Wine storage is not just about stacking wines. It entails vital elements that need to be considered to achieve optimum wine aging.

Wine storage options vary, from small wine cabinets or wine fridges, to large wine cellars customized to the specifications of the owner.  With the many choices that are available in the market today, which ones should you trust to ensure the security and proper aging of your wines?

One of the most convenient and cost-effective solutions for long-term wine storage are wine fridges.  Wine fridges are also known as wine cabinets.  They are designed to keep your wines under the optimum climate conditions, and to enhance the look of any storage space.

Choosing Made Easy for You!

Here, we will name the 5 brands of wine fridges that we consider top-of-the-line and with reasonable prices.

EuroCave Unmatched Technology from France

EuroCave wine fridges are French-made, and very popular for most wine aficionados.  In the design and construction of the wine fridges, every essential element of proper wine storage is considered.  High quality and functionality is what you can expect from EuroCave wine fridges.

EuroCave Wine Fridges (Revelation, Professional, and Pure Series

EuroCave Wine Fridges (Revelation, Professional, and Pure Series

Unique Features that Make EuroCave Wine Fridges Popular:

Tete a Tete Wine Fridge

Tete a Tete Wine Fridge

The Twin Process Thermal Control maintains the temperature constantly.  The SRA aluminum walls distribute the temperature evenly inside the wine fridge.

The Humidity Control System (Hygro+) ensures that humidity is maintained above 50 percent.  The stucco aluminum walls help distribute the moisture equally.

Effective ventilation is sustained by the vents.  The air coming in is purified by the charcoal filter in the intake vent.  Proper insulation is achieved with the 5cm thick fridge wall and a CQI cellular insulant.

EuroCave wine fridges come with an Alarm System, which is activated when the door is left ajar, and when drastic temperature and humidity fluctuations occur.

The compressor of the cooling unit is installed away from the cabinet.  This guarantees that the fridge will be free from vibration.



Choose from the Different Models of EuroCave Wine Fridges:

Eurocave Wine Fridges (Premiere, Collection, and Compact Series)

Eurocave Wine Fridges (Premiere, Collection, and Compact Series)


  1. Revelation Series
  2. Professional Series
  3. Premiere Series
  4. Collection Series
  5. Compact Series
  6. Tệte a Tệte System


Vinopro Wine FridgesThe Bestselling Fridge

Vinopro is considered the best-selling brand of wine fridges.  The sleek design, cost-efficiency, and quality materials are the main characteristics that Vinopro wine fridges offer.

We recommend Vinopro wine fridges if you need to store 24 to 194 wine bottles.  Their fridge models have stainless steel-framed doors with glass panel.

Vinopro Wine Fridges

Vinopro Wine Fridges

Vinopro wine fridges can be installed either built-in or free-standing.  Most models are built with dual temperature zones.  Here is a list of the  Vinopro wine fridge models that you can choose from:

  1. BI-56
  2. BI-130
  3. BU-145
  4. BU-490


The BI-56 wine fridge model has a storage capacity of 24 wine bottles.  It is a built-in, microwave-sized wine fridge, ideal for small spaces or as a part of your cabinetry.  It is available in two different door designs, and in a single temperature configuration.

The BI-130 wine fridge model is a great addition to your bar or kitchen.  It has a storage capacity of up to 41 wine bottles.  It is available in two different door designs, and in a single or dual temperature configuration.

The BI-145 wine fridge model is an under-the-counter type, which can store up to 46 wine bottles.  It is available in two different door designs, and in single or dual temperature configurations.

The BI-490 wine fridge model is Vinopro’s largest wine fridge, and can store up to 194 wine bottles.  It is available in two different door designs, and in single or dual temperature configurations.

 Wine KoolR Wine Fridges

If you are looking for a modular type of wine fridge that can store 120 to 800 wine bottles, Wine KoolR is the perfect choice.  Wine KoolR wine fridges come in kits that are easy to assemble, and they can be combined with the other modules as your collection grows.

The electronic wine cooling system used for these wine fridges are all digital.  The racking system is made of redwood, a great wood choice for wine storage racks.

