Getting started on a home wine room is much less complicated than most people would think.  This recently completed Laguna Beach residential wine cellar California project by Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders demonstrates how a storage room can easily be converted into a climate controlled wine storage space.

The room was originally used by the client to store several refrigerated wine cabinets, along with some boxes and wine bottles.  Read on to learn the major wine cellar design features of this custom wine cellar conversion project.

Proper Wine Cellar Cooling and Insulation

CellarPro Wine Cellar Coolign System

CellarPro Wine Cellar Coolign System

An actively cooled wine room functions like a large refrigerator.  Proper wine cellar cooling and insulation are necessary to achieve the best possible storage environment.

Wine cellar installers applied insulation, vapor barriers, and moisture proof drywall to the wall cavities.  These construction prerequisites are essential elements in wine cellar construction, because they help maintain the optimum conditions for storing and aging wines.

For this custom wine cellar conversion project, a CellarPro Model 3200 VSi wine cellar cooling system was installed to help keep temperature and humidity at ideal levels.  This self-contained wine cellar cooling system is mounted through the wall, and exhausts hot air to the garage area.

It is designed to handle temperatures ranging from -20°F to 115°F.  This model features adjustable humidity controls, and variable-speed fans for efficient and ultra-quiet operation.

Barolo Style Wine Cellar Door with Weather Stripping

Barolo Style Wine Cellar Door

Barolo Style Wine Cellar Door

The residential wine cellar is located right off the garage area.  The Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders team provided the client with a 30″ x 80″ Barolo style wine cellar door with double pane glass, which renders a full view into the wine storage space.

This Barolo wine cellar door has these following features that make it really efficient:

  • weather stripping on all sides and along the jambs
  • automatic door sweeps
  • dual pane insulated glass

Weather stripping prevents cool air from escaping out of the climate controlled wine cellar.  The automatic door bottom does the same thing, plus it prevents dragging that could otherwise damage the floor when opening and closing the door.  The dual pane door feature inhibits condensation from building up on the glass and around the door itself.

The Wine Racking System

Quarter Round Display

Quarter Round Display and Single Bottle Wine Racking System

Quarter Round Display and Single Bottle Wine Racking System

As one enters the Laguna Beach residential  wine cellar, the left side wall wine racking systems start off with a beautiful quarter round display shelf that showcases the client’s selection of double magnums (3-liter bottles).

This wine display rack can also be used to display ornamental pieces and wine accoutrements, such as decanters and wine buckets.  The quarter round display shelf also provides a smooth transition to the wine racking system.

Single Bottle Wine Storage Racks with Lighted High Reveal Display Row

Next to the quarter round display shelf are single bottle wine storage racks that feature a high reveal display row.  The individual slots have 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ openings that can fit most standard 750 ml wine bottles, including standard champagne, California Blue Chips and Oregon Pinot.

This wine racking system comes with rear stabilizer bars that provide structural integrity to the frame, and hand sanded edges that prevent tearing of wine labels.

High reveal display rows store wine bottles at a 15 degree angle, to allow continuous contact of cork with wine.  This is very important in observing proper wine storage techniques that promote optimum wine aging.

A display with high reveal also promotes eye-level presentation of wine labels for better product recognition, as well as for easy perusal and selection.  LED lighting is installed next to the light valance, casting a dramatic glow along the different wine selections placed on the display row.

Wine Storage Bins

Wine Storage Bins

Wine Storage Bins

Since the client loves to showcase his collection of wood cases, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California custom-designed an opening wine storage bin at the very bottom of the right side wall wine racking system to provide a space for his wood case collection.

As one comes toward the back wall of the Laguna Beach custom wine cellar conversion, the wall surface has odd corners and contours that would have made the installation of additional single bottle storage racks and high reveal display rows difficult.  However, the wine cellar builders from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars CA did a wonderful job in creating a wine racking system that adjusted to the contours of the wall, for a smooth and flowing appearance.

An Arch on the Wall

Moving toward the right side of the wall, there are more single bottle storage racks that feature a high reveal display row.  This particular wall features a standard arch with a stunning whittle board design and a solid tabletop, which serves as a work space for serving or decanting wines.  The arch includes puck lighting, to accentuate the area.

Right above the regular arch is a horizontal opening, for storing large format bottles in a label forward orientation.  Down below the solid tabletop area are additional bottle slots, to accommodate more standard 750 ml wine bottles.

Stylish Arch as Part of the Wine Racking System

Stylish Arch as Part of the Wine Racking System

Just below the high reveal display row are horizontal label forward openings that can fit just about any wine bottle size.  For Bordeaux style bottles, each opening bin can store three deep, for a total of six bottles in this particular area.

Diamond bin components below the horizontal openings are included for bulk storage.  These components are excellent management tools for storing 6 packs and 12 lots.

Track Lighting Fixture

Track Lighting

Track Lighting

A low track lighting fixture was provided by the client, and was affixed to the ceiling.  The lighting system has directional features that can highlight and illuminate various areas in the residential wine cellar.  In addition to the light fixture, the client also supplied the wood flooring and paint color.

The residential wine cellar was certainly an easy and fun project to work on.  The Coastal team converted a small storage room into an 837-bottle capacity custom wine cellar.  For wine cellar conversion projects, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders would be glad to provide a free consultation and 3D design of the proposed wine storage space.