Contemporary Commercial Wine Cellar Built by a Reliable Installer in Orange County Using VintageView Custom Wine Racks

Contemporary Commercial Wine Cellar Built by a Reliable Installer in Orange County Using VintageView Custom Wine Racks

Are you dreaming of building a modern wine cellar in your home or commercial establishment? At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we are experts in using metal custom wine racks in building sleek wine rooms. We have created stunning designs for high-end wine cellars using stylish metal racking systems.   

Go for a Modern Custom Wine Cellar Design Using Metal Wine Racks 

The primary reason why wine collectors invest in a wine cellar is to create a wine room that will store their collection for many years to come. Moreover, wine cellars are also intended to provide a convenient and beautiful place for entertaining guests.        

With the increasing popularity of modern design, more and more wine lovers are choosing a minimalist-style wine cellar. At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we’ve also had many clients who preferred a luxurious wine cellar design. We recommended metal custom wine racks to achieve their desired look. 

Reasons Why You Should Use Metal Custom Wine Racks to Store and Display Your Favorite Vintages 

Traditional wine racks are made from wood but many wine collectors still love them. However, modern wine rack systems have been increasing in popularity. Find out how metal custom wine racks will benefit you. 

Metal Custom Wine Racks Look Elegant and Luxurious Wine Storage and Display Area 

Custom Wine Cellar with VintageView Wine Racks Orange County Installers

Custom Wine Cellar with VintageView Wine Racks by Orange County Installers

In residential custom wine cellars, an aesthetically pleasing wine display will impress guests and can be a conversation starter. If you love to host wine-tasting parties in your home, a luxurious wine cellar installed with metal custom wine racks will enhance the experience for your friends. 

Moreover, an attractive and well-designed wine room will also increase the resale value of your residential property. It will be easier to find a buyer because of a unique feature in your home.  

For commercial wine cellars in restaurants, hotels, bars, and retail stores, a stunning wine cellar will entice customers to purchase your wines. Moreover, diners will share their positive experience in your establishment which can be word of mouth, which can help boost your wine sales.  

Metal Custom Wine Racks are Space-Efficient 

When choosing a type of racking system for your wine cellar in Atlanta, it is best to consider its space efficiency. Our team recommends metal custom wine racks, especially for wine cellars that have to be built in small spaces such as closets, under the stairs, and in tiny apartments or condominiums.  

Metal custom wine racks will let you utilize even the corners of a room. We have wall-mounted wine racks, which do not occupy floor space. If you have a high ceiling, your floor-to-ceiling metal custom wine racks are ideal for increasing the wine storage capacity of your wine cellar.     

Design Flexibility   

At Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, we offer a wide array of metal custom wine racks to cater to the needs of every client. You can choose VintageView wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling wine racks to give life to dull walls. You can go for Ultra PEG Series wine racks if you want to display your wines in a more stylish way using durable pegs attached to a panel board. 

With the help of a design specialist like Custom Wine Cellars Orange County, you can transform any space into a modern custom wine cellar with metal wine racks. Let us assess your needs so we can determine the most suitable type of racking for your project. 

VintageView Metal Custom Wine Racks 

For years, VintageView has been one of the most trusted manufacturers of metal wine racks. Their modern wine storage systems are designed to display your bottles with elegance. The high-quality material will ensure that your wine racks are stable and will last for a long time.  

Additionally, the label forward orientation of VintageView wine racks allows easy perusal of the wines because you do not have to flip the bottle to see its description.  

Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racks  
VintageView Wall Mounted Custom Metal Wine Rack System Orange County Residential Wine Cellar

VintageView Wall Mounted Custom Metal Wine Rack System Installed in a Orange County Residential Wine Cellar

Wall-mounted wine racks are perfect for wine cellars where space is limited. Whether you choose the PEG Series or Column Wall Seriesa wine storage solution will surely fit your needs.  

They are made of durable steel and milled aluminumYou may purchase rubber O-rings to prevent your bottles from slipping. Wall-mounted wine racks can be installed on wood, concrete, drywall, or any clean surface.  

The different styles of wall-mounted wine racks by VintageView include the PEG Series and Column Wall Series wine racks. 

1. PEG Series 

  • Vino Rails  
  • Vino Pins Metal Wine Peg  
  • Vino Pins Magnum  
  • Vino Pins Acrylic  
  • Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit (2-bottle deep)  
  • Vino Pins 3-Bottle Kit (3-bottle deep) 

2. Column Wall Series Wine Racks 

  • Wall Series Single  
  • 1-foot (3 to 9 bottles)  
  • 2 feet (6 to 18 bottles)  
  • 3 feet (9 to 27 bottles)  
  • 4 feet (12 to 36 bottles)  
  • Big Bottle Series (4 bottles)  
  • Magnum/Champagne Bottle Rack (9 to 18 bottles)  
  • Le Rustique (6 bottles)  
Freestanding or Standalone Wine Racks  

If space is not a problem, you may choose from the following freestanding wine racks: 

  • Tabletop Acrylic Wine Racks  
  • Island Display Series Wine Racks  
  • Evolution Series Wine Racks  
  • Case & Crate  

You can customize your wine racks according to your desired width and depth. Let us know your requirements so we can plan and create a design for your residential or commercial wine cellar in Orange County. 

Build a Modern Wine Cellar for Your Home or Business Using Metal Custom Wine Racks   

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County will help build your dream wine cellar! Our metal custom wine racks offer many benefits. Let us know your requirements, and we will plan the design and construction of your project.  

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