Baltimore Maryland Residential Wine Room Project by Coastal Custom Wine Cellar

Building a custom wine room is all about controlling temperature and humidity levels and creating a dedicated space for storing and aging wines for a prolonged period of time.  A wine room that is designed and built properly should consistently maintain the ideal climate conditions for optimum wine storage, and efficiently organize and manage wine collections.

The Creative Minds behind this Residential Wine Room Project

This recently completed Baltimore Maryland residential wine room project shows how bringing together the right components can create a stunning wine cellar space that not only maximizes total bottle capacity, but also provides optimum environmental conditions for wine storage.  The Baltimore project is a collaborative effort between Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Lou Hogan of Vintage Cellars of Maryland.

About Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars provides their clients with a free 3-dimensional design package that includes different views and elevations of the proposed wine cellar design.  A 3D illustration shows in detail how every component ties together, and allows the client to make design modifications before green lighting the project.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a full service designer, builder and installer of custom wine cellars.  The company also supplies all components of residential and commercial wine rooms, such as climate control systems, wine racking systems, flooring products, and wine cellar entry doors.

Who is Lou Hogan?

Lou Hogan

Lou Hogan

Lou Hogan is a carpenter and a wine aficionado who created a one of a kind business that entices customers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and even Virginia.

In 2007, Lou Hogan IV started Vintage Cellars of Maryland, Incorporated.  Vintage Cellars aims to deliver the finest carpentry services to wine lovers who plan to have a wine storage facility of their own.  The company also offers just about any home improvement services.

Lou has a showroom located at the Sykesville restaurant in Baldwin Station, where he displays his creations.  His projects are mostly residential, and his clients are generally wine aficionados, just like him.  On average, Lou creates two wine closets and one wine cellar in a month.

According to Hogan, the first thing to consider in creating a wine cellar is the number of wine bottles to store.  This will determine the size and design of the wine cellar.  For him, building a wine cellar is like putting up a refrigerator inside the house.

Lou Hogan’s passion for carpentry contributes to the success of Vintage Cellars of Maryland.  He is the only one in Maryland who does this job full-time.

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