Residential Custom Wine Cellar in California: Essentials of Building One

Most wine collectors begin by simply being wine enthusiasts. As their love for wine grows, they begin purchasing more and more wine. As they bring more wines home, a time comes when their collection requires a large space for storage. The best place to store wines safely is in a custom wine cellar in California.

More and more people are having a residential custom wine cellar built in Orange County, California. If you are planning to have your own wine cellar built in your home, you must learn about the basics of proper wine storage. The essentials of wine storage have to be met, because wine will spoil if the right conditions are not met.

To properly store wines, here are things that you should keep in mind:

1. Temperature in the Wine Cellar Should Be in the Ideal Range

Wine should be kept away from warmth or any source of heat. When wine is exposed to heat, its aging process accelerates, and its flavor is thereby compromised. The home custom wine cellar in Orange County, California, that you plan to have constructed should be able to provide your wines with the ideal temperature for them to age tastefully. Wines should ideally be kept in a temperature within 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There should be minimal to no fluctuations in the temperature level, otherwise wines will turn out bad. In order to achieve this consistent temperature ideal for wine storage, you need to have an efficient custom wine cellar refrigeration unit installed, too.

If your wine collection is not yet that big, you can have a wine refrigerator as a storage place instead. There are various kinds, sizes and configurations of wine chillers in California. There are models that have compartments, which means that you can store wines in different temperatures at the same time.

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