Tips for Starters: Wine Collection and Wine Storage

5. Must Keep Track of Your Wine Inventory from the Start.

When people start their wine collection, they do not really give importance to making an inventory. This is probably because the number of wine bottles in their collection is manageable. But there are wine collectors that carry this attitude on, even as their wine collection grows. They may think they will always remember where that special bottle of Barbarescois, or how distributed their California whites and red are. The fact is, they won’t. It is strongly recommended that you implement a wine cellar management system as soon as you begin your wine collection. There are many ways that you can do this. One of the simplest is to use Excel. Other methods include installing cellar tracking software, which is the most efficient way to keep track of the location of every bottle, and to know each bottle’s values.

The Don’ts of Starting a Wine Collection

There are also things that you must not do when you are just a newbie at wine collecting. A few of them are:

1. Never Buy Just One Bottle.

Make it a habit to buy more than one bottle of wine. The minimum numberbeing3 bottles. If the wine requires aging, buy six of its kind. If, after allowing the wine to age, and having tasted it you realize that it is phenomenal, buy more of that kind. Perhaps the only time that you should buy just one bottle is when the wine is very rare or very expensive.

2. Never Skimp on Quality Wine Storage Equipment.

Besides a wine storage solution and a wine cellar cooling unit, many wine collectors skimp on wine storage equipment in order to cut the costs when starting a wine collection. Wines are an investment, and that means that they need to be protected. Investing in quality wine storage equipment might be costly, but if you don’t invest in it, you’ll end up spending more in the long run (due to replacing damaged wines and constantly calling for troubleshooting services).

3. Never Depend on Expert Ratings.

A common mistake that many newbie wine collectors make is that,when they choose what wines to add in their collection, they base it on popular ratings and magazine advice. It is important to remember that one of the most enjoyable things about wine is trying new things and exploring new flavors. We all have different palates, and what is pleasing to one person’s taste might not be pleasing to another’s. Don’t rely too heavily on ratings, and discover your favorite wines on your own.

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