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Besides a properly built residential storage room, your wine collection also needs a cooling unit that is consistently providing the cellar with the right temperature and humidity for aging wines. There are many times when a problem with a refrigeration unit is not overt, and you won’t know what’s wrong until the whole system stops functioning. A leak, like the one in a recent case in Irvine, Orange County, is an example of a concealed problem. Regular unit maintenance is necessary to identify issues like this and solve them promptly.

Leaking HS 4600 Cooling Unit in Irvine, Orange County Repaired by M&M Cellar Systems

A wine cellar owner in Irvine, Orange County needed the help of a licensed HVAC technician. The client noticed that their wine cellar’s cooling unit was leaking Freon, and so they called M&M Cellar Systems for help.

The client’s cooling unit was an HS 4600 model manufactured by one of M&M Cellar’s dealers, US Cellar System. The HS Series of refrigeration systems are top quality cooling units, and are tested to function best in small wine cellars. Although the unit is robust and reliable, it will not continue to do so if it is leaking Freon. The client was fortunate to have discovered the leak early, and sought for help promptly. Ideally, wine storage owners should have an HVAC specialist perform regular maintenance checkups on their cooling unit, so that concealed problems such as refrigerant leaks are immediately identified and repaired.

A team of wine storage climate experts from M&M Cellar Systems went to the client’s residence to investigate the problem, and they found that the leak was located inside the refrigeration system.

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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Irvine Orange County Service Call – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part One

An Optimally Functioning Cooling Unit is a Vital Element in Creating an Effective Storage Structure for Wines

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The Irvine wine storage refrigeration system was repaired by a team of HVAC professionals from M&M Cellar Systems. The cooling experts determined the leak’s location and sealed the hole effectively. For more information about M&M Cellar Systems, find them on Facebook! Click here!

Wine experts know how important it is to keep wines in the right climate conditions, so that they are safe from spoiling. A good wine collector will not only have a functional wine cellar built, but also make sure that an effective refrigeration unit is installed. A well-built cellar and a quality cooling unit are two of the basic elements of an effective wine storage system.

The Ideal Climate Conditions that Wines Need

Wine is a beverage that needs to be stored in the right conditions before it is enjoyed. Ideally, wines should be kept in cellar that is cooled to a temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit with minimal to no fluctuations. Gradual, occasional fluctuations are not dangerous. What causes problems are rapid, constant fluctuations because these cause premature aging of wine.

Humidity is also an important factor in wine storage. The humidity inside a home wine cellar should be at approximately 70%. If the room becomes too humid, mold and mildew might form, which can contaminate your wines. On the other hand, if your wine cellar is too dry, corks can dry out and shrink, which can cause air to enter the bottles and ruin the flavor of your wines.

Have a Functional Residential Wine Cellar Constructed

A prudent wine collector will start his collection only when a cellar is ready. Wines need to be kept safe and allowed to age, and the ideal place for this is in a residential custom wine cellar.

The ideal wine cellar is one that has the complete elements of a functional wine storage room, such as a durable door, reliable vapor barriers and insulation, adequate lighting, proper flooring, and an efficient refrigeration unit.

A home cellar can provide wines the ideal climate conditions only if a quality wine storage cooling unit is mounted.

Why is a Regular Cellar Cooling Unit Maintenance Plan Important?

Protect your wines from sudden or constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity. You should make sure that your wine cellar cooling system is consistently functioning properly.

Problems with wine storage refrigeration units are not always noticeable. Some issues are concealed, like refrigerant leaks. If you are fortunate, like this client in Irvine, Orange County who discovered the leak in their equipment, you can have the problem fixed immediately. But this is not always the case. In order to be certain that your unit has no hidden problems, you should have it checked regularly. If an issue is discovered, you can have it repaired promptly.

The maintenance and repair of your wine cellar’s refrigeration system should only be performed by a wine storage climate expert. Only an HVAC professional is skilled at handling wine cellar cooling units. If an average air conditioning technician attempts to repair a cellar refrigeration unit, they usually cause more damage. Most of the time, the damages they incur will cost you more money to repair.

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M&M Cellar Systems is a trustworthy wine cellar cooling systems manufacturer based in Orange County, California. They have a team of licensed HVAC professionals that can provide quality services for all kinds of wine storage cooling equipment. Find them on Google + by clicking here!

M&M Cellar Systems – Experts in Wine Cellar Cooling Equipment

M&M Cellar Systems specializes in providing residential wine cellar owners with various services for their refrigeration units. Their services include installation, maintenance, and repair of wine cellar cooling equipment. They have a team of licensed HVAC technicians who can provide professional services. You may call M&M Cellar Systems today to know more about their services. You may also send them an email for your inquiries. Find their contact details on their page!