Choose from these 6 different models of Wine KoolR wine fridges:

Wine KoolR Wine Fridges

Wine KoolR Wine Fridges

Imperial Slimline

  1. Imperial Full
  2. Sovereign Slimline
  3. Sovereign Full
  4. Goliath Slimline
  5. Goliath Full

Vinotheque Wine Fridges

Vinotheque Wine Fridges

Vinotheque Wine Fridges

Choose Vinotheque wine fridges if you are looking for beautiful wooden wine storage furniture.  Vinotheque offers wine fridges in different wood types and wood stains, making it easy for you to mix and match them with your décor.

Here are the 4 Vinotheque wine fridge selections:

  1. The Closet Wine Fridge
  2. Wine Reservoir
  3. Sienne Wine Fridge
  4. Clos Pegase Wine Fridge

See more selections for each of the Vinotheque wine fridges listed above.  Click here.

Le Cache Wine Fridges

Le Cache wine fridges have been in the furniture market for more than 16 years.  More than 8,000 Le Cache wine fridges have already been sold in and outside of the U.S.

Their wine fridges have a furniture quality finish, and effectively maintain the ideal conditions for long-term wine storage.  There is a wide selection of designs to choose from, which make them easy to blend with the look of your home.

Le Cache Wine Fridges

Le Cache Wine Fridges

Here are the 18 choices of Le Cache Wine Fridges:

  1. Le Cache Loft 1400
  2. Le Cache Loft 1400 (Built-in)
  3. Le Cache Loft 2400
  4. Le Cache Loft 2400 (Built-in)
  5. Le Cache Euro 1400
  6. Le Cache Euro 2400
  7. Le Cache Euro 3800
  8. Le Cache Euro 5200
  9. Le Cache Euro Credenza
  10. Le Cache Contemporary 1400
  11. Le Cache Contemporary 2400
  12. Le Cache Contemporary 3800
  13. Le Cache Contemporary 5200
  14. Le Cache Contemporary Island Credenza
  15. Le Cache Mission 1400
  16. Le Cache Mission 2400
  17. Le Cache Mission Credenza
  18. Le Cache Wine Vault 3100

If you are on a budget, a wine fridge is the best alternative to a climate controlled wine cellar.  You do not even need to go through the design and construction process, as it’s easy to pick a design to suit your preferences with the many choices that wine fridge manufacturers offer.

Newport Beach is a city in Orange County, California, and is home to many wineries, vineyards, and wine events.  It is worth noting that many residents in the city venture into serious wine collecting because of the abundant wine sources, and the people’s innate love for wine.

For avid wine collectors, custom wine cellars are considered a necessary provision.  A wine cellar is worth investing in, because of the convenience, security, wine quality, and other benefits it offers.

Crystal Grove Residential Development - Custom Wine Cellar Project Site

Crystal Grove Residential Development – Custom Wine Cellar Project Site

We came across one wine collector from Crystal Grove Residential Development who needed a space to store his wines.  He had a small area at home that he wanted to convert into a wine storage facility.

Check out the Custom Wine Cellar Design Drawings

The space has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 7ft
  • Depth: 5ft
  • Height: 9ft

He contacted Vintage Wine Cellars, one of the best wine cellar builders in California.  He specifically wanted a functional and sophisticated custom wine cellar.

Vintage Wine Cellars started the project by consulting with the owners and then creating a wine cellar design.  Below are the drawings that the Vintage Wine Cellars design team created for this custom wine cellar Newport Beach CA project.

Wine Cellar Design - Plan View

Wine Cellar Design – Plan View

Wine Rack Design Elevation 2

Wine Rack Design Elevation 2

See the Attractive Combination of Wine Rack Designs

You can see in the drawings the different wine rack designs that the wine cellar builders combined to achieve a unique custom wine cellar.  These include:

  • Single bottle storage wooden wine racks
  • Horizontal storage with high reveal display row
  • Diamond bin cases
  • Rectangular bins
  • Arched tabletop

The single bottle storage wine racks has cubicles that can store 750mL bottles individually.  They have 3 ¾-inch openings that allow easy bottle access.  The edges of the bottle holders were hand-sanded, to protect wine labels from scratches.

