In March of 2012, International Wine Accessories took on a custom wine cellar project.  With the help of expert designer Jimmy Simmons, it was completed it just two short months. Building it quickly, while maintaining the balance between appeal and function, is important  for a company like Bella Vita Wine  Cellars.

The cellar was constructed with black-finished metal wine-racks, giving the cellar a sleek, refined touch.  The racks were not only aesthetically appealing, they also had a unique aspect ideal for this specific project – they were earthquake proof.

This was achieved by attaching straps to the racks.  In the event of an earthquake, they would hold the bottles safe.  The racks were also 3 bottles deep to maximize the cellar’s storage capacity.  Once installed, the racks could hold up to 936 bottles of various shapes and sizes.

All of these wines would be kept in ideal wine conditions as well, thanks to the CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit put in.  Though the unit could be used for any wine cellar, it was ideal for this project in particular.

This is because the unit would be taking air from outside, where random debris could get sucked into it and clog it, ultimately breaking the cooling unit down.  However, the CellarPro came with its own filtration system to deal with just such a thing.

It could filter the debris and continue to function smoothly – something unique to CellarPro cooling units.

In order for all of this to be put in, the beginning of the project required hard work.  The cellar was originally a spare basement room used to store pool supplies.  It required an airtight wall to be built, as well as a door.

Once that was achieved, the racks were installed and the cooling unit placed against the wall with the door.  The door was also given a combination lock for optimum security.

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