Why do you Need a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Service Plan?

This video explains why homeowners should hire a wine cellar cooling expert to perform a regular maintenance checkup on their wine storage refrigeration system. 

The Importance of a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Maintenance Plan

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Construct an Effective Commercial Wine Cellar with a Quality Cooling Unit Installed

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Commercial wine cellar built by a storage expert.

Only a wine storage expert builder can create an effective wine cellar. Some owners of wine businesses hire inexperienced contractors to construct their commercial wine cellar, in order to cut costs. Builders who have no knowledge of the requirements of a functional cellar can cause more problems, which may be very expensive to repair. A good contractor knows the difference between a commercial cooling unit and the average heating and air conditioning system. Whether you own a wine business or a cellar builder, you should know the essentials of constructing a quality commercial wine storage structure.

How to Build an Effective Commercial Wine Cellar

An ideal commercial wine cellar is a structure that can provide wines with a temperature of approximately 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity around 60% to 70%. Ideally, there should be minimal to no fluctuations in these levels. To construct this kind of storage system, you need an expert wine storage builder.

A professional wine cellar builder is proficient with the complex requirements of building a quality commercial wine storage system. Only a skilled and well-experienced wine storage specialist can construct a room that can effectively preserve wines.

When planning for a commercial wine cellar construction project, the following variables need to be considered:

1. Determine the Capacity of the Commercial Storage for Wines

One of the first things planned when building a commercial cellar is its size. The dimensions of the wine cellar will largely depend on the number of bottles that will be stored in it.

If you are a commercial wine storage owner, it is important that you keep a generous amount of wine bottles in your stock, so that your customers can have more options to choose from. A spacious cellar is necessary, so that you won’t have to restock every time a customer purchases a certain bottle of wine.

If you are a cellar builder, help your clients decide on the appropriate size of their storage room by guiding them on the amount of wine bottles they should stock for their business.

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The size of a commercial wine cellar depends on how many bottles will be stored in it.

2. Expandable Wine Racking

Wine store owners should anticipate the growth of their business and the increase in demand from their customers. It would be smart to have an expandable storage space to accommodate more bottles as the need for more wines rises. Wine business proprietors should purchase modular wine racks. This type of racking systems allows cellar owners to stack additional racks to previous ones, in order to enlarge their storage space.

Builders of commercial wine storages should include modular racks in their racking options, so that their clients can choose to stock only a few bottles at the beginning. Then, when they need to store more bottles, they can opt to expand their cellar’s storage capacity.

3. Setup Electrical Wiring and Backup Power

Electrical wiring has to be setup in a cellar to provide power for the cooling unit and the lighting fixtures. A reliable backup power system also has to be in place, because wine can easily spoil if the temperature and humidity in the cellar significantly drops or rises out of the ideal range.

Commercial wine cellar owners need to hire an electrician to setup the wiring and backup power, because only a professional can safely execute the procedure. Cellar contractors should have a skilled electrician included in their team of builders, so that they can provide their clients with complete services.

How to Fix a Freon Leaking Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

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Looking for a wine cellar cooling specialist? M&M Cellar Systems has a team of licensed HVAC professionals that can offer quality installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services for all kinds of wine cellar cooling equipment. Visit their website today!

Besides a properly built residential storage room, your wine collection also needs a cooling unit that is consistently providing the cellar with the right temperature and humidity for aging wines. There are many times when a problem with a refrigeration unit is not overt, and you won’t know what’s wrong until the whole system stops functioning. A leak, like the one in a recent case in Irvine, Orange County, is an example of a concealed problem. Regular unit maintenance is necessary to identify issues like this and solve them promptly.

Leaking HS 4600 Cooling Unit in Irvine, Orange County Repaired by M&M Cellar Systems

A wine cellar owner in Irvine, Orange County needed the help of a licensed HVAC technician. The client noticed that their wine cellar’s cooling unit was leaking Freon, and so they called M&M Cellar Systems for help.

The client’s cooling unit was an HS 4600 model manufactured by one of M&M Cellar’s dealers, US Cellar System. The HS Series of refrigeration systems are top quality cooling units, and are tested to function best in small wine cellars. Although the unit is robust and reliable, it will not continue to do so if it is leaking Freon. The client was fortunate to have discovered the leak early, and sought for help promptly. Ideally, wine storage owners should have an HVAC specialist perform regular maintenance checkups on their cooling unit, so that concealed problems such as refrigerant leaks are immediately identified and repaired.