Horizontal display storage is a great way to display special wines.  In this custom wine cellar Newport Beach CA project, the horizontal display storage features a high reveal display row.  It stores wine bottles in a 15-degree angle, which helps keep the cork moist and the bottle tightly sealed.

Horizontal Display Wine Storage with LED

Horizontal Display Wine Storage with LED

LED lighting was installed on the display row, to illuminate the wine bottles and make the wine labels readily visible.  With the angled position and LED lighting, the wines on the display row are getting the spotlight.

A tabletop with an archway was placed in the center of the custom wine cellar.  A beautiful grape painting was added for a personalized appeal.  For the lighting, a puck light was used.

Tabletop, Archway, Diamond Bins and Single Bottle Storage

Tabletop, Archway, Diamond Bins and Single Bottle Storage


The solid diamond bins are found at the bottom of the archway.  Here, the bottles are stored one on top of the other, making it ideal for bulk wine storage.

To maximize the storage space, rectangular bins were added on both sides of the closet.  This allowed for the clustering of wines based on variety, size, age, or origin.  Wine bottles of 1.5L or 3L sizes can be stored in rectangular bins.

The wooden wine racks are made of Premium Redwood, one of the best wood species used in the wine racking industry.  A dark walnut stain was applied to enhance the look of the wood’s surface.

This stunning custom wine cellar has a total storage capacity of 840 wine bottles.

Making this Custom Wine Cellar Truly Efficient

Wine Cellar Cooling System on the Ceiling

Wine Cellar Cooling System on the Ceiling

Wine rack designs are not the only determining factor in building an efficient custom wine cellar.  The temperature and humidity inside the cellar must also be considered.

To ensure the functionality of this custom wine cellar, Vintage Wine Cellars installed a fully ducted wine cellar cooling system from Wine Guardian.  The cooling system maintains the ideal wine cellar temperature and humidity.

It was installed in the attic that lay just above the wine room.  One ducting line system supplies cool air into the wine room, and another exhausts hot air outside the cellar.

The wine cellar cooling system is covered by a louvered grill that matches the wooden wine racks.

Completing the Look of the Wine Room

Stylish Barolo Wine Cellar Door

Stylish Barolo Wine Cellar Door

To complete the cellar, we installed a Barolo style glass wine cellar door.  It is dual-paned, with weather stripping and a concealed door bottom, to prevent the escape of cool air.  The wine cellar door was coated with a Chestnut wood stain, creating a striking contrast with the dark walnut-stained wooden wine racks.

Adding to the unique appearance of this custom wine cellar is the flooring; it is tiled, with lovely color patterns that harmonize with the color of the wooden wine racks.

Vintage Wine Cellars did an amazing job with this custom wine cellar Newport Beach CA project.  The owners were very pleased with the result.  Now, they can store 840 wine bottles, and enjoy the new look in their home.

If you plan to have your own custom wine cellar, just contact Vintage Wine Cellars.  You may also visit their webpage at

What Should You Know about Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club?

The addition of a sophisticated wine enclave to a commercial layout can greatly enhance the aesthetic quality of the space.  It will provide proper climate conditions for storing and showcasing different varieties of wines.  A perfectly designed and constructed wine cellar will not only provide the maximum wine storage capacity, but also ease of bottle identification.

Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Orange County CA

Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Orange County CA

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently finished installing a wine cellar in one of Southern California’s finest country clubs.  The project involved creating a climate controlled wine storage space that can hold a total of 1,380 bottles.  The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar measures 11’ wide, 2’ deep, and 9’ tall, and features seamless ½” tempered glass walls, as well as floor to ceiling metal wine racking.

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club is a private 36-hole country club located in Orange County, California.  The country club has a 44,000 square foot clubhouse that can host wedding receptions, business meetings, and other private events.  The club recently added a spa and sports club building that houses a fitness center and a full-service spa.

What are the Design Features of the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Wine Cellar?

The Wine Rack Display

A wine rack display is an important component of cellaring wines.  They are designed to provide space for storing, organizing, and displaying wine collections.  Vintage View metal wine racks are the racking of choice for the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine enclosure project.  This metal wine rack display creates a stunning showcase of different wine labels, and at the same time complements any contemporary-themed interior.

