Do you want to give your wine cellar that luxurious feel? Or want to give yourself or your guests a chance to see a masterpiece every time you or they view your wine display? We at Custom Wine Cellars offer tips and suggestions that will help you put together the wine cellar of your dreams. We understand that you only want what will make your wine room exquisite and remarkable. 

Get Yourself That High-Class Wine Cellar in Orange County, CA with Both Functionality and Aesthetics – Add Custom Features and Unique Accents 

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Unique features to add to your wine cellar to make your storage space extra beautiful!

Achieving a wine cellar that offers functionality and finesse can be quite the stress without the proper knowledge and experience. A lot has to be considered and put into mind before you start building your own storage space to showcase your wine display. Our team at Custom Wine Cellars Orange County is backed with years of experience and talent to help you build the wine cellar of your dreams 

Because a wine cellar, first and foremost, should function as a wine cellar, you can trust that our team only uses high-quality materials to keep your prized wine collection the proper and utmost safekeeping and care. Things like insulation, vapor barriers, or humidifiers must be well thought out to have a well-functioning wine room. We at Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, have designers, plumbers, electrical, lighting, and wall installers to help you create a wine cellar that is efficient and functional. With a team consisting of people who have mastered their own crafts and disciplines, we offer only the best service to our customers. 

Another thing to consider in building your wine room is design. It plays a major role in achieving your dream wine cellar – whether you plan for that contemporary look or a more modern and elegant one, you can have our team’s service and guidance to help you get just that. You can always rest assured that when you work with our team, we will offer our expertise from start to finish. We can work with your initial plan and discuss along the way what could be done to improve and deliver an exquisite and one-of-a-kind wine cellar. We will help you incorporate your own taste and style into your wine cellar to give it a more personalized feel without sacrificing functionality and effectiveness.  

Among the things we can help you decide on with your wine cellar are: 

1. The Right Wine Rack for Your Taste and Style 

Choosing the right wine rack for your storage depends on how you want to view your wines as you enter the room. May it be label-forward or neck-out, our wide array of racking systems will surely provide you with plenty of choices to choose from. You can also choose the material to fit the theme of your personal storage. From high-quality wooden wine racks to metal with brushed aluminum, chrome, or black finish. Anything to suit your needs. 

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The right wine racking systems will help give your cellar that extra oomph!

2. The Best Door to Complement Your Prized Collection 

We at Custom Wine Cellars Orange County can help you choose the perfect door to go with your wine cellar. A unique piece of your preference to match the look of your home and your wine room. We can design unique and custom wood carvings and even etch on glass. Do you want your initials carved on wood? Your family crest etched on glass? Or an ancient look with hardware accents like strap hinges? We have just the right team and materials for that. Rest assured, we only use the best materials available in the market. Our doors are made from Laminated Veneer Lumber, a new technology where multiple layers of wood panels are put together with high-grade adhesive. With this advancement, your door will be less likely to suffer from shrinkage and warping. Design and effectivity all working in unison to give your wine cellar the best look and to protect your valued collection. 

3. The Proper Cooling Unit for Your Wine Cellar 

A lot of cooling units are available in the market. All serving in different ways and for different purposes. Our team of professionals will help you decide on what unit is best for your storage. We understand that it is a crucial decision to make as to what unit to use. Not to mention the task of finding the right cellar builder and craftsman that gets your style all the while fitting everything in your budget. Let us help you decide and tackle every critical factor in deciding the best unit for your storage space. Keeping in mind how humidity, bottle rotation, climate, foot traffic, and size all contribute to determining the best cooling unit for your room. 

4. The Premier Floor for Your Premier Collection  

It may be often unnoticed, but the floor material a collector uses can say a lot about the theme and ambiance that he or she wants to achieve. Whether the traditional hardwood look or the more rustic feel of wine barrel flooring, Custom Wine Cellars Orange County can offer you suggestions as to what goes best with your overall concept.  

5. The Optimal Lighting to Illuminate Your Wine Cellar  

Sometimes an overlooked feature in one’s wine cellar, installing the proper lighting system can give your wine cellar that more valuable and distinctive look. We offer a wide array of lighting systems to cater to your every need. From overhead ceiling-mounted lights to wall-mounted sconces, and track lighting systems to emphasize the best of the best in your collection, Custom Wine Cellars Orange County can offer you what you need.    

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Good wine cellar lighting can illuminate your cellar beautifully!

Tiny Additional Details with Great Amount of Class 

Adding small furniture and decorations can add a lot of art and class to your wine cellar. An accent table, for example, can not only provide its purpose but also add some elegance to your room. Paintings or murals on walls can also be incorporated and can be all in your own preference. These small details may be minute, but they sure can give your wine cellar that extra edge. 

Discuss Your Plans with A Wine Cellar Expert in Orange County, CA! 

Are you planning on building your own wine cellar in Orange County, CA to display your prized collection of wines? We at Custom Wine Cellars Orange County are a team of highly trained and knowledgeable individuals willing to help you with your needs. We can start off with your initial plan and idea and work our way through along the way adding features that will take your wine cellar to greater heights but also fits your budget. Talk to us now and let us start making that dream cellar of yours into reality! Call +1 (714) 798-9858 now.