A climate-controlled wine cellar is purpose-built to provide the best possible storage environment for a collection of wines.  It must be meticulously constructed, in order to achieve the desired climate conditions for aging and storing wines.

In addition, the wine storage space must be equipped with the proper wine cellar refrigeration system in Orange County. We have the Arctic MetalWorks, the expert in this industry!

Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration


Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Wine Cellar Designed by Experts

Among the cooling systems available, a split system is considered the most efficient cooling option. This type of climate control system is designed to provide noise reduction, as well as flexible installation, because of its various connection options.

A split wine cellar refrigeration system separates the evaporator coil from the condensing unit. The evaporator coil is responsible for circulating cool air into the wine cellar.

The condensing component of a split wine cellar climate control system consists of a coil, a compressor, and a condensing fan.

This split feature allows the noisiest part of the refrigeration equipment (the condensing unit) to be located remotely.  Placing the compressor some distance away from the wine room (such as outdoors or in an adjacent room) helps promote a wine storage environment that is free from noise and heat exhaust.

The evaporator coil, on the other hand, is mounted inside the wine cellar space.

Recently Completed Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Project by Arctic MetalWorks

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Project

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Project

The project involves replacing an existing wine cellar climate control system that was venting hot air into the living space and was creating a lot of noise.

In addition, the cooling unit was not designed to cool such a large residential wine cellar.

After their initial inspection, the Arctic team suggested removing the wine room’s through-the-wall breeze air-style refrigeration unit and replacing it with one of their cooling products: the Arctic 0050 ½ HP split system.

For this wine cellar refrigeration system Orange County project, Arctic Metalworks installed the condensing unit outdoors.

Refrigeration lines and a drain line are used to connect the condensing component of the refrigeration system to the evaporator coil that is located inside the wine storage space.

A refrigerant line set consists of flexible tubes, or rigid copper, that are used to transport Freon to the cooling system, while a drain line is responsible for drawing off the liquid formed during the dehumidifying process.

Since the condensing unit of the split wine cellar refrigeration system is placed outdoors, it requires an outdoor kit to protect it against outside elements.  Arctic Metalworks fabricated a sheet metal cover that will shield the refrigeration condenser from rain and other harmful elements.  The unit also sits on a 24 x 24 air conditioning pad that helps keep it in place.

Wine Cellar Climate Control System - Condensing Unit Outdoor

Wine Cellar Climate Control System – Condensing Unit Outdoor

It is important to install the condensing unit in a well-ventilated space (e.g. outdoors) since it produces a great deal of heat.  Allowing the system to breathe prevents it from overheating and prevents compressor failure.

The entire split wine cellar climate control system can run on a 115V/20amp electrical receptacle.

The Arctic team also added a thermostat with a digital display.  A thermostat allows the client to control and monitor the temperature of the wine cellar space.

After checking the cooling system for leaks, the Arctic team started the unit and charged it with R134a type refrigerant, which is an ozone-friendly substance.

A wine room that is outfitted with proper refrigeration equipment will certainly provide the best storage environment for wines.  Regular wine cellar cooling maintenance and checkups ensure the optimum performance of the cooling unit and help prevent a major breakdown that could otherwise cause costly damage.

Quality Services Offered by Arctic MetalWorks

Arctic Metalworks is a California-based company that manufactures and provides commercial-grade heating and air conditioning, wine cellar refrigeration systems in Orange County, and commercial refrigeration.

They also specialize in wine cellar installation and renovation, as well as wine rack construction.  The Arctic is committed to providing not only top-quality refrigeration equipment but also prompt, professional service.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Orange County

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Orange County

Aside from split wine cellar refrigeration systems, Arctic Metalworks also provides through-the-wall self-contained cooling systems and ducted self-contained refrigeration systems.

Through the wall, self-contained systems are the most affordable, and the easiest to install.  These units are simply mounted on the wall, and vent through an adjacent room.

Ducted self-contained refrigeration systems are ideal for wine collectors who do not want the presence of any equipment inside the wine room.  Air ducts are used to introduce cool air into the wine storage area, and exhaust warm air to the outdoors.  This type of cooling system not only provides multiple installation options but also noise elimination.