Are you planning to start a wine collection?If so, you must learn the basics for starting one, like having a reliable wine cellar built to store your wines in. Here are a few tips for starting a wine collection in Orange County, California.

Wine Collection Tips for Starters

Wine Collecting 101

How to Start a Wine Collection

Wine collecting is a fun hobby, but without the right knowledge, you could simply be throwing money away. You can’t go out and buy a bottle of wine and then keep it just anywhere. To be a proper wine collector, you need to do it the smart way. Here are a few basic tips for beginner wine collectors:

1. How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Wines(good ones, anyway)do not come cheap. If you want to start a wine collection, you need to decide how much you intend to spend on this hobby. A good starting place is about $1000. Of course, you do not need to spend it all at once. Purchase one bottle at a time. There are plenty of good wines on the market that cost around $25 to $30each.

2. What Wines to Buy?

The truth is, there is no rule on what types of wines should be included in your wine collection. Collecting wine is about enjoying wine. Therefore, you need only consider which wines you want to drink. Ideally, a wine collection should be varied; but to start,stock up on the wines that you enjoy the most.

How do you know which wines you will like? Before you start purchasing wines, you need to taste them, to see which ones you like. Avoid purchasing a bottle of wine based merely on the scores or tasting notes, because these are based on someone else’s palate, and not yours. If you live in a region with wine tasting rooms, make an appointment with a winemaker. You can also go to public barrel tastings, to check their wines. Another option is to visit local wine stores. Generally they offer tastings, so that you can sample the wines that they have.

A good tip to keep in mind is, should you find a winery that you really love, try joining its wine club or mailing list. Do this with caution, though, because unless you are totally committed and want lots of vintages, you can sometimes get stuck with clinkers. Winery clubs and mailing lists come in handy when you’re looking for discounts and great deals. Before wines are bottled, wineries offer discounted “futures.” These are upcoming vintages that are sold at 10 to 20 percent below their final bottle cost. If you want to take a chance on a vintage despite not knowing its true bottled character, this can be a good deal.

Other sources of wines on discounted rates and deals include local wine auctions, and the internet. The problem with this is that you can’t always be sure of how the wine you ordered was handled. If you buy online, it is very easy to get ripped off. The best option is to buy wines directly from the winemaker. You can also get good deals by buying wines by case, or by taking advantage of sales and end-of-vintage deals.

3. Expand Your Understanding of Your Wines

Gather multiple vintages of a single wine to see how it develops over time, through different winemakers and growing conditions. Obtaining more knowledge about wines can make you geeky. You might annoy your friends with your detailed knowledge of a single wine, but if you are going to be a genuine wine collector, you will want to understand wine better, and not just collect it.

Never stop learning about wine. Keep in mind that the fun in wine collection is not only in the purchase, but also everything that leads up to it. Go and research, read reviews and books, taste, talk, and ask questions. If you know more about a certain wine, the moment you pour it on to a glass, you will be able to enjoy it specially, because you put the time and effort in finding it and learning about it.

4. Where to Store the Wines?

A reliable wine storage solution should never be taken for granted. Wines can only truly be enjoyed if they are kept at the best quality,and this is only possible with the ideal storage conditions that are provided by a wine cellar. If you want to get into the hobby of wine collecting, you must be willing to invest on a good wine cellar. Have a residential wine cellar built, so that you can be ensure that your wines are safe and aging properly.

Wine Cellar CA

Wine Storage Solutions in California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine cellar designers and builders in Orange County, California. They are known for building reliable wine storage solutions with beautiful designs. All of their products are made from quality materials. If you’d like Coastal to design your wine storage room for you, they are willing to provide a free consultation service, with free 3D drawings of your dream residential custom wine cellar. For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, or their products and services, contact them today at (888) 735-8889!

Also, besides having the wine storage room built, you need to purchase an efficient wine cellar cooling unit. It is the cooling unit that is responsible for producing cool air in order to keep the environment inside the wine cellar suitable for wine storage. Have an HVAC professional determine the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration system for your custom wine cellar.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has teamed up with the best in the wine storage industry to provide effective wine storage solutions. One of their partners is US Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar refrigeration system manufacturer in Orange County, California. They offer various types of wine cellar cooling systems that can meet any wine storage needs. Besides installation services, US Cellar Systems also provides maintenance and troubleshooting services for wine cellar cooling units. For more information about US Cellar Systems, or their products and services, call them at (562) 513-3017!

Wines are among the types of beverages that require a specific storage conditions in order for them to mature tastefully. Wines need to be kept in a place in which the temperature is at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is around 67%. There should be minimal to no fluctuations in these levels.