A team of wine storage climate experts from M&M Cellar Systems went to the client’s residence to investigate the problem, and they found that the leak was located inside the refrigeration system.

Watch a YouTube video about this wine storage cooling unit repair project. Click below:

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Irvine Orange County Service Call – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part One

An Optimally Functioning Cooling Unit is a Vital Element in Creating an Effective Storage Structure for Wines

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The Irvine wine storage refrigeration system was repaired by a team of HVAC professionals from M&M Cellar Systems. The cooling experts determined the leak’s location and sealed the hole effectively. For more information about M&M Cellar Systems, find them on Facebook! Click here!

Wine experts know how important it is to keep wines in the right climate conditions, so that they are safe from spoiling. A good wine collector will not only have a functional wine cellar built, but also make sure that an effective refrigeration unit is installed. A well-built cellar and a quality cooling unit are two of the basic elements of an effective wine storage system.

The Ideal Climate Conditions that Wines Need

Wine is a beverage that needs to be stored in the right conditions before it is enjoyed. Ideally, wines should be kept in cellar that is cooled to a temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit with minimal to no fluctuations. Gradual, occasional fluctuations are not dangerous. What causes problems are rapid, constant fluctuations because these cause premature aging of wine.

Humidity is also an important factor in wine storage. The humidity inside a home wine cellar should be at approximately 70%. If the room becomes too humid, mold and mildew might form, which can contaminate your wines. On the other hand, if your wine cellar is too dry, corks can dry out and shrink, which can cause air to enter the bottles and ruin the flavor of your wines.

How to Replace Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit’s Freon

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Wine cellar refrigeration equipment needs to have an adequate amount of Freon for it to function properly. Losing Freon through a leak can cause the cooling unit to stop functioning. Freon Replacement should be done by a certified HVAC technician only. M&M Cellar Systems has HVAC professionals that can efficiently perform the replacement of your cellar cooling unit’s refrigerant.

A home wine cellar owner in Irvine, Orange County recently called M&M Cellar Systems to ask for help regarding a leak in their wine storage cooling equipment. A team of HVAC technicians were sent to assess the problem, and they found that the refrigeration system had a leak and was already low in Freon. The team fixed the problem by sealing the leak and replacing the lost refrigerant. This project is a good example why homeowners should only work with licensed wine cellar refrigeration technicians like M&M Cellar Systems. 

Service Call to Fix a Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit in Irvine

An owner of a home custom wine cellar in Irvine, Orange County recently called M&M Cellar Systems because they needed help with their cellar’s climate control system. There was a leak in the cooling equipment and the problem could worsen if not dealt with promptly.

HVAC Technicians Identified Leak Location and Sealed It

The team of HVAC experts went to the client’s residence to inspect the condition of the wine cellar. They found that it was leaking of Freon and had to be repaired immediately. Before the repair could begin, they first had to find the leak’s location.

The team injected a UV detectable dye into the cooling unit and allowed it to circulate through the system for a month. The leak was found inside the equipment. The team had to disassemble the unit to gain access to the problem and fix it accordingly. The HVAC technicians applied a stop leak to seal the refrigerant leak.

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Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles – Service Call Refrigerant Leak – Part Four

Replacing the Cooling Unit’s Refrigerant

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A licensed HVAC expert from M&M Cellar Systems repairs this Irvine, Orange County wine cellar cooling system. The unit is leaking of Freon, and the technicians applied one whole can of stop leak to fix it. The technician returns after a month to check the effectiveness of the stop leak.

The most cost-efficient way of repairing problems like this leaking cooling unit is by draining out its Freon and reusing it after the leak has been sealed.

Before the leak was sealed, the HVAC professionals removed the refrigerant from the cooling system. They kept the Freon clean and away from the contaminants, so that they could recycle it. The team used a whole can of stop leak to seal the hole. Then, when the leak was completely fixed, they added the recovered refrigerant back into the cooling system.

Through the process of recovering Freon, the team of M&M Cellar Systems cellar cooling technicians made sure that none of the refrigerant was wasted or discarded, because it is harmful if released to the air. Freon is destructive to the environment because it can damage the earth’s atmosphere.

Once the team was finished with the repair, they had to come back again after a month to reevaluate the effectiveness of the stop leak. The client was pleased with the team’s service.