The Elegant Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club with their Wine Display

The Elegant Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club with their Wine Display

Vintage View metal wine racks are designed to facilitate a label forward orientation of wine bottles.  This feature promotes ease of product recognition, allowing for quick perusal and selection of wine labels.  In addition, a horizontal placement of bottles helps secure the cork’s sealing quality, by maintaining constant contact with the wine.

The wine rack display design for the clubhouse consists of label forward horizontal display,, in a three deep configuration.  Triple depth wine racks can accommodate three bottles laterally, increasing the total bottle capacity of the wine enclosure.  A presentation row that runs the length of the wine racking system provides a slightly tilted area, where the finest wine bottles are put on display.

Tempered Glass Panel

Coto Golf Club Front Side Complete

Coto Golf Club Front Side Complete

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar is enclosed in seamless 1/2″ tempered glass panels, providing a striking view of the wine storage room’s interior from different angles.  Tempered glass is ideal for all kinds of applications, since the material is built with safety and strength in mind.  This glass minimizes the risk of injury, because it is designed to shatter into circular pebbles rather than jagged shards.

One can access the different wine bottles through three sets of glass doors.  Commercial duty pivot hinges with self-closing features are used to mount the heavy doors.

The Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

For the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a wine cellar cooling system that was designed and manufactured by Wine Guardian, out of New York.  The model D088 is a self-contained, fully-ducted air handler system, that can efficiently cool an area from 1,500 to 6,000 cubic feet.

There are things that you must avoid and things that you should keep in mind when starting a wine collection in Los Angeles, California. Also, when starting a wine collection, you need to invest in a quality wine storage solution. Read this article to glean a few tips for beginners on wine collecting.

Starting a Wine Collection in Los Angeles, California.

Wine is a very enjoyable beverage.Its value increases over time,which is why it is also an investment. These days, more and more people are getting into the hobby of collecting wine. But a lot of these people, who have just begun their wine collection, are not aware of the essentials. Consequently, they end up damaging their wines and losing their collection. If you want to start your wine collection, you need to start it right. Here are a few of the dos and don’ts that beginners should know.

Must Dos of Starting a Wine Collection

Starting a wine collection is easy enough,but here are a few of the things that are must-dos when you start one:

1. Must Have an Effective Wine Storage Solution.

Wines can never be truly enjoyed if they are not stored properly. If you want to start your own wine collection, and be able to enjoy the wines in the future, you need to invest in a good wine storage solution. There are various wine storage solutions in Los Angeles, California. The most popular type of wine storage solution is a wine cellar built in your own home. Do not begin collecting wine unless you already have a wine cellar to put it in.

2. Must Invest in an Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Unit.

Wine cellars, no matter how durable and beautifully-designed, will never be complete without  good wine cellar cooling units installed. It is the cooling unit that is responsible for providing the ideal temperature and humidity in a wine storage space, in order for wines to age and develop tastefully. There are different kinds of wine cellar cooling systems in Los Angeles, California, and each wine cellar needs a different one. Have a wine cooling expert determine the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration unit for your residential wine cellar. Moreover, make sure that your wine cellar is properly insulated, with the right vapor barriers, so that the wine cellar refrigeration system can function properly.

3. Must Anticipate the Growth of Your Wine Collection.

When you begin a wine collection, you should start small, but do not necessarily have to remain small. Anticipate that, if you enjoy the hobby of wine collecting, you might just expand your collection. When picking wine racks for your wine cellar, choose those that you can expand/build upon as your collection grows. There are wine racks that are designed to accommodate more wines through adding another set of racks to the existing set.

4. Must Broaden Your Collection and Plan for a Variety of Wine Bottle Formats.

Newbies at wine collecting often start their collection with a single type of wine bottle format. It’s common to begin with only a few standard-sized bottles. Because of this, the wine storage solution that they have constructed is usually designed to cater to this particular wine bottle size. As their collection grows, they might realize that, to make their collection more interesting, they can add large format wine bottles to it.This in mind, it is recommended that beginners provide a wine storage solution for a variety of wine bottles sizes and shapes, so that, as your collection grows, you won’t have a problem in finding a place to keep them.

