In order for wine to properly mature, it has to be kept in a place in which the ideal storage conditions are met. The humidity, temperature, light conditions, and even movement have to be right. Whether you are storing wine for short term or long term purposes, you need to ensure that these conditions are met, so that you favorite beverage is kept safe. There are actually many options when it comes to storing wine, but the safest is using a wine rack

Types of Wine Racks in California 

There are many types of wine racks on the market, and the one you choose should be able to store your wines properly. Wine racks in Orange County, CA can come in stackable styles, wall mounts and side mounts. Wine racks can also come in various sizes. Some can store 10 bottles or less, while others can store hundreds. There are also various designs to choose from. Choose the design based on your needs and your available space.  

Tilted and Vertical Wine Racks vs. Horizontal Wine Racks  

Horizontal wine racks are the best type for your wines.  This type of wine racks in California keeps the wine corks moist and prevents air from entering the wine bottle. With horizontal wine racks, the wine sediments fall to the side of the bottle, and thus prevent spillage when you pop the cork.   

Vertical wine racks are not good for wine storage because they can cause your wine corks to dry out. When wine corks shrink, they start to allow air to seep into the bottle and ruin the wine. If vertical wine racks have to be used, they are only good for short term storage.  

Titled wine racks in CA are just like vertical wine racks because they also can dry out corks or cause sediments to deposit too close to the cork.  

Different Wine Rack Materials 

The most popular type of wine racks are those made from wood or metal. These types of wine racks can be hung from ceiling, mounted on walls or placed on the floor. Wooden wine racks in California are more flexible, but metal wine racks are more durable. Wooden wine racks are usually modular, which means you can always add to them as your wine collection grows. Depending on your personal preference, metal and wood wine racks are both beautiful. 

Custom Wine Racks for Your Beloved Wines 

Regardless of what kind of custom wine racks you choose for your wine cellar in Orange County, California, you know that you are making a good investment when you purchase one. Your wines deserve the best resting place to mature tastefully.

Commercial Wine Cellars California, Orange County Toscana Divino Design

Wine Cellar International Commercial Wine Displays Project

Wine Cellar International Commercial Wine Displays Project

Tim: This is what you would see when you first walk in the restaurant.

Jake: Yes.  There are commercial wine displays along a glass wall at the center of the restaurant.

Tim: It is impressive!

Jake: This part of the restaurant actually got a lot of positive feedback.  People who are coming here are always asking how we came up with this type of design.

Tim: You did it!

Jake: Wine Cellar International did!


Commercial Wine Displays – What it Looks from the Inside of the Commercial Wine Cellar

Tim: Hey, Jake, do you want to give us a tour of these commercial wine displays then?

Jake: Absolutely!  Let’s take a look!  This is glass all the way around here.

Tim: Cool!

Floor to Ceiling Commercial VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Floor to Ceiling Commercial VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Jake:  You can see that we wrapped up all the walls with wine bottles on display, utilizing VintageView metal wine racks, with floor to ceiling frames.  There is a space here for cases and bulk storage and still maintaining the wall of commercial wine displays all the way around.

The location is Mary Brickell Village Orange County, California.  We have here some commercial wine cellars California that is a climate controlled wine cellar.  We utilized the famous black pearl finished VintageView metal wine racks from floor to ceiling.  We ran the walls with wine bottles surrounding this glass wall all around.  We utilized a ducted self-contained wine cellar cooling system placed above the various wines there at the top.

Tim: So there’s the wine cellar cooling system.

Jake: That would be our refrigeration system. Correct!

Tim: So is this design typical for commercial wine cellars Orange County California? Because it’s unusual!  This commercial wine cellar is in the center of the restaurant and it’s highly keep up the display area.

Inside the Glass Walled Wine Display Area

Inside the Glass Walled Wine Display Area

Jake: Absolutely!  More things come more for wine restaurants that really want to kick off their wine campaign and really have a wine key element of their visual and menu.  They will have testimony of the visuals so they get people’s attention by comment that makes it worthwhile to get a glass of wine.  This is becoming something a little more common where this is such a common thing four years in the past.  The wine will be located behind the kitchen as opposed to upfront here, where it is almost a piece of art and as a commercial wine displays feature.

The View from the Outside of the Restaurant’s Commercial Wine Cellars Orange County California

Commercial Wine Cellars Orange County California - Toscana Divino Restaurant

Commercial Wine Cellars Orange County California – Toscana Divino Restaurant

Tim: So we’ll go outside and see what the client sees because this is the inside so this is not what the client actually sees.  This is where the servers can come and get the wine.  One of the advantages obviously is all of the bottles are label forward so it is easy for the waiter to be able to pick up the right wine.

Jake: That’s right.

Tim: So let’s take a look outside and see what the client actually sees.  This is the restaurant.  So this is a stunning sort of circular tower, really; it’s a major feature.

Jake: It’s exactly what the goal was.  It’s to make a glass sort of tower in the middle of the restaurant.  We actually have a custom bar here.

Tim: So the display of the liquors in front is part of the whole build out.

Jake: Yes.

Tim: I must say it’s absolutely stunning.

Jake: The LED lighting at the commercial wine cellars Orange County California gives an opportunity to watch it from below and the wine bottles on display.  Really nice!

Toscano Divino Orange County California and its Stunning Commercial Wine Cellar

Toscano Divino Orange County California and its Stunning Commercial Wine Cellar


Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Metal Wine Racks Wall Assembly – Processed Video Transcription

Steps in Installing VintageView Metal Wine Racks

View our Metal Wine Racks photos at Pinterest now!This instructional video will cover the basics of installing VintageView Metal Wine RacksWS Series Racks.  To begin, measure the width of

Assembled Metal Wine Racks - Measuring the Wall

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your wall and determine your starting point whether you want to work from the middle out or from one side to the other.

Either way, you will need to allow a minimum of 2 ¾” from any adjacent walls to the center line of the first strip.  From there, measure 7 ½” to the center line of the next strip.  If installing multiple columns, mark 5 ½” over from the center line of the next strip.

See more pictures of VintageView Metal Wine Racks here!

VintageView Metal Wine Racks – Installing the First Strip

Repeat the pattern marking off 7 ½” and 5 ½” for all of your remaining columns.  Once your wall is marked off install the first strip.

You may use either a base or an X strip to start with as this determines the direction the necks of the bottles will point.  Ensure that each strip is plum or vertical before securing to the wall.

In this installation we have a wood backing to screw into.  However, if you’re attaching directly into dry wall we recommend the use of appropriate anchors such as spiral inserts.

This type of anchor screws into the wall and allows you to tighten the screw into the pre-drilled hole as demonstrated here.  If you’re going to stack racks remove the installed unplug and replace it with one of the provided couplers.

You will also need to remove the unplug from the bottom of the metal wine racks being installedabove and then slide the rack into position onto

Check out our VintageView Metal Wine Racks in Pinterest!

Couplers for Assembling Metal Wine Racks

the coupler.  These couplers ensure that your racks are properly aligned during installation.  Once the upper metal wine racks are in proper position securely fasten them in place.

All that’s left to do is snap the provided mounting hole covers into place to finish the installation.  Just load the racks, stand back, and enjoy the Vintage View Los Angeles CA assembled wine racks.

View some of our metal wine racks here:

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