Creative innovations in residential wine cellar and construction help build an efficient climate control wine storage space, that is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Residential Wine Room Orange County

Residential Wine Room Orange County

Using unique construction materials and design elements, as well as integrating custom-designed artwork, can greatly enhance the interior of a wine cellar space.

The recently completed Coto de Caza wine cellar conversion project in Orange County, California, demonstrates how wine cellar innovations by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars made wonderful changes to a small closet space under the stairs.

The custom design created a unique and elegant wine room that provides optimum wine storage capacity.  This particular project converts an under-the-stairwell closet into a 404-bottle capacity custom wine room.

Wine Cellar Innovations for this Residential Wine Room Orange County

  • efficient custom wine room design for a small closet under the stairs
  • maximized wine storage space – 404 bottle capacity
  • wine cellar artwork – painting by impressionist Janina Pazdan
  • cooperage wine barrel flooring
  • label forward wine racks
  • high reveal bottle display with LED lighting system
  • x-bins and square bins for bulk wine storage
  • mini split wine cellar refrigeration system
  • double paned glass wine cellar door

Janina Pazdan’s Artwork on the Walls

Painting on the Walls and Ceiling

Painting on the Walls and Ceiling

What really makes the Coto de Caza residential wine room project stand out is the faux painting integrated into its interior walls, which was created by master impressionist artist Janina Pazdan.

The artist did a beautiful grapevine-themed design that provided a distinct appearance and lent a unique character to the custom wine cellar.

Janina Pazdan was born and raised in Poland.  She finished her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts, where she spent a decade honing her skills in drawing, oil painting, pottery art, and sculpting.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Her impressionistic style is mostly influenced by several impressionist masters, such as Diego Velazquez, Edward Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degaz, and Henre Toulouse-Lautrec.


Sustainable Material for the Flooring

Aside from the grapevine-themed painting, the cooperage wine barrel flooring is another

Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Barrel Flooring

wine cellar innovation idea that was added to the residential wine room.  This flooring material is made out of reclaimed oak wine barrel components.

Reclaimed cooperage flooring displays stampings and markings of the corresponding winery.

Since no two barrel components are the same, recycled oak barrel flooring not only creates a distinguished look, but also brings a nostalgic vibe to the residential wine room.

The rustic appearance of the cooperage wine barrel flooring blends well with the Chappo-stained Philippine mahogany wine racking systems.

Although this traditional wine cellar had very limited space, the right combination of custom wine racks helped maximize the storage capacity of the small, L-shaped wine room.

Label Forward Wine Bottle Orientation

The left interior wall of the residential wine room Orange County custom wine room deep horizontal label forward wine racks in a stair step down design, to accommodate the change in ceiling height.

Label Forward Wine Bottle Storage

Label Forward Wine Bottle Storage for Residential Wine Room

Horizontal wine racks lay the bottles sideways, and not only offer clear visibility of wine labels, but also help prevent the cork from drying out, by keeping it in constant contact with the wine.

The enclosure to the Coto de Caza wine closets project is tall enough for anyone to maneuver around, but it quickly drops to a height of 64 inches.

Beyond the enclosure is the back wall, that features a combination of single bottle storage racks with display rows and X-bins.

Openings for single bottle wine racks measure 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ which can hold just about any bottle size into the slots.

15-Degree Angle Wine Bottle Display with Lighting Effects

The display row has a high reveal feature that pitches wine bottles to a 15-degree angle, which allows wine collectors to showcase some of their favorite wine labels.

Wines can be stored above and below the display area, which makes this wine racking system an ideal tool for organizing and managing wine bottles.

Additionally, LED lighting is installed along the display row, which illuminates bottles that are on display, giving a dramatic effect.

Stylish Wine Bins

Wine Storage X-Bins

Wine Storage X-Bins

A series of X-bins are provided below for bulk storage.  Bin components can accommodate a large number of bottles of different sizes.

Wine bottles are simply stacked on top of each other, which provides plenty of storage room for multiple bottles.

Additional single bottle openings and open bin storage are installed at the end wall, which is nestled deep in the back of the wine storage space.  Square bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk or case lots.

The end wall wine racking is smaller compared to the rest of the wine racks in the cellar because the installers had to create an opening in the space right above it to accommodate the wine cellar refrigeration system.

Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split system was installed to help maintain temperature and humidity at constant levels.

This wine cellar refrigeration system is compact, which makes it ideal for small wine rooms.

The noisiest part of the refrigeration equipment, which is the condensing unit, was placed in a remote location, providing efficient and whisper quiet operation.  The evaporator is installed inside the custom wine room.

Double Paned Glass Door with Wrought Iron Gate

The entryway for this wine cellar conversion project is a custom-designed Seville wine cellar door with double pane glass.  It features an operable wrought iron gate with grapevine detailing.  Since the iron gate is operable, it has a latch that can be opened and closed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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