If you plan to start a wine collection, you need to prepare a wine storage room first. In Orange County, California, there are various options for wine storage. The following are a few of the many types of wine storage solutions in California:

1. Wine Cabinets

Examples of Wine Cabinets

Examples of Wine Cabinets

If you plan to have just a small wine collection, wine cabinets might be the right wine storage solution for you. Wine cabinets can store 60 to a hundred wine bottles, and are efficient for small scale commercial use. Wine bottles can be stored in individual slots in a wine cabinet. This type of wine storage is cost effective, and most brands are configured with a control switch, to adjust temperature and humidity. Wine cabinets come in various styles, too. If you plan to purchase a wine cabinet, choose one with a design that matches the existing décor of your room.

2. Wine Refrigerators

Another good option for storing your wine collection is a wine refrigerator. Wine refrigerators in Orange County, California come in various sizes and styles. These are efficient storage units because they are very compact and can be stored in the basement or in the garage. Wine refrigerators are configured differently from your average kitchen refrigerator. Wine refrigerators are capable of providing the ideal climate conditions for wine storage, while standard refrigerators cannot. If you find wine cellars too expensive to build, you can opt to have a wine refrigerator instead. The price of a wine fridge usually depends on its bottle capacity.

Examples of Wine Fridges

Examples of Wine Fridges

a. Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators

Compared to single zone wine refrigerators, dual zone wine refrigerators are a bit more expensive. What is great about the latter is that you can store wines at two different temperature zones at once. Dual zone wine refrigerators have two controllers, for both humidity and temperature. If you have both white and red wines in your collection, you might want to consider storing them at their respective ideal storage temperatures.

b. Under the Counter Wine Coolers

If you have only a few bottles of wine, you might consider purchasing only an under the counter wine cooler. This type of wine cooler is a cost effective option for small wine collections (4 to 50 wine bottles), but they are only good for short term storage. The best characteristic of under-the-counter wine coolers is that they maximize space. If you are concerned about having limited space, this is the best option for you. Moreover, under-the-counter wine coolers generally have multiple temperature controls for different wines, and have wine racks that can accommodate wine bottles of different sizes.

3. Basement Residential Wine Cellar

If you have a basement in your home, you can opt to have a custom wine cellar built there. Since it is below the ground, you can be assured that the floor is firm and stable, which is a required characteristic for wine cellar flooring. Additionally, since it is below the ground, it is not affected by the changes in temperature that happen above ground. You can customize your basement wine cellar to any size, and have an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed to make sure that the temperature and humidity are constantly kept in the ideal ranges.

Examples of Wine Cellars

Examples of Wine Cellars

4. Underground Home Wine Cellar

Underground home wine cellars are a wine storage solution that is not very common in California. Underground wine cellars are best in cold regions, because the temperature inside the cellar remains constant, even without a wine cellar refrigeration system. If you do have an underground cellar constructed in California, make sure you have a quality wine cellar cooling unit installed. For underground residential custom wine cellars to be effective, you also need to make sure that the wine cellar flooring is moisture-resistant, and the cellar walls are properly insulated.

5. Spiral Custom Wine Cellars

Spiral custom wine cellars are a unique choice for wine storage. They basically look like a tight spiral staircase, where the wine racks are built into the spaces in between the steps. This type of wine cellar is set up by having a pre-cast cylindrical structure placed into a space in the ground. This space may be a manually dug hole, or any available space that is below the ground. Spiral custom wine cellars may be placed anywhere in your home. Spiral wine cellars are a good option for those who have limited space in their homes. Spiral home custom wine cellars are an affordable type of wine storage solution.

6. Off-Site Wine Storage Solution

Although having a wine storage space in your own home is ideal, some people have their wines stored at a different location. There are wine collectors in California who choose to have their wines stored at an off-site wine storage space. They simply contract with an off-site wine storage service provider, and they need not worry about how the wines are stored. These service providers make sure that all wines entrusted to them are stored properly, and they also keep an inventory and offer a report to the owners. Most of these service providers deliver your wines to you when you need them.

Wine Cellar Designers in California

Custom wine cellars are, in fact, the best option you have for wine storage. Custom wine cellars can accommodate both small and large wine collections, and can be designed to suit your preference. Wine cellars are practical and cost-effective. If they are beautifully designed, they can be flaunted to guests when you have wine tastings and wine parties.

To make sure that your residential custom wine cellar is durable, effective, and beautifully designed, have it constructed by Coastal. Wine cellars by Coastal are a few of the best wine storage solutions in Orange County, California. For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, call them at +1 (888) 735-8889.