5. Must Keep Track of Your Wine Inventory from the Start.

When people start their wine collection, they do not really give importance to making an inventory. This is probably because the number of wine bottles in their collection is manageable. But there are wine collectors that carry this attitude on, even as their wine collection grows. They may think they will always remember where that special bottle of Barbarescois, or how distributed their California whites and red are. The fact is, they won’t. It is strongly recommended that you implement a wine cellar management system as soon as you begin your wine collection. There are many ways that you can do this. One of the simplest is to use Excel. Other methods include installing cellar tracking software, which is the most efficient way to keep track of the location of every bottle, and to know each bottle’s values.

The Don’ts of Starting a Wine Collection

There are also things that you must not do when you are just a newbie at wine collecting. A few of them are:

1. Never Buy Just One Bottle.

Make it a habit to buy more than one bottle of wine. The minimum numberbeing3 bottles. If the wine requires aging, buy six of its kind. If, after allowing the wine to age, and having tasted it you realize that it is phenomenal, buy more of that kind. Perhaps the only time that you should buy just one bottle is when the wine is very rare or very expensive.

2. Never Skimp on Quality Wine Storage Equipment.

Besides a wine storage solution and a wine cellar cooling unit, many wine collectors skimp on wine storage equipment in order to cut the costs when starting a wine collection. Wines are an investment, and that means that they need to be protected. Investing in quality wine storage equipment might be costly, but if you don’t invest in it, you’ll end up spending more in the long run (due to replacing damaged wines and constantly calling for troubleshooting services).

3. Never Depend on Expert Ratings.

A common mistake that many newbie wine collectors make is that,when they choose what wines to add in their collection, they base it on popular ratings and magazine advice. It is important to remember that one of the most enjoyable things about wine is trying new things and exploring new flavors. We all have different palates, and what is pleasing to one person’s taste might not be pleasing to another’s. Don’t rely too heavily on ratings, and discover your favorite wines on your own.

Custom Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Cellar

Why is it Important to Observe Proper Wine Storage? 

How wine collectors choose to store their wines can greatly improve, or hamper, the development of their liquid assets.  Proper wine storage must be observed when growing a wine collection.  This is to ensure that the flavor and aroma of wines are well-preserved for a prolonged period of time.

Keep in mind that sudden changes in the storage environment can profoundly impact the overall quality of wines.  It is importance to maintain the proper temperature range (50°F – 55°F) and the right amount of humidity (60% – 75%) inside the cellar, as well as the exposure of wines to direct sunlight, or fluorescent fixtures that emit high ultraviolet rays.

How Can a Custom Wine Cellar Help Preserve Wine?

custom wine cellar is considered the ideal location for long-term wine storage.  They are not only designed to create optimum climate conditions for wines to mature accordingly, but also provide ample space, in which to store large quantities of wine bottles.  Having a custom wine cellar in the comfort of one’s home offers convenience to the passionate wine collector and adds aesthetic appeal to the living space.

Most wine cellars are actively cooled, which means they are equipped with wine cellar refrigeration systems to help maintain the ideal wine storage conditions.  In order for custom wine rooms to be efficient, they need to have proper insulation and vapor barrier, and a tight seal.

Who are the Most Trusted Wine Cellar Builders?

There are several wine cellar builders that you can contact and ask assistance from when you plan to build a custom wine cellar.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the best wine cellar builders in California.  If your custom wine cellar project is located in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington or New Hampshire, then Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is the perfect wine cellar builder choice.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders

They have more than 10 years of experience in designing and building custom wine cellars of both residential and commercial types.  They provide assistance from the design concept, to the actual construction, and even after that.

Check out their custom wine cellar projects at this page

Wine Cellar Specialists is the best wine cellar builder for you if you are located in Texas, Illinois, Louisiana, or Tennessee.  They are experts in creating wine storage furniture for personal or commercial use.

Wine Cellar SPecialists

Wine Cellar SPecialists

A wine cellar specialist will help you in the process, from your design specifications to the completion of your custom wine cellar project.

