Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Orange County, California

Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Orange County California

Another stunning residential custom wine cellar was completed by our wine cellar design and construction team.  This is a wine cellar conversion project where we transformed a small space under the stairway into a stunning home wine storage room.   

What’s unique about this wine cellar is the combination of various wine racking systems, wine cellar artwork, and wine barrel flooring.  Learn more about this beautiful home wine cellar project to get inspiration for your dream wine cellar in Orange County! 

The Custom Wine Storage Space 

The room that we converted into a wine cellar under the stairs.  It was originally a closet with an L-shaped structure.  The ceiling slants to a height of 64 inches because the room is directly under the stairway. 

Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Project – Before Photos

The odd shape of the room is a bit of a challenge for the design team, so we utilized various custom wine racking systems to fit the room’s configuration and maximize every available space.  The design team was able to create a total storage capacity of 404 wine bottles, which is outstanding considering the limited space!  

The Custom Designed Wooden Wine Racks 

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Custom Wine Racking Systems

The combination of different wine racking systems makes this Orange County residential wine cellar unique. Our Orange County team of builders made a careful assessment of the client’s needs and incorporated the features they want into the design.

Upon entering, there is a horizontal display wine rack on the left side that stores wine in a label-forward orientation.  This allows for easy bottle recognition and complete visibility of wine labels.  The top portion of this wine rack features a step stair design, which aligns with the slope of the ceiling.   

Looking for metal wine racks instead? Click here!

Diamond Bins and Individual Bottle Storage

On the back wall is a different wine rack design.  There are diamond bins at the bottom for bulk wine storage and individual bottle storage racking with a high-reveal display row above.  The single bottle storage racking fits most standard 750 mL wine bottles. The opening of each slot measures 3 3/4 by 3 3/4 inches, which is perfect for easy bottle access. 

The high-reveal display row showcases the owner’s favorite vintages at a 15-degree angle.  This distinctive design allows for a full view of the wine labels while ensuring that the content is still in contact with the cork, which is necessary to prevent drying out of the cork, thus maintaining a tight seal. 

Horizontal Display Row