Most wine collectors begin by simply being wine enthusiasts. As their love for wine grows, they begin purchasing more and more wine. As they bring more wines home, a time comes when their collection requires a large space for storage. The best place to store wines safely is in a custom wine cellar in California.

More and more people are having a residential custom wine cellar built in Orange County, California. If you are planning to have your own wine cellar built in your home, you must learn about the basics of proper wine storage. The essentials of wine storage have to be met, because wine will spoil if the right conditions are not met.

To properly store wines, here are things that you should keep in mind:

1. Temperature in the Wine Cellar Should Be in the Ideal Range

Wine should be kept away from warmth or any source of heat. When wine is exposed to heat, its aging process accelerates, and its flavor is thereby compromised. The home custom wine cellar in Orange County, California, that you plan to have constructed should be able to provide your wines with the ideal temperature for them to age tastefully. Wines should ideally be kept in a temperature within 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There should be minimal to no fluctuations in the temperature level, otherwise wines will turn out bad. In order to achieve this consistent temperature ideal for wine storage, you need to have an efficient custom wine cellar refrigeration unit installed, too.

If your wine collection is not yet that big, you can have a wine refrigerator as a storage place instead. There are various kinds, sizes and configurations of wine chillers in California. There are models that have compartments, which means that you can store wines in different temperatures at the same time.

2. Humidity in the Wine Cellar Should also be in the Ideal Range

Ideally, the humidity inside the residential wine cellar should be within 50 to 80 percent, and this should not fluctuate consistently.

When the humidity levels are too high or too low, a lot of damage can happen to your wine collection. If it gets too humid inside the wine storage room, molds might start growing and ruining your wine bottle labels. You have to keep the labels intact because, these are what reveal the value of your wines. If the humidity goes lower than the ideal range, wine corks may dry out. When wine corks dry out, air can get into the wine and cause oxidation, which ruins the flavor of the wines.

Another way to make sure that the corks are kept from shrinking is by ensuring that they are in constant contact with the wine. Your custom wine racks in Orange County, California should be designed to keep your wine bottles in a horizontal and slightly slanting position. This position will make sure that the corks are always moist, because they are always in contact with your wine.

3. Protect Your Wine Collection from Vibration

Wines are made of various compounds. When wine is exposed to constant vibration, these compounds might have a chemical reaction that can negatively affect the flavor of the wines. Have your residential custom wine cellar in CA built away from the central area of activity in your house.

Although there are various approaches to storing wine, custom wine cellars in Orange County, California are the most ideal. There are 3 basic types of wine cellars, and they are:

1. Above Ground Wine Cellars

Among the different type of wine cellars, above ground cellars are the most difficult to construct. This type of residential wine cellar requires a lot of insulation. The walls of above ground wine storage rooms should have insulation with a rating of at least R-13, while their floors and ceilings should have insulation of at least R-19. Moreover, the wine cellar walls should have a vapor barrier, so that the necessary moisture in the storage room is kept inside.

A good wine cellar door should also be installed. Some cellar owners use a wooden door, but this alone is very poor insulation. Wooden wine cellar doors may be used, but R-30 insulation should be tacked at the back of door.

Any kind of wine racks in California may be used for above ground wine cellars, as long as they keep the wine bottles in a position wherein the corks are in constant contact with the wine. Wine corks shrink when they are not kept moist, and when they do so, air might get inside the bottle and ruin the wine.

Ideally, above ground home wine cellars in California need to be built in a shady area, in order to assist in cooling. The wine cellar cooling unit for these kinds of wine storage rooms should be able to keep the temperature between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity at an average of 75%.

2. Underground Wine Cellars

Building an underground home wine cellar in Orange County can be simple or complicated, depending on how you want it to be. The easiest way to construct an underground wine storage room is by purchasing a pre-built one, complete with stairs, lighting, racking and temperature control. Otherwise, you need a contractor to build the cellar under your house.

Just like any other wine storage room, an underground residential custom wine cellar in Orange County has to be well insulated. When you build one into your concrete basement, make sure that the right amount of insulation and vapor barriers are installed. The climate of California, as well as the type of soil upon which you build your cellar will affect the efficiency of your storage room.

3. Closet Wine Cellars

Free standing wine cabinets and wine refrigerators can take up so much space. A good way to save space is by building custom wine rack cabinets right into a closet in your home. First and foremost, measure the dimensions of the closet that you plan to renovate. Then, decide on what kind of wine racking you want to use. Wine racking options include diamond bins, square bins, rectangular bins, or shelves for case storage.

