Glass Wine Wall Aesthetically Designed by Fusing Traditional and Modern Approach

Glass Wine Wall Aesthetically Fused with Traditional and Modern Approach in Orange County

A glass wine wall is a wise investment for your home as a wine lover. Not only meant for showcasing your prized collections with an elegant aesthetic but also for easy display, temperature control, and protection from external factors.  It ensures an optimal environment for storing and appreciating your wines while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of your home.

Our wine cellar experts team recently accomplished an impressive glass wine wall project in Yorba Linda, California. This is one of the most gorgeous glass wine cellars created by Bella Vita Wine Cellars master builders.

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This home wine cellar blends with the sophistication of the homeowner’s modern home design with a huge balcony and an overlooking swimming pool below.

Let’s take a quick tour inside this lovely home in Yorba Linda and get impressed with the beauty of this glass wine wall with an impressive mini cocktail bar at the back!

Delving into the Details of this Glass Wine Wall

Glass wine walls, adorned with metal and wooden wine racks, play a pivotal role in preserving wines with finesse. Metal wine racks offer a contemporary touch, providing sturdy support and structural integrity for the bottles. They maintain ideal airflow, ensuring consistent temperature distribution, while their sleek design adds a touch of modern elegance. Designed by VintageView, we installed rustic metal wine racks for horizontal wine display, holding up to 3 flat bottles per rack.

On the other hand, wooden wine racks exude timeless charm while offering practical functionality. The natural insulation properties of wood help regulate humidity, safeguarding the integrity of the wines. We incorporated wooden custom wine racks crafted by IronWine Cellars for this glass wine wall project.

Fusing their beauty, these elements create a harmonious environment, protecting precious vintages. This approach allows homeowners to display and store wines up to 500 bottles in their lovely glass wine cellar.

Gorgeous Glass Wine Wall Remodeled for a Modern Home in Yorba Linda

Flaunting the Essence of These Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are indispensable for wine enthusiasts, offering many benefits. Among their notable features are diamond bins and lattice designs, which enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Custom Wine Racks Crafted with Fusion of Traditional and Modern Elements

Custom Wine Racks: Wooden Wine Racks Designed by IronWine Cellars and Metal Wine Racks Made by VintageView

Diamond bins were designed at the center to provide an efficient storage solution, allowing bottles to be organized horizontally, minimizing contact between corks and wine, thus preserving flavors and preventing oxidation.

For this feature, the client preferred placing the bottles in a butt out than a cork-forward orientation, giving an excellent, circular view of each rack.

Meanwhile, lattice designs offer versatility, easily accommodating various bottle sizes and shapes. Wooden wine racks are also cost-friendly compared to other materials, making them accessible to a wide range of wine lovers.  The display row was set at 15 ° to highlight the bottles and let the corks stay at optimal moisture.

This wine rack design promotes better airflow, which is crucial for maintaining optimal humidity levels and ensuring the wines age gracefully.

With their combination of practicality, affordability, and optimal preservation, these racking styles in Orange County, California are  cornerstone in creating a wine collection to be cherished.

Frameless Glass Highlights the Wine Display in this Orange County Modern Home

Glass Wine Cellar Elegantly Built in Yorba Linda, Orange County

Glass Wine Cellar Became a Showpiece in the Dining Area in Orange County

Our Bella Vita Wine Cellars designers provided a frameless glass wall for this home wine cellar. Its sleek and contemporary design adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. Its minimalist aesthetic creates an unobstructed view, making the collection a captivating centerpiece.

Although it features a half-inch thickness and lacks insulation value, it serves a different purpose. The absence of a frame accentuates the beauty of the bottles, turning the cellar into a visually stunning display.

While it may not provide insulation, the glass remains a barrier, protecting the wines from dust and maintaining a controlled environment.

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With frameless glass, wine lovers can transform their glass wine cellars into a mesmerizing showcase, inviting guests to indulge in the visual attraction of their curated wine collection.

The wine cellar cooling unit utilizes a ducted cooling system, maintaining an optimal temperature of 60 °. However, to prevent condensation and potential damage to the wines, the temperature is carefully set at 57 °. Cooling involves a strategically placed coil at the ceiling, effectively circulating cool air throughout the cellar.

The condenser, located approximately 20 feet away, ensures efficient heat dissipation. An air vent is positioned at the glass wine wall for improved airflow and reduced noise, allowing cool air to flow smoothly and quietly.

Cocktail Bar Situated at the back of Glass Wine Wall For Wine Leisures

Cocktail Bar Situated at the back of Orange County Glass Wine Wall For Wine Leisures

Cocktail Bar at the Back of the Glass Wine Wall: A Hidden Gem for Wine Lovers

For a surprising home attraction, a remodeled cocktail bar stands as a haven for wine lovers. It was installed discreetly at the back of the glass wine cellar. This ingenious design combines the pleasures of wine tasting with the ambiance of a chic and intimate lounge.

As guests step into the cocktail bar, they are greeted by a tantalizing selection of wines displayed behind the transparent glass cellar walls. The bar serves as a gathering spot where wine enthusiasts can retreat to enjoy their favorite drinks.

The fusion of the wine cellar and the cocktail bar creates an immersive experience, enticing patrons to explore the rich flavors of the wines within the cozy setting. It serves as a place for homeowners to appreciate their beloved vintages, sip on handcrafted cocktails, and immerse themselves in the pleasure of conversation and relaxation.

Turn Your Dream into a Real Showpiece, Trust the Expertise of Bella Vita Wine Cellars!

As experts in the wine cellar construction industry for over two decades, Bella Vita Wine Cellars is dedicated to crafting exceptional wine storage projects across Orange County, California that stand the test of time.

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Bella Vita Wine Cellars

Our knowledge extends to designing wine cellars that seamlessly blend with traditional and modern elements, whether for residential or commercial purposes. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and innovative technologies.

We design custom wine cellars, custom wine racks and repair your valuable wine cellar component at your convenience.

If this story catches your vibe and interest, you can also make your dream wine cellar possible by contacting the Bella Vita Wine Cellars team. Aside from Yorba Linda, if you reside nearby Corona Del Mar, Rossmoor, San Juan Capistrano, Surfside, Dana Point, San Clemente, Costa Mesa, or a nearby city in Orange County, our team can help you achieve a showpiece of glass wine cellars for your lovely home!

Work with the best, choose Bella Vita Wine Cellars by reaching out at +1 (714) 798-9858!

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