Wines are among the types of beverages that require a specific storage conditions in order for them to mature tastefully. Wines need to be kept in a place in which the temperature is at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is around 67%. There should be minimal to no fluctuations in these levels.

If you plan to start a wine collection, you need to prepare a wine storage room first. In Orange County, California, there are various options for wine storage. The following are a few of the many types of wine storage solutions in California:

1. Wine Cabinets

Examples of Wine Cabinets

Examples of Wine Cabinets

If you plan to have just a small wine collection, wine cabinets might be the right wine storage solution for you. Wine cabinets can store 60 to a hundred wine bottles, and are efficient for small scale commercial use. Wine bottles can be stored in individual slots in a wine cabinet. This type of wine storage is cost effective, and most brands are configured with a control switch, to adjust temperature and humidity. Wine cabinets come in various styles, too. If you plan to purchase a wine cabinet, choose one with a design that matches the existing décor of your room.

2. Wine Refrigerators

Another good option for storing your wine collection is a wine refrigerator. Wine refrigerators in Orange County, California come in various sizes and styles. These are efficient storage units because they are very compact and can be stored in the basement or in the garage. Wine refrigerators are configured differently from your average kitchen refrigerator. Wine refrigerators are capable of providing the ideal climate conditions for wine storage, while standard refrigerators cannot. If you find wine cellars too expensive to build, you can opt to have a wine refrigerator instead. The price of a wine fridge usually depends on its bottle capacity.

Examples of Wine Fridges

Examples of Wine Fridges

a. Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators

Compared to single zone wine refrigerators, dual zone wine refrigerators are a bit more expensive. What is great about the latter is that you can store wines at two different temperature zones at once. Dual zone wine refrigerators have two controllers, for both humidity and temperature. If you have both white and red wines in your collection, you might want to consider storing them at their respective ideal storage temperatures.

b. Under the Counter Wine Coolers

If you have only a few bottles of wine, you might consider purchasing only an under the counter wine cooler. This type of wine cooler is a cost effective option for small wine collections (4 to 50 wine bottles), but they are only good for short term storage. The best characteristic of under-the-counter wine coolers is that they maximize space. If you are concerned about having limited space, this is the best option for you. Moreover, under-the-counter wine coolers generally have multiple temperature controls for different wines, and have wine racks that can accommodate wine bottles of different sizes.

3. Basement Residential Wine Cellar

If you have a basement in your home, you can opt to have a custom wine cellar built there. Since it is below the ground, you can be assured that the floor is firm and stable, which is a required characteristic for wine cellar flooring. Additionally, since it is below the ground, it is not affected by the changes in temperature that happen above ground. You can customize your basement wine cellar to any size, and have an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed to make sure that the temperature and humidity are constantly kept in the ideal ranges.

Examples of Wine Cellars

Examples of Wine Cellars

4. Underground Home Wine Cellar

Underground home wine cellars are a wine storage solution that is not very common in California. Underground wine cellars are best in cold regions, because the temperature inside the cellar remains constant, even without a wine cellar refrigeration system. If you do have an underground cellar constructed in California, make sure you have a quality wine cellar cooling unit installed. For underground residential custom wine cellars to be effective, you also need to make sure that the wine cellar flooring is moisture-resistant, and the cellar walls are properly insulated.

5. Spiral Custom Wine Cellars

Spiral custom wine cellars are a unique choice for wine storage. They basically look like a tight spiral staircase, where the wine racks are built into the spaces in between the steps. This type of wine cellar is set up by having a pre-cast cylindrical structure placed into a space in the ground. This space may be a manually dug hole, or any available space that is below the ground. Spiral custom wine cellars may be placed anywhere in your home. Spiral wine cellars are a good option for those who have limited space in their homes. Spiral home custom wine cellars are an affordable type of wine storage solution.

6. Off-Site Wine Storage Solution

Although having a wine storage space in your own home is ideal, some people have their wines stored at a different location. There are wine collectors in California who choose to have their wines stored at an off-site wine storage space. They simply contract with an off-site wine storage service provider, and they need not worry about how the wines are stored. These service providers make sure that all wines entrusted to them are stored properly, and they also keep an inventory and offer a report to the owners. Most of these service providers deliver your wines to you when you need them.

Wine Cellar Designers in California

Custom wine cellars are, in fact, the best option you have for wine storage. Custom wine cellars can accommodate both small and large wine collections, and can be designed to suit your preference. Wine cellars are practical and cost-effective. If they are beautifully designed, they can be flaunted to guests when you have wine tastings and wine parties.

To make sure that your residential custom wine cellar is durable, effective, and beautifully designed, have it constructed by Coastal. Wine cellars by Coastal are a few of the best wine storage solutions in Orange County, California. For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, call them at +1 (888) 735-8889.