Why You Need to Hire an HVAC Professional

Most of the time, the problems with cellar cooling units that wine collectors complain about are those that can be avoided of you hire an HVAC professional from the beginning. Only a licensed HVAC technician should install, maintain, and repair your wine cellar cooling equipment.

The most common mistake that home wine cellar owners commit is hiring an air conditioning technician instead of a wine cellar climate control expert. An air conditioning person may sometimes be able to install a wine cellar cooling unit correctly, but they are generally not capable of providing maintenance and repair services that cellar cooling systems need. Unlike cellar cooling technicians, air conditioning technicians are not familiar with the components of wine refrigeration units. They also are not trained i

The Wine Cellar in San Clemente Project – A Classic Look for a Modern Home


    San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

    The San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

    While there were more than a fair share of projects Bella Vita Wine Cellars participated in, there were a select few we believe needed to be featured here on the website. This particular wine cellar in San Clemente project we started in February 2015 is worth its placement on the front page.

    San Clemente Wine Cellar Door Stripped

    A client was able to purchase an old home in the famous Californian coastal town. As it happened, there was also a wine cellar built by the previous owner inside the house. The client—who himself also boasts a sizable wine collection nearing 900 bottles—was keen on using it immediately.

    The problem he encountered though? The old wine cellar was very poorly maintained during the time of its initial use, and there were also some questionable insulation issues with it. Having knowledge of our previous work in the local wine enthusiast community, the client decided to contract us to do the job.


    Custom Built Wine Cellars San Clemente California Coastal Project
    We decided the only way to fully renovate the old cellar was to perform a complete overhaul. That means we had to scrap everything inside it: the old wine racks, the wall coverings, and even the single pane glasses covering the interiors and the door.

    Wine Fridges – Which Brand to Trust Your Wines With and Why

    Wine storage is not just about stacking wines. It entails vital elements that need to be considered to achieve optimum wine aging.

    Wine storage options vary, from small wine cabinets or wine fridges, to large wine cellars customized to the specifications of the owner.  With the many choices that are available in the market today, which ones should you trust to ensure the security and proper aging of your wines?

    One of the most convenient and cost-effective solutions for long-term wine storage are wine fridges.  Wine fridges are also known as wine cabinets.  They are designed to keep your wines under the optimum climate conditions, and to enhance the look of any storage space.

    Choosing Made Easy for You!

    Here, we will name the 5 brands of wine fridges that we consider top-of-the-line and with reasonable prices.

    EuroCave Unmatched Technology from France

    EuroCave wine fridges are French-made, and very popular for most wine aficionados.  In the design and construction of the wine fridges, every essential element of proper wine storage is considered.  High quality and functionality is what you can expect from EuroCave wine fridges.

    EuroCave Wine Fridges (Revelation, Professional, and Pure Series

    EuroCave Wine Fridges (Revelation, Professional, and Pure Series

    Unique Features that Make EuroCave Wine Fridges Popular:

    Tete a Tete Wine Fridge

    Tete a Tete Wine Fridge

    The Twin Process Thermal Control maintains the temperature constantly.  The SRA aluminum walls distribute the temperature evenly inside the wine fridge.

    The Humidity Control System (Hygro+) ensures that humidity is maintained above 50 percent.  The stucco aluminum walls help distribute the moisture equally.

    Effective ventilation is sustained by the vents.  The air coming in is purified by the charcoal filter in the intake vent.  Proper insulation is achieved with the 5cm thick fridge wall and a CQI cellular insulant.

    EuroCave wine fridges come with an Alarm System, which is activated when the door is left ajar, and when drastic temperature and humidity fluctuations occur.

    The compressor of the cooling unit is installed away from the cabinet.  This guarantees that the fridge will be free from vibration.



    Choose from the Different Models of EuroCave Wine Fridges:

    Eurocave Wine Fridges (Premiere, Collection, and Compact Series)

    Eurocave Wine Fridges (Premiere, Collection, and Compact Series)


    1. Revelation Series
    2. Professional Series
    3. Premiere Series
    4. Collection Series
    5. Compact Series
    6. Tệte a Tệte System


    Vinopro Wine FridgesThe Bestselling Fridge

    Vinopro is considered the best-selling brand of wine fridges.  The sleek design, cost-efficiency, and quality materials are the main characteristics that Vinopro wine fridges offer.