A wine enthusiast in Beverly Hills, California contacted M&M Cellar Systems to ask them to do a wine cellar job for him in his home. He needed a wine cabinet cooling system installed, to control the temperature and humidity in his wine storage solution. Learn about the wine cabinet refrigeration unit installation project by M&M Cellar Systems in Beverly Hills, California

Wine Cabinet Cooling Units in California

Wine needs to be kept in an environment wherein the temperature and humidity are constantly in the ideal ranges, to preserve its quality and develop its flavor tastefully.

Cooling Systems for Wine Cabinets

A wine collection must have a wine storage solution with a cooling unit installed. Wine is a beverage that has to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment in order for its quality to be preserved, and for its flavors be allowed to develop tastefully. There are various kinds of wine storage solutions. Wine cellars and wine cabinets are a few of the most common choices. Regardless of which one you choose, you need to have a wine cellar refrigeration system installed. Moreover, you need to determine the right wine cellar cooling system that can meet the specific wine storage requirements of your wine cellar or wine cabinet.

Ideally, a home custom wine cellar is the best place to store a wine collection. Having a wine storage room in the comfort of your own home makes organizing and managing your wine collection easier. To have a wine cellar built in your home, you need adequate space. In cases in which there isn’t enough space for a wine cellar to be built, the next best option is to install a wine cabinet.

No wine cabinet is complete without an efficient wine cabinet cooling system installed. It is a wine cabinet refrigeration unit that is responsible for providing the necessary conditions for wine to be kept safe, and for it to age properly. If you are planning to have a wine cabinet built, it is imperative that you also allocate a budget for the wine cabinet refrigeration system.

Beautiful Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills, California

Beautiful Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills, California

US Cellar Systems and M&M Cellar Systems Team Up in Beverly Hills, California

In order for a wine storage solution to provide the necessary climate conditions that wine needs, there has to be a wine cooling system installed. To ensure that you meet your wine cabinet’s wine storage requirements, purchase a wine cabinet refrigeration system that is manufactured by a wine refrigeration expert. Poor quality wine cooling systems will cause more harm than good to your wine collection.

There are many wine cellar and wine cabinet cooling unit manufacturers in California. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted in Los Angeles. US Cellars has teamed up with various wine storage companies in the country, to provide wine lovers with effective wine storage solutions. One of their long term partners is M&M Cellar Systems.

M&M Cellar Systems is one of the leading wine cabinet refrigeration unit manufacturers in California. They are reputable for their expertise in HVAC cooling systems installation, as well as in heating. M&M Cellar Systems and US Cellar Systems have worked together many times, in various wine storage solution projects in California.

Installing an HS Series Cooling Unit in a Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills, California

Installing an HS Series Cooling Unit in a Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills, California

M&M Cellar Systems Installs a Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems in a Wine Cabinet in California

Recently, M&M Cellar Systems and US Cellars teamed up again in a wine storage solution project. M&M Cellar Systems installed a wine cabinet refrigeration unit in a residence in Beverly Hills, California. The unit was an HS 6600 System, manufactured by US Cellar Systems. This unit is under US Cellar Systems’ High Static, or, HS Series, of wine cooling units.

US Cellar Systems built the HS Series of cooling units to provide the right circulation of air in a wine storage area that has narrow spaces. The Series are a split type of wine cooling systems. Their evaporators and condensers can be placed apart from each other. The HS Series refrigeration systems are so powerful that they can be installed as far as 25 feet away from a wine cellar. This configuration minimizes the noise inside the wine cellar.

Split type wine cooling systems can either be ducted or ductless. The HS Series of wine cabinet refrigeration systems are the ducted type. In the ducted type of configuration, cool air passes through a duct and into the wine cabinet.

In all the HS Series models of cooling units, US Cellar Systems uses R134a refrigerant. The evaporators in all these models have capacities that range from 1,800 to 20,000 BTU per hour.

In the Beverly Hills wine cabinet cooling unit installation project, the owner and lead technician of M&M Cellar Systems, Mario Morales, determined the right unit for the wine cabinet by calculating the heat load from the cabinet’s details and dimensions. He also considered the type and location of the wine cabinet construction. The calculation determined that an HS 6600 wine cabinet refrigeration unit was the most appropriate unit for the cabinet. The wine cabinet cooling unit was installed including a piping set, for moving liquid and gaseous refrigerant to the wine cabinet.

The installation of the HS 6600 wine cabinet cooling unit in the Beverly Hills wine cabinet involved charging it with Freon, a refrigerant that is commonly used in air conditioning. Mr. Morales also did a pressure test on the cooling system after it was charged with Freon.

Pressure reading is done to check for leaks inside and outside the wine cabinet cooling system. Regardless what cabinet cooling unit you choose, having a pressure test done is a standard operating procedure. It is a procedure done by an HVAC installation professional, and helps make sure that the wine cabinet cooling unit can handle the pressure declared by the unit’s manufacturer.

A Wine Cabinet Cooling System Manufacturer that you can Trust

M&M Cellar Systems has had many successful wine storage solution projects, and this wine cabinet cooling unit installation project in Beverly Hills is only one of them.

M&M Cellar Systems makes it a point to consistently meet their client’s needs and provide them with customer satisfaction. This is why they only use products manufactured by the best in the industry. US Cellar Systems is one of the companies that M&M Cellar Systems can confidently collaborate with.

US Cellar Systems manufactures all kinds of wine cellar and wine cabinet cooling systems. For more information about them, and their products and services, call US Cellar Systems today at (562) 513-3017!