Wine Racks Designed by Coastal

California Wine Collection in Beautiful Wine Racks

Wine enthusiasts in California know that choosing which wines to include in their wine collection has to be done carefully. After all, a beautiful custom wine cellar deserves the most exquisite wines. Here are 4 of the best wines in California that your residential wine cellar must have:

4 Top Wines in California

1. Château Garraud Pomerol

This wine is a type of red wine, produced in the Bordeaux region of France. It is made from a Bordeaux Blend, or a group of grape varieties that are used to make Bordeaux red wines. This wine divinely delivers strong oak aromas that carry dense black fruit. The dense fruit layers in its flavor beautifully blend with the oak nuances, and are complemented with the perfect amount of acidity, and a velvety tannin finish. Château Garraud Pomerol can taste even better when paired with a variety of food choices, from red meats to different kinds of cheeses.

2. Solar de Castro Rioja Vendimia Seleccionada

This red wine is produced in the Rioja region of Spain, and is made from a Rioja Red Blend, which is a combination of various red wines that are allowed by the governing laws of Rioja DOCa, in Spain. The majority of the red wines in the Rioja Red Blend have Tempranillo grapes as their base, and Grenache, Carignan and Graciano balancing the flavor. Solar de Castro Rioja Vendimia Seleccionada has the distinct spiciness of Spanish wine with aromas of balsam wood, leather, lavender, black cherry and various Asian spices.

3. Eden Ridge Chardonnay Mendocino

This white wine made from Chardonnay grapes is produced in the Mendocino region of California. Chardonnay is the world’s most widely planted type of white wine grape. Like most Chardonnay white wines, the Eden Ridge Chardonnay Mendocino has a very complex aroma, that is a mix of ripe apple, lemon zest and toasted caramel. Its unique creamy oak taste is delicately surrounded by pear, butter and vanilla flavors. This type of white wine is best paired with roasted chicken or grilled salmon.

4. Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru

This is sparkling wine is tasty choice, made by a top Grand Cru village in Champagne, France. It is made from a Champagne Blend, which is a combination of different grapes, used to make various sparkling wines in Champagne. The Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru has a fresh, floral aroma and a citrusy acidity. It is best enjoyed when paired with grilled veal.

How to Store These Exquisite Wines

In order to preserve the quality of these valuable wines, it is mandatory that you store them in the right temperature. Generally, wines can be stored in a custom wine cellar in California wherein the temperature is set to a level within 50 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have the option of storing wines at different temperature levels (like in a wine refrigerator with multiple compartments), you should store your white wines at a different temperature from your red wines.

Wine Racks Designed by Coastal

Best Wines in California in Beautiful Wine Racks

The red wines (Château Garraud Pomerol and Solar de Castro Rioja Vendimia Seleccionada) should be stored at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, while your white wine (Eden Ridge Chardonnay Mendocino) should be kept at approximately 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sparkling wines, like the Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru, should be stored at around 53 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it is imperative that these temperature levels are kept from fluctuating, because constant fluctuations can damage your wines.

When wines are stored at a temperature higher than their ideal levels, they tend to mature too fast, which can negatively affect their flavor. A storage temperature that is lower than the ideal can cause the wines to age too slowly, which can also negatively affect the quality of your valuable wines.


Ideal Wine Storage Solutions

How you store your wines determines how well-preserved your wines will be. There are various kinds of wine storage solutions, but these days, two of the most ideal kinds are:

1. Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators function differently from your average kitchen refrigerator. Wine refrigerators are purposely designed for storing wine. The average kitchen fridge cannot provide the necessary requirements for proper wine storage because they are designed to store certain perishable foods only, like vegetables and meat.

There are various kinds of wine refrigerators in Orange County, California and the best ones are those that have multiple compartments. A dual zone wine refrigerator, for example, has two temperature compartments, wherein you can keep your red wines and white wines at different temperatures.

2. Residential Custom Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Designer and Builder

Custom Wine Cellars Built in Orange County, CA

Wine refrigerators are only good for storing a few wine bottles. If you have a huge wine collection, you will need a bigger storage space. Residential wine cellars in Orange County, California can accommodate from a hundred to a thousand wine bottles.

Residential wine cellars should be designed and built by a professional, so that they can efficiently and effectively store your wines. There should be proper insulation and vapor barriers applied. A professional wine cellar designer will also make sure that the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration unit is installed.

Wine cellars by Coastal are a few of the best home wine cellars in Orange County, California. They will help you from the designing of your wine storage room up to its completion.

Serving Temperatures for These Valuable Wines

In order to enjoy your wines to their fullest, you should not only store them correctly, but also serve them at their ideal serving temperatures. Different wines have ideal serving temperatures. Château Garraud Pomerol should be served at approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. For you to enjoy your Solar de Castro Rioja Vendimia Seleccionada at its best quality, serve it at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Your Eden Ridge Chardonnay Mendocino tastes best when served at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, your Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru, like other sparkling wines, should be served at approximately 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Valuable Wines Need Quality Wine Storage Solutions

The best tasting wines do not come cheap. It is imperative that they are kept safe and their quality preserved. This is why investing in a good residential custom wine cellar in Orange County, California is essential.

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