Visit Wine Cellar Specialists’ website now to view their wine cellar gallery.

If you want to build a custom wine cellar in California, then Wine Cellar International is the preferred wine cellar builder.

Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar International is passionate in planning and building home wine cellars for avid wine collectors and commercial wine cellars for wine business owners.  Click on the photo above to get started with your custom wine cellar project in California.

What are the Common and Affordable Wine Storage Alternatives to Custom Wine Cellars?

Since not all wine collectors can afford to have their own custom wine cellar, there are a range of affordable wine storage options available on the market, such as wine racks and refrigerated wine cabinets.

Wine rack kits are designed to store, organize, display and manage different types of wine bottles.  They are made out of various materials, and come in many styles, sizes and configurations, that can accommodate a range of storage and display needs and management requirements.  Wine rack kits are ideal for small scale wine storage.

Wine Rack Kits by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Rack Kits by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

The most common materials used in wine rack construction are wood and metal.  Wine rack kits made out of wood provide a traditional look to a wine storage space, and easily blend into any décor.  Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, Mahogany, and Pine are some of the most popular wood species used in building wine racks.

Metal wine racks go well with a contemporary themed wine cellar space.  Most metal wine racking styles are mounted on walls that facilitate a label forward orientation for wine bottles.  Custom wine racks built out of metal can also be painted to match any wine cellar interior.

Another budget friendly wine storage option is a refrigerated wine cabinet.  Refrigerated wine cabinets are designed to provide a climate controlled environment that is ideal for aging wines.  It comes with thermostat controls that allow wine collectors to adjust temperature and humidity levels.  Some wine cabinets come with stemware racks, for hanging wine glasses, while others have drawers for storing wine accoutrements (e.g. corkscrews, bottle stoppers, napkins).

Wine Cabinets - Alternative Wine Storage Solution

Wine Cabinets – Alternative Wine Storage Solution

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, Wine Cellar Specialists, or Wine Cellar International wine cellar builders offer various custom wine racks and refrigerated wine cabinets.  Just visit their websites to check out their products.

When choosing the right wine storage option for you, start by setting your budget, choosing your preferred wine storage furniture, picking the design you want, and then letting your wine cellar builder help you during the process.


In order for wine to properly mature, it has to be kept in a place in which the ideal storage conditions are met. The humidity, temperature, light conditions, and even movement have to be right. Whether you are storing wine for short term or long term purposes, you need to ensure that these conditions are met, so that you favorite beverage is kept safe. There are actually many options when it comes to storing wine, but the safest is using a wine rack

Types of Wine Racks in California 

There are many types of wine racks on the market, and the one you choose should be able to store your wines properly. Wine racks in Orange County, CA can come in stackable styles, wall mounts and side mounts. Wine racks can also come in various sizes. Some can store 10 bottles or less, while others can store hundreds. There are also various designs to choose from. Choose the design based on your needs and your available space.  

Tilted and Vertical Wine Racks vs. Horizontal Wine Racks  

Horizontal wine racks are the best type for your wines.  This type of wine racks in California keeps the wine corks moist and prevents air from entering the wine bottle. With horizontal wine racks, the wine sediments fall to the side of the bottle, and thus prevent spillage when you pop the cork.   

Vertical wine racks are not good for wine storage because they can cause your wine corks to dry out. When wine corks shrink, they start to allow air to seep into the bottle and ruin the wine. If vertical wine racks have to be used, they are only good for short term storage.  

Titled wine racks in CA are just like vertical wine racks because they also can dry out corks or cause sediments to deposit too close to the cork.  

Different Wine Rack Materials 

The most popular type of wine racks are those made from wood or metal. These types of wine racks can be hung from ceiling, mounted on walls or placed on the floor. Wooden wine racks in California are more flexible, but metal wine racks are more durable. Wooden wine racks are usually modular, which means you can always add to them as your wine collection grows. Depending on your personal preference, metal and wood wine racks are both beautiful. 

Custom Wine Racks for Your Beloved Wines 

Regardless of what kind of custom wine racks you choose for your wine cellar in Orange County, California, you know that you are making a good investment when you purchase one. Your wines deserve the best resting place to mature tastefully.