Closet custom wine cellars, just like other types of wine cellars in CA, need to have a quality wine cellar cooling system that will keep the temperature between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity within 60% to 65%.

It is always wise to seek the advice of a wine cellar installation expert in order to make sure that your custom wine cellar in Orange County, CA can provide the ideal conditions for wine to mature properly.

Wine lovers and wine collectors alike know how important it is to store wine in the right conditions, which preserves its quality. The basic necessities for proper wine storage include a well-built custom wine cellar in Orange County, CA and the right wine cellar cooling system. Without these two things, it is very difficult to make sure that wine ages tastefully.

When it comes to wine storage, there are a few common problems that must be solved in order to keep wines at their best. Here are a few of the most common issues concerning wine storage:

1. Exposure to Light

Wine should not be exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light damages wine by destroying the organic compounds in it. Consequently, the flavor of the wine is ruined. Wines should be kept in a room that is dark and far away from any UV light source. This is also the rationale behind dark colored wine bottles.

To protect your wines from UV light, you should first make sure that your custom wine cellar is located away from sunlight and also avoid the use of fluorescent lights inside the wine storage room. Some people keep their wines openly in the kitchen. This is a bad idea, because kitchens usually have fluorescent lights all around.

2. Too Much or Too Little Humidity

Both the increase and the decrease in the level of humidity is detrimental to the quality of your wines. The humidity inside a custom wine cellar in California should be kept within 60% to 70%. When the wine storage room becomes too humid, wine labels can be damaged, and mold and mildew can also form. Consequently, your wines can get contaminated. On the other hand, if the humidity drops, the wine corks can shrink and cause air to get inside the wine bottle, ruining the wine.

This is the reason most wine bottles these days no longer use the traditional cork seal, but instead have used synthetic corks and screw tops. The traditional cork seals are found to be ineffective in keeping wine bottles closed and protecting wine.

To keep the quality of your wines, the wine corks should be kept moist. The simple solution is to keep the wine bottles lying sideways on the custom wine racks. This position not only saves space, but also makes sure that the corks are moist and will not shrink. A good wine cellar refrigeration unit is also needed so that the humidity in the wine storage room is kept at the ideal range, with minimal to no fluctuations.

3. Fluctuating Temperature

The most important variable in storing wines is temperature. Although sources vary on the exact temperature to store wines, most agree that it is somewhere between 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, there should be no fluctuations in the temperature level. Keeping the temperature from fluctuating is a common problem.  Primarily because of changing weather, keeping the temperature in the ideal range requires extra effort.

Of course, a quality wine cellar refrigeration system is the best solution to this. If you do not have a wine cellar with a cooling unit, then consider getting a wine fridge. Wine fridges or wine chillers are not cheap either, but they make a good, less expensive alternative. Not only will a wine fridge manage temperature, it will also control the humidity, and protect your wines from ultraviolet light.

More and more people are getting into the hobby of collecting wine. This is especially true among those who like to travel. As they visit places in the world that are renowned for local wineries, they often take bottles of wine home with them, to serve as reminders of their memorable trips.

As a wine collection grows, it is inevitable that people will start to consider the need to have a custom wine cellar built in their own homes.

Here are a few things you need to learn about custom wine cellars:

The Function of Custom Wine Cellars in Orange County, California

The basic function of a wine cellar is to protect your wines from damage. A good wine cellar is able to provide the ideal conditions for proper storage of various kinds of wines. Wines need to age gradually, and an ideal environment is necessary so that its flavors, undertones and aromas may develop tastefully. Proper wine storage is the key to good tasting wine.

Ideally, wine should be kept in a temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of 60-75%.

Custom wine cellars in Orange County, California vary in sizes. The biggest wine cellars can hold up to 50,000 bottles of wine. You do not necessarily have to own a huge wine cellar. It all depends on how many wines you intend to collect, the available space you have in your house and the budget you have at hand.

If you do not have enough space at home, you might want to consider wine storage cabinets. These come in various sizes to fit different kinds of homes. These cabinets require a plug in order for them to provide the ideal conditions necessary for proper wine storage.

What You Need When Building a Custom Wine Cellar?

Budget is one of the essential needs for building a wine cellar. A custom wine cellar may be costly, but those who truly value wine understand that having a custom wine cellar built in your home in Orange County, CA is a wise investment.

Some people think that wine cellars have to be built in a basement area or somewhere excavated from a foundation. The truth is, custom wine cellars in California can be built in almost any space available in your house. It can be in an empty bedroom or even in a large closet.