This video explains why homeowners should hire a wine cellar cooling expert to perform a regular maintenance checkup on their wine storage refrigeration system. 

The Importance of a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Maintenance Plan

Below is the transcript of the video:

These systems are air cool. A lot of people don’t understand that they need to be maintained. Any type, anything is air cool or moves air in any way and uses air to remove heat is going to get dirty. There’s no doubt about it. It’s going to die from lack of maintenance if it’s not done. You’re energy consumption would just double very quickly just by having a low Freon charge, because the system would just run continuously trying to reach temperature. That Freon charged is very important.
You know when these compressors the motor inside is enclosed inside of a hermatic pot, so we can’t get to any type of air. So any type of electric motor has to have a cooling system of some kind or they will eventually burn out always. So every electric motor has a cooling system built into it, even if you and I don’t know about it, it’s there. So the way these compressor motors are cooled is by return gas. And the only way you’re going to get returned gas is if the system is full of Freon allowing this to happen. Once they get low in Freon, they no longer get that return gas, the pressure motor will run hot until it eventually dies. So that’s a real good point right there. Making sure that Freon charge is full at all times. And also of course making sure there’s no leak. We also find all of our leaks. We find the leak and give the option to repair it or give the option to replace the part that needs to be replaced.

Transitional Wine Cellar Elegantly Displayed in an Orange County Home

Transitional Wine Cellar Elegantly Displayed in an Orange County Home

Wooden wine racks play an important role in home wine cellars, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. By providing a stable and temperature-controlled environment, they help preserve and age wines optimally.

The natural properties of wood, such as moisture absorption and ventilation, contribute to the maturation process, enhancing the flavors and aromas of wines over time. Additionally, wooden wine racks add a touch of elegance and sophistication, elevating the overall ambiance of the wine cellar.

Take for example this transitional wine cellar project in a lovely home in Orange County, California. We were able to customize every inch of this cellar, especially the rustic wine cellar design, which the client was very particular with. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Bella Vita Wine Cellars were very dedicated to bringing this accomplishment to the client. Continue reading this article to learn more about these custom wine racks!

Rustic Wine Cellar Design Made Custom For Your Convenience

Coatal Custom Wine Cellars

Coatal Custom Wine Cellars

With the help of modern technology, it is now possible to build your home wine cellar in any desired location without compromising the natural aging process of the wines.

In the case of this San Clemente home, the owner opted to integrate a transitional wine cellar with glass panels into a sitting area near an exterior wall. It’s important to note that the proximity of a wine cellar to a heat source necessitates increased insulation and cooling, a task efficiently accomplished by our team.

Once all the finishing touches were complete and the wine bottles were carefully arranged in the cellar, the outcome was a delightful and cozy corner where one could leisurely enjoy a glass of wine while comfortably reading a favorite book in the adjacent lounge chairs.

High-Quality Custom Wine Racks

What sets this wine cellar apart from others is its exceptional wine rack design. Unlike typical horizontal racks with straight sides and

Custom Wine Racks for Wine Display with LED Lighting System

Custom Wine Racks for Wine Display with LED Lighting System

corners, our team has created a distinctive U-shaped wine shelf that spans from the floor to the ceiling.

This custom-made rack adds a new level of dimension to the space, making it more visually appealing and inviting. By deviating from the norm, we have crafted a wine cellar that stands out and creates a unique ambiance for wine enthusiasts to appreciate.

How Important Is Choosing the Right Wood Choice for Building Wine Racks?

The durability and appearance of wooden wine racks, as well as other wooden furniture, are highly noticeable due to their robust nature. Therefore, it is crucial to select a wood variety that not only looks visually pleasing but also maintains its quality over time, especially in the humid conditions of a wine cellar.

Popular wood species used for crafting wine cellar racks include Mahogany, Alder, Pine, Maple, Walnut, Oak, Redwood, and Cedar. Each type possesses unique characteristics such as grain size, pattern, and stain absorption/retention capabilities. Hence, the choice of wood for your wine rack should align with the desired aesthetic for your wine cellar.

For this San Clemente wooden wine racks, we opted for Alder wood and applied a gray stain. Alderwood is a lightweight yet durable hardwood, making it ideal for constructing custom wine racks with curved edges.

Rustic Wine Cellar Design Created a Classic Look for the Contemporary Wine Cellar

Rustic Wine Cellar Design Created a Classic Look for the Contemporary Wine Cellar

Furthermore, this wood variety readily accepts stains, allowing for precise customization and achieving the desired look or finish.