More and more wineries are being established around the world, and wine collection is an increasingly popular hobby. Although more people are getting into the love for wine, not many know the proper way to store wine. Wine storage is an essential aspect of wine collection, because improper wine storage will ruin wines.

The Elements of Proper Wine Storage

Proper wine storage involves 3 main elements, and these are temperature, humidity and light. The ideal temperature for wine storage is anywhere between 53 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal humidity inside a wine storage room should be approximately 70%. The light inside a wine storage room should not emit too much heat, because heat damages wines. Consistent fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels can also damage wines. There are various kinds of wine storage solutions. This article will discuss a few of the various kinds of wine storage systems.

The Various Wine Storage System Options

There are various wine storage system options that you can choose from. To help you decide on what storage system is most appropriate for you, you need to ask a few questions. First, how long will you be storing the wines. Will you be drinking it soon or after a few months? Second, what kinds of wines will you be storing? Are you storing reds, whites, or sparkling? Third, how many wine bottles do you intend to store? Are you planning to continue expanding your wine collection?

A beautifully made custom wine cellar in Orange County, California is the best resting place for your beloved wines. Since this is where you’ll be keeping your precious wine collection, it is important that you take into consideration each essential factor. A wine cellar has to be planned carefully before it is built. Here are the steps that you need to take when constructing a wine storage room:

1. Decide on How Many Bottles You Intend to Store

More important than having an available space for your wine cellar is how you can maximize it. It is important to consider how many bottles you plan to store in your wine storage room. Basically, you need to estimate how many wine bottles you consume every year. Then, calculate for the average age of the wines that you have now. Multiply these two values. For example, if you consume 300 bottles of wine in one year and the average age of the wines in your collection in 4 years old, then you intend to store 1200 wine bottles.

2. Plan Your Budget

It is a given that you need to spend a considerable amount of money when you have a custom wine cellar constructed. It won’t come cheap, but think of it as an investment because you will suffer greater loss if your wines are not stored properly. In order to come up with a reasonable budget for your wine cellar, you need to make a checklist of items needed in a wine cellar and identify which ones are most important to you and which ones you can forego.

3. Consider Carefully Where You Plan To Have The Wine Cellar Built

You can generally choose to have your residential wine cellar built anywhere in your house, but it is very important to consider first whether you want a passive wine cellar or a refrigerated one. Passive wine cellars utilize the temperature of the ground to manage the changes in temperature. These cellars make temperature changes not on a daily basis, but depending on what season it is. Thus, passive wine cellars need to be built in a subterranean basement. Refrigerated wine cellars, on the other hand, can be constructed anywhere in the house. All you need to think about is what wine cellar cooling system will be installed in it.

4. Prepare the Wine Storage Room Properly

There are many things that need to be done in order to prepare a custom wine cellar. You need to have a vapor barrier, a wine cellar refrigeration unit, a well-insulated wine cellar door and wine racks. Consult a wine cellar specialist to make sure that none of these are left out. These play a very important role in making sure that your cellar functions the way it should.

5. Design Your Residential Wine Cellar in Orange County

This is one of the most exciting parts of wine cellar construction. In this step, you will have to decide what type of wood you will use for your cellar, what type of racking will you have installed, what lighting you want inside and what paint color you want for your wine cellar room.


Proper wine storage is never complete without the presence of wine racking systems that promote the ideal bottle placement and presentation of wine bottles during storage.  Modern wine racks in wood and metal come in different styles and bottle capacities, that can be customized to accommodate a range of storage needs and aesthetic choices of clients.

Label Ladder Wine Racks

Label Ladder Wine Racks

For wine collectors who want to maximize wine storage capacity without sacrificing style, Wine Cellar SPecialist’s Label Ladder wine racks are the best wine storage option.  This modern racking system is constructed from metal components that are built to last.  Label Ladder wine racking solutions provide a floor to ceiling steel frame that can be configured to single, double, or triple-bottle depths.

