Are you planning to put up a business in Orange County that involves wine?  Or are you already a wine business owner and want to boost the sales of your business?  You might want to consider investing in a commercial wine cellar, may it be for a wine store, restaurant, wine bar, hotel, country club, or any other hospitality business. 

Building a Commercial Wine Cellar – A Brilliant Upgrade for the Client’s Restaurant 

One of our Orange County commercial wine cellar projects was for an individual who came out of retirement to start an exciting new venture. He started a food business, a delightful restaurant that opened in September 2017.  His business is doing well, but he wanted to boost his sales.   

Restaurant Owner

A few months after he opened his restaurant, he found that a great percentage of his sales and profit come from the wines sold.  Seemingly, wine is becoming more and more in demand where his business is located.  So, he decided to put more investment into wines and build a commercial wine cellar, which is a brilliant move for his business. 

Let us look at how this commercial wine cellar project for a Orange County restaurant went.

Designing and Constructing a Contemporary Commercial Wine Cellar  

Our team at Custom Wine Cellars Orange County has successfully completed several residential and commercial wine cellars.  We acknowledge that constructing a commercial wine cellar is usually more complex because it is being accessed more often than a residential wine cellar. 

This means we need to design and build a Orange County commercial wine cellar that can function efficiently in this kind of set-up. 

Creating a Contemporary Commercial Wine Cellar Design Drawing 

We started this project by discussing with our client his design specifications and visiting the site.  The restaurant has a modern vibe, so the owner wanted a contemporary wine cellar to match this style. 

He specifically mentioned that he wanted not just a wine storage facility, but a contemporary custom wine cellar that can beautifully showcase his wine selection and impress his customers.  This, he believed, can significantly increase his sales and he is undoubtedly right. 

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Custom Metal Wine Racks Design for a Commercial Wine Cellar

After we gathered all the necessary details, we created a wine cellar design for the client. These sketches allowed our client to clearly visualize the look of his contemporary commercial wine cellar design.  We started the construction as soon as he approved the drawings. 

Using Glass Enclosures and VintageView Metal Wine Racks 

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Commercial Wine Cellar Glass Enclosure and VintageView Metal Wine Racks

The contemporary look was achieved by using a glass enclosure and a metal wine racking system.  All walls except for one are made of dual-paned glass.