Impressive Wooden Wine Racks Design that Fits Your Style

There are various ways to display wine bottles, such as cork forward, horizontal label forward, inclined label forward, and vertical orientations. If your main focus in a wine cellar is maximizing storage capacity, it’s advisable to stick to one or two racking configurations.

However, if you wish to enhance the visual appeal of your wine racks and invest in their overall aesthetic, combining different compartment styles will be more suitable.

In these particular custom wine racks, each side is a mirror image when split in half. Examining one half, you’ll find a column with four vertical shelves and two rows of high-reveal racks near the glass panels.

These vertical shelves are equipped with illuminating Acrylic L.E.D Boards, beautifully showcasing the bottles. The owner of this cellar has placed various types of liquor, including vodka and gin, on these vertical shelves.

The second column comprises standard 750 racks and two rows of high-reveal racks. The third column starts with cubbies at the bottom, followed by standard 750 compartments, high-reveal racks, and triple-deep horizontal racks for magnums at the top. Finally, the central column features a diamond bin at the bottom, an elegant decanting table, and triple-deep horizontal magnum racks at the top.

To enhance functionality, we constructed a marble countertop for the decanting table and added stemware racks on top for hanging wine glasses. Additionally, we adorned the backdrop of the decanting table with an artistic masterpiece, adding a touch of artistic flair to the overall design.

Transitional Wine Cellar: Glass-Enclosed Door and Wooden Wine Racks

Transitional Wine Cellar: Glass-Enclosed Door and Wooden Wine Racks

What It Takes To Have a Systematic Inventory System with These Wooden Wine Racks

Surprisingly, this transitional home wine cellar has an impressive capacity to hold up to 450 wine bottles, a significant number considering the size of the space. What adds to its uniqueness are the embedded labels on the wine racks, a special request from the client.

If you examine the racks closely, you’ll notice letters running from left to right and numbers running from top to bottom. This clever labeling system enables the owners to quickly identify empty bottles or ones that need replacement. The efficiency of this wine-racking system matches that of the cellar’s advanced ducted split-system cooling unit.

For those with extensive wine collections in San Clemente Beach, an inventory system is crucial for quick wine location and accurate value calculation. There are numerous ways to organize a wine collection, such as grouping by wine or spirit type, origin, size, preference, age, and more.

We can even connect you with a wine connoisseur who specializes in inventories to establish a system tailored to your style. The unparalleled convenience offered by such an investment makes it truly worthwhile.

Let Your Dream Wine Cellar Happen with Bella Vita Wine Cellars Team’s Help!

If you’re considering transforming that extra space in your home into a stylish wine cellar, look no further than Bella Vita Wine Cellars! They specialize in designing custom wooden wine racks, and contrary to what you might think, going custom can save you money. By customizing your wine cellar, you can fully utilize the available space without the hassle of searching for pre-made racks, doors, and other components that may not fit perfectly.

Wooden Wine Racks - Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Wooden Wine Racks – Bella Vita Wine Cellars

With extensive experience serving homeowners across metropolitan areas in Southern California, Bella Vita Wine Cellars is a trusted choice. Their team of passionate experts and skilled tradesmen is dedicated to creating the perfect wine cellar or wooden wine racks to meet each client’s unique needs.

Whether you require repairs, renovations, or a brand-new installation, they are here to help you maximize your investment. Rest assured, the value they can add to your home will exceed your expectations.

For more client stories and information, visit their website or speak directly with one of their designers at +1 (714) 798-9858!

Commercial Wine Cellars Increase Profits

Welcome to the world of the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club, where the wine flows as freely as the cash! In a move that screams ‘We’ve got more class than a sommelier convention,’ this Orange County hotspot has just upped its game with a commercial wine cellar that could make Dionysus himself green with envy. Gone are the days of stuffing your finest bottles in a dark, dusty corner. Now, it’s all about showing off your wine collection like it’s the latest fashion trend.

Crafted by the wizards at Bella Vita  Wine Cellars, this isn’t just a place to store wine; it’s a glass-encased, metal-racked, climate-controlled shrine to the grape. With enough space to house 1,380 bottles, it’s the perfect spot to play ‘eenie, meenie, miney, moe’ with your wine selection. Because, let’s be honest, the only problem we want to have is deciding which wine to uncork next. So, grab a glass, and let’s toast to this temple of tannins and terroir!

Commercial Wine Cellars – The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Orange County Project

The addition of a sophisticated wine enclave to a commercial establishment will not only enhance the aesthetic quality of the space but will also drive revenues and ultimately profits for the business.  Of course, it will provide the right conditions for storing and showcasing the club’s wine selections.

