Beautiful Custom Wine Cellars and Incorporating Library Style Rolling Ladders to Increase Capacity

Master Wine Cellar Builders love to create wine rooms that impress and deliver capacity.  Including a rolling ladder into a wine cellar design such as the ones you might expect to see in a large library is a clever and impressive feature to add.

Library style rolling ladders are a highly useful feature to add to larger home custom wine cellars, particularly when the wine room has racking that reaches all the way to a higher ceiling.  Custom wine racks designed to extend all the way to the ceiling with an incorporated ladder is a great way to increase capacity in a home or commercial wine cellar design.  Ensuring all the wine stock remains easily accessible is obviously a significant advantage for any wine cellar installation.

Usually quite inexpensive, rolling ladders are straight forward to install, and also if designed well, can add a natural elegance to both the form and function to your wine cellar.

Styles & Finishes of Wine Cellar Rolling Ladders

Wine Cellar Designs California – Using Rolling Ladders 3D Drawing

Rolling ladders for wine cellars come in a several varieties of natural wood species.  There are also aluminum finish ladders and for these there is a broad range of contemporary style metallic finishes.

Most commonly rolling ladders are designed into in a wine room when the wine racking is over the height that most of us can easily reach.

Generally, when the room being converted into a wine cellar is in excess of 8’ in height, a rolling ladder is a natural addition.

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