As with all metal wine racks, Label Ladder creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance, befitting contemporary themed wine cellars.  Metal based wine racks offer infinite design possibilities that allow for optimal use of storage space.  They are the ideal storage option for wine geeks who have limited room for expanding their collection.

Label Ladder wine racks provide flexibility in installation options, because they are affixed to the floor and ceiling using high quality steel support beams.  This set up allows the Label Ladder to be versatile in terms of its location.  The position of this racking solution is not confined within a specific wall space, as it can be positioned in front of glass walls or in the middle of the room.

Each of the stainless steel support beams that hold up the Label Ladder wine racking solution consist of precision cut wooden blocks that can be made out of the best wood material, such as maple, walnut, zebrawood, padouk, silver oak, wenge, and ebony.  The steel rods are placed between the blocks of wood.

Label Ladder wine racks make wine bottles appear to be floating in space, which adds to the visual impact of the storage space.  This racking solution includes precision crafted, high performance steel rods, designed to withstand the toughest residential or commercial applications.  Additionally, the rods that hold the wine bottles can be modified to cradle one, two, or three bottles in a lateral position.

Stable Label Ladder Wine Racks Ultra Series

Stable Label Ladder Wine Racks Ultra Series

This type of racking system consists of components that are engineered for long-term durability.  Label Ladder wine racks were exposed to a series of stress testing, and were proven to sustain the entire weight of a person hanging onto one of the steel rods, which essentially lends credence to the strength and durability of this racking solution.

Label Ladder modern wine racks provide a clear and unobstructed view of wine labels.  Maximum visibility of wine labels allows wine collectors to proudly show off their finest liquid collectibles front and center.  An unimpeded display of wine labels also makes it easier for people to identify and locate a specific wine bottle.

Wine Cellar Specialist’s Label Ladder modern wine racks merge functionality and style, and can improve the storage capacity and enhance the aesthetic value of a custom wine cellar space.  They are the ideal wine storage racks, for both residential and commercial wine rooms.

Wine cellar refrigeration systems are an essential part of wine storage. Here are a few basic things that you need to know about wine cellar cooling systems:

1. How Important is A Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Your residential wine cellar needs to have an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed. A regular, household air conditioning unit cannot provide the required conditions for wine preservation. Only wine cellar refrigeration units can provide the right temperature and humidity inside a custom wine cellar.

2. What are Wine Refrigerators For?

There are various kinds of wines and they need to be stored at differing, respective temperatures. Champagne and other types of bubbly wine need to be stored in a temperature of 43 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Red wines, generally, should be stored in 59 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Most white wines should be stored in 46 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine refrigerators are best for individual wine storage. Wine fridges installed inside your home wine cellar will allow you to chill these different types of wines at their appropriate storage temperatures.

3. How to Prepare a Wine Cellar Before Installing a Cooling Unit

The wine cellar refrigeration unit is the most important part of any custom wine cellar. It is important to understand that a wine cellar cooling unit should not be installed without first preparing the wine cellar properly. To ready a wine cellar for the installation of a cooling unit, make sure that the interior walls of the wine room are covered with at least R11 insulation. The outside of the walls should be covered with at least R19 insulation. The walls should also have a vapor barrier. Vapor barriers, also called moisture barriers, are made of polyethylene plastic sheeting. These are installed on the warm side of the cellar walls, to prevent condensation and mold formation.

The wine cellar flooring also needs to have vapor barriers. If your cellar floor is made of concrete, you need a vapor barrier with concrete sealant. All kinds of wine cellar flooring need a vapor barrier and R19 insulation.

The Different Kinds of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

a. Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Unit – This is the type of cooling unit that is simply mounted on the cellar wall. The exhaust of this cooling system is released into an adjacent room. It is recommended that this adjacent room is air conditioned, so that the exhausted heat may be dissipated.
b. Ductless Split Cellar Cooling System – This cooling system is similar to the through-the-wall unit; the difference is that its evaporator coil remains in the room with a split cooling unit, while its condenser is in another room or outside the house. This type of cooling unit needs a drain for its excess condensation.

c. Ducted Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit – You can opt to mount this kind of cooling system on your cellar wall or have it fully ducted into and out from the custom wine cellar and an adjacent room.