A well-designed and constructed wine cellar display will not only provide the maximum wine storage capacity but will also make the selection and identification of wines much easier. Perhaps more importantly the real benefit of commercial wine cellars is that they will aid in the promotion of certain wines.

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club in Orange County Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Project

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently finished installing a commercial wine cellar in one of Southern California’s finest country clubs.  The project involved creating a climate-controlled wine storage space that can hold a total of 1,380 bottles.

Orange County Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Designers Project at the Golf and Racquet Club

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar measures 11’ wide, 2’ deep, and 9’ tall, and features seamless ½” tempered glass walls, as well as floor-to-ceiling metal wine racking.

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club is a private 36-hole country club located in Orange County, California.  The country club has a 44,000-square-foot clubhouse that can host wedding receptions, business meetings, and other private events.  The club recently added a spa and sports club building that houses a fitness center and a full-service spa.

What are the Design Features of the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club Commercial Wine Cellar?

The Wine Rack Display

The wine rack displays in commercial custom wine cellars are an important component of cellaring wines.  They are designed to provide space for storing, organizing, and displaying wine collections.  Vintage View metal wine racks are the racking of choice for the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine enclosure project.

The Elegant Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club with their Wine Display

The Elegant Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club in Orange County with their new Commercial Custom Wine Display

This metal wine rack display creates a stunning showcase of different wine labels, and at the same time complements any contemporary-themed interior.

Vintage View metal wine racks are designed to facilitate a label-forward orientation of wine bottles.  This feature promotes ease of product recognition, allowing for quick perusal and selection of wine labels.

In addition, a horizontal placement of bottles helps secure the cork’s sealing quality, by maintaining constant contact with the wine.

The wine rack display design for the clubhouse consists of a label forward horizontal display, in a three-deep configuration.  Triple-depth wine racks can accommodate three bottles laterally, increasing the total bottle capacity of the wine enclosure.  A presentation row that runs the length of the wine racking system provides a slightly tilted area, where the finest wine bottles are put on display.

Tempered Glass Panels in Commercial Wine Cellars

Coto Golf Club Front Side Complete

Coto Golf Club Front Side Complete

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club commercial wine cellar is enclosed in seamless 1/2″ tempered glass panels, providing a striking view of the wine storage room’s interior from different angles.  Tempered glass is ideal for all kinds of applications since the material is built with safety and strength in mind.  This glass minimizes the risk of injury because it is designed to shatter into circular pebbles rather than jagged shards.

One can access the different wine bottles through three sets of glass doors.  Commercial-duty pivot hinges with self-closing features are used to mount the heavy doors.

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Designed For Commercial Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation

For the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a wine cellar cooling system that was designed and manufactured by Wine Guardian, out of New York.

The model D088 is a self-contained, fully-ducted air handler system, that can efficiently cool an area from 1,500 to 6,000 cubic feet.

The proper wine storage temperature for optimum aging is between 50°F and 59°F, with humidity levels kept within 50% to 60%.  A wine cellar cooling system is designed to help maintain constant temperature and humidity levels, allowing wines to age to their full potential.

A heat load calculation is usually conducted to determine the right cooling unit for a particular wine enclave.

Wine Guardian Model D088 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian Model D088 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

This climate control system can be located in any indoor area outside the wine room and can be ducted 25 feet away from the enclosure.

This setup results in an ultra-quiet wine storage environment without any visible equipment in the cellar.

For this particular wine cellar project, the cooling unit is mounted inside the ceiling.  Ductwork is used to supply cold air to and from the enclosure and exhaust hot air to the outdoors.

About Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of commercial-grade quality wine cellar cooling solutions.

Their cooling products are engineered to provide reliable and efficient cooling, as well as vibration-free and whisper-quiet operation.  They offer through-the-wall units, split cooling systems, and ducted units.

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club wine cellar was a successful project altogether.  Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was able to create a custom-designed wine storage facility that blends well with the interior décor of the clubhouse’s Preserve Dining Room, and at the same time, provides ample storage space wherein club members can show off their favorite wine labels.

Bring Your Dream Commercial Wine Cellar to Life by Working with Bella Vita Wine Cellars!

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Looking to bring your dream club wine cellar to life? Look no further than Bella Vita Wine Cellars! Our team of experts has the skills and experience to design and build a stunning wine cellar that perfectly matches your style.

We can customize a wine cellar perfect for your preferences, like this cellar in Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club!

