and maintenance of these wine cellar cooling units. They have an array of cooling unit options to choose from, so that you can choose the unit that can meet your wine cellar’s storage requirements.

Coastal and US Cellars Build a Wine Storage Solution in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA

Coastal and US Cellars have become partners many times in creating effective wine storage solutions in the United States. One of their most successful projects was a home custom wine cellar built in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. The wine cellar was part of a large renovation project, and so the wine cellar designers worked closely with the client’s interior designer. The client wanted the old school wet bar area in the house to be converted into a beautiful custom wine cellar. As part of their standard procedure, Coastal met and discussed with the client their desired wine cellar design, and provided them with a 3D sketch of the design for them to review. Once the final design was approved by the client, the construction of the residential custom wine cellar began.

Basically, the construction was initiated by gutting the area down to the studs and taking up the flooring in preparation for the tile floor that was going to be installed. Once these were finished, a completely raw canvass was made ready for them to work with, and then the construction of the actual wine cellar room started.

Unique Design of the Residential Wine Cellar in Santa Ana

The 585-capacity home wine cellar in Santa Ana, California had a unique modern design. The design allows the client to have 50 bottles displayed in a label forward, horizontal format. These display bottles are located on the sides of the elegant Lattice-designed Arch, which is centered on the room’s back wall. The home wine cellar design also included a crescent-shaped tabletop, with a diamond bin for bulk storage, and large-format wine bottles centered below it. The crescent-shaped tabletop was made from Malaysian Mahogany, which is the same wood that the racking was made from. The tabletop, just like the wine racks, had a rustic stain applied and finished with a clear lacquer top coat, to give it a glossy patina.

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