A wine cellar is designed to provide the best climate conditions for aging and storing wines for an extended period of time.  Most modern wine storage rooms are actively cooled, which means that they are equipped with climate control systems that help achieve and maintain the right balance of wine cellar temperature and humidity.

Proper Wine Cellar Storage Must-Have Support and Infrastructure

Proper Wine Cellar Storage Must-Have Support and Infrastructure

Wine cellar refrigeration units are engineered to keep the temperature level between 50°F and 55°F, and the relative humidity at 60%.  Constant temperature fluctuations in a wine storage environment can lead to the premature aging of wines.  Inconsistencies in humidity can dry out the corks, causing oxidation that can ruin the taste and flavor of wines.

To efficiently cool a wine storage space, the right type of wine cellar refrigeration must be installed, along with a proper support infrastructure, such as insulation, vapor barriers, and an exterior grade entry door.  When using a split cooling system for wine cellar storage, it is important to locate the condensing part of the refrigeration equipment in a well-ventilated area.

Split wine cellar refrigeration units consist of two components: the evaporator unit and the condensing unit.  As the noiseless half of the split system, the evaporator unit is usually installed inside the wine room.  The condensing unit, on the other hand, is placed in a different location, preferably outdoors, where the refrigeration component receives fresh outside air for efficient cooling performance, while minimizing the effects of noise and vibration in a wine cellar.

Although the attic or garage space is also an excellent location option for condensing units, this area can heat up rapidly in the hot summer months.  Exposing the refrigeration equipment to extremely high temperatures can reduce the efficiency of the unit, which can negatively impact the wine cellar temperature, and lead to the deterioration of the quality of wine collections.

Condensing Unit in a Garage, the Original and Not Ideal Location

Condensing Unit in a Garage, the Original and Not Ideal Location

This recently completed wine cellar refrigeration Aliso Viejo CA replacement project by Arctic Metalworks shows why cooling unit placement and location are key factors that can influence the overall performance of a climate control system.

The condensing component of the wine cellar refrigeration unit was originally located in the garage.  When the Arctic team arrived for their initial inspection, the temperature inside the carport was well over 100°, with 90% humidity.

The homeowners complained of having a warm wine cellar temperature, and it was discovered that the cooling system was overheating due to high temperature levels in the garage.

Arctic Metalworks suggested moving the refrigeration equipment to the side yard, where the unit could get good air flow.  The Arctic team reclaimed the entire refrigerant and removed the climate control system from its shelf the garage.

The condensing component of the wine cellar refrigeration Aliso Viejo CA was then moved to the yard and mounted on angle brackets, which were anchored to the walk.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Aliso Viejo CA Installation Project

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Aliso Viejo CA Installation Project

In order to connect the outdoor condensing unit to the wine cellar storage evaporator unit, a new line set (consisting of copper piping and electrical wiring) was attached to the existing line set.  The Arctic team also attached a rain cover over the cooling system, to shield the unit from harmful outside elements.

After recharging the unit with R134a refrigerant and conducting a systems test, the compressor was determined to be defective due to excessive heat exposure in the garage.  The Arctic team returned a few days later and replaced the damaged condensing unit with a new 1/3 hp Arctic 0033 condenser.  The Aliso Viejo CA wine cellar climate control system is now running smoothly, and the homeowners couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Arctic Metalworks is considered the guru of wine cellar refrigeration units in Southern California.  They supply, manufacture, and install climate control systems, for both commercial and residential wine cellar storage.  Their refrigeration products are backed by a team of refrigeration specialists that provide quality maintenance and repair service.

Aside from split wine cellar cooling systems, Arctic Metalworks also offers self-contained refrigeration units and ducted-split climate control systems.  For wine collectors who are on a budget, a self-contained ‘through the wall’ unit is the ideal cooling solution.  This cooling unit offers ease of installation, as it is simply mounted on the wall and vents through an adjoining well-ventilated room.

Ducted-split climate control systems provide the same benefits as the split wine cellar cooling systems.  The only major difference is that it requires ducting to circulate air into a wine storage space.  One of the advantages of using this type of cooling system is that it adds to the aesthetics of the wine cellar, thanks to the complete absence of mechanical equipment in the room.