Whether you live in Newport Beach, Yorba Linda, Corona Del Mar, San Juan Capistrano, Surfside, Dana Point, San Clemente, Costa Mesa, or any nearby city in Orange County, we can help make your wine cellar dreams a reality.

Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of everything for the design and construction of your commercial wine cellar project for you! If you have any questions or need assistance with transforming your space into the perfect commercial wine cellar, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (714) 798-9858!



















A climate-controlled wine cellar is purpose-built to provide the best possible storage environment for a collection of wines.  It must be meticulously constructed, in order to achieve the desired climate conditions for aging and storing wines.

In addition, the wine storage space must be equipped with the proper wine cellar refrigeration system in Orange County. We have the Arctic MetalWorks, the expert in this industry!

Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration


Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Among the cooling systems available, a split system is considered the most efficient cooling option. This type of climate control system is designed to provide noise reduction, as well as flexible installation, because of its various connection options.

A split wine cellar refrigeration system separates the evaporator coil from the condensing unit. The evaporator coil is responsible for circulating cool air into the wine cellar.

The condensing component of a split wine cellar climate control system consists of a coil, a compressor, and a condensing fan.

This split feature allows the noisiest part of the refrigeration equipment (the condensing unit) to be located remotely.  Placing the compressor some distance away from the wine room (such as outdoors or in an adjacent room) helps promote a wine storage environment that is free from noise and heat exhaust.

The evaporator coil, on the other hand, is mounted inside the wine cellar space.

Recently Completed Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Project by Arctic MetalWorks

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Project

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Project

The project involves replacing an existing wine cellar climate control system that was venting hot air into the living space and was creating a lot of noise.

In addition, the cooling unit was not designed to cool such a large residential wine cellar.

After their initial inspection, the Arctic team suggested removing the wine room’s through-the-wall breeze air-style refrigeration unit and replacing it with one of their cooling products: the Arctic 0050 ½ HP split system.

For this wine cellar refrigeration system Orange County project, Arctic Metalworks installed the condensing unit outdoors.

Refrigeration lines and a drain line are used to connect the condensing component of the refrigeration system to the evaporator coil that is located inside the wine storage space.

A refrigerant line set consists of flexible tubes, or rigid copper, that are used to transport Freon to the cooling system, while a drain line is responsible for drawing off the liquid formed during the dehumidifying process.

Since the condensing unit of the split wine cellar refrigeration system is placed outdoors, it requires an outdoor kit to protect it against outside elements.  Arctic Metalworks fabricated a sheet metal cover that will shield the refrigeration condenser from rain and other harmful elements.  The unit also sits on a 24 x 24 air conditioning pad that helps keep it in place.

Wine Cellar Climate Control System - Condensing Unit Outdoor

Wine Cellar Climate Control System – Condensing Unit Outdoor

It is important to install the condensing unit in a well-ventilated space (e.g. outdoors) since it produces a great deal of heat.  Allowing the system to breathe prevents it from overheating and prevents compressor failure.

The entire split wine cellar climate control system can run on a 115V/20amp electrical receptacle.

The Arctic team also added a thermostat with a digital display.  A thermostat allows the client to control and monitor the temperature of the wine cellar space.

After checking the cooling system for leaks, the Arctic team started the unit and charged it with R134a type refrigerant, which is an ozone-friendly substance.

A wine room that is outfitted with proper refrigeration equipment will certainly provide the best storage environment for wines.  Regular wine cellar cooling maintenance and checkups ensure the optimum performance of the cooling unit and help prevent a major breakdown that could otherwise cause costly damage.

Quality Services Offered by Arctic MetalWorks

Arctic Metalworks is a California-based company that manufactures and provides commercial-grade heating and air conditioning, wine cellar refrigeration systems in Orange County, and commercial refrigeration.

They also specialize in wine cellar installation and renovation, as well as wine rack construction.  The Arctic is committed to providing not only top-quality refrigeration equipment but also prompt, professional service.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Orange County

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Orange County

Aside from split wine cellar refrigeration systems, Arctic Metalworks also provides through-the-wall self-contained cooling systems and ducted self-contained refrigeration systems.

Through the wall, self-contained systems are the most affordable, and the easiest to install.  These units are simply mounted on the wall, and vent through an adjacent room.

Ducted self-contained refrigeration systems are ideal for wine collectors who do not want the presence of any equipment inside the wine room.  Air ducts are used to introduce cool air into the wine storage area, and exhaust warm air to the outdoors.  This type of cooling system not only provides multiple installation options but also noise elimination.