Effective Wine Storage Solutions for Your Wine Collection

If you have a basement in your home, you can opt to have a custom wine cellar built there. Since it is below the ground, you can be assured that the floor is firm and stable, which is a required characteristic for wine cellar flooring. Additionally, since it is below the ground, it is not affected by the changes in temperature that happen above ground. You can customize your basement wine cellar to any size, and have an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed to make sure that the temperature and humidity are constantly kept in the ideal ranges.

Examples of Wine Cellars

Examples of Wine Cellars

4. Underground Home Wine Cellar

Underground home wine cellars are a wine storage solution that is not very common in California. Underground wine cellars are best in cold regions, because the temperature inside the cellar remains constant, even without a wine cellar refrigeration system. If you do have an underground cellar constructed in California, make sure you have a quality wine cellar cooling unit installed. For underground residential custom wine cellars to be effective, you also need to make sure that the wine cellar flooring is moisture-resistant, and the cellar walls are properly insulated.

5. Spiral Custom Wine Cellars

Spiral custom wine cellars are a unique choice for wine storage. They basically look like a tight spiral staircase, where the wine racks are built into the spaces in between the steps. This type of wine cellar is set up by having a pre-cast cylindrical structure placed into a space in the ground. This space may be a manually dug hole, or any available space that is below the ground. Spiral custom wine cellars may be placed anywhere in your home. Spiral wine cellars are a good option for those who have limited space in their homes. Spiral home custom wine cellars are an affordable type of wine storage solution.

6. Off-Site Wine Storage Solution

Although having a wine storage space in your own home is ideal, some people have their wines stored at a different location. There are wine collectors in California who choose to have their wines stored at an off-site wine storage space. They simply contract with an off-site wine storage service provider, and they need not worry about how the wines are stored. These service providers make sure that all wines entrusted to them are stored properly, and they also keep an inventory and offer a report to the owners. Most of these service providers deliver your wines to you when you need them.

Wine Cellar Designers in California

Custom wine cellars are, in fact, the best option you have for wine storage. Custom wine cellars can accommodate both small and large wine collections, and can be designed to suit your preference. Wine cellars are practical and cost-effective. If they are beautifully designed, they can be flaunted to guests when you have wine tastings and wine parties.

To make sure that your residential custom wine cellar is durable, effective, and beautifully designed, have it constructed by Coastal. Wine cellars by Coastal are a few of the best wine storage solutions in Orange County, California. For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, call them at +1 (888